Interesting. Ian Fleming based James Bond on Cary Grant.

He later wanted Grant to play Bond in the first 007 movie Dr. No. Grant turned him down because it required a 5 movie commitment.

Dr. No’s producer was Cuby Broccoli. He and Grant good friends. Grant was his best man when he married. Broccoli tried to convince Grant also. The 5 movie commitment continued to be a problem.

Grant would have made a terrific 007!

Get the masks back out!

The flu continues to spread across the U.S. infecting millions. A total of 6.2 million new cases this season. Nearly 3,000 deaths since October.

It is expected flu numbers will increase dramatically with the holiday season upon us and large family gatherings.

The increase this season attributed to two factors. One, the flu season began earlier. The other, a larger number of people have gone unvaccinated. Thus making it easier for the virus to spread.

Bess Levin wrote an article 11/28 re Trump’s pre Thanksgiving dinner with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes: Trump Doesn’t Want To Condemn His Holocaust Denying Dinner Date Because It Might Alienate His Jew Hating Supporters. Levin wrote: “The President who reportedly insisted that Hitler did a lot of good things wants to keep his antisemitic followers happy.”

Kanye West spelled out his antisemitic credentials when he said he “loved Hitler and the Nazis.”

Twenty four year old Nick Fuentes at an early age is an outspoken bigot. His positions/comments: He denies the Holocaust happened, likens Jews burning in gas chambers to baking cookies, claims “whites are under attack,” is against mixed marriages (Louis comment – Beware Clarence and Ginni Thomas), called for the military to be sent into Black neighborhoods, and demanded “that Jews leave the country.”

Jews are not the only group he is down on. Women, also. He has said we need to go back to “burning them alive.”

A great dinner companion!

A major Key West annual event tomorrow at 5. The burning of the hurricane flag. To commemorate the end of hurricane season which is tomorrow November 30.

The Conch Republic will do the honors. The event will take place at Truman Waterfront Park in front of the historic U.S. Coast Guard Ingham.

Syracuse/Illinois basketball tonight at 7. Game will be carried on ESPN. Illinois ranked #16. Syracuse already struggling.

I paid for my sins yesterday. Big time. Suffered horrendous pain.

My ankles have been pretty good the past 3 weeks. Down 75 percent. No foot pain.

It began yesterday morning. Right ankle began swelling. Not bad, but enough. Pain in sole of foot. Especially when standing or walking. The pain extreme.

Left ankle nothing.

Spent the afternoon in bed with legs elevated.

Jean Thornton telephoned around 5. Join Joe and me for dinner. Stone crabs!

Of course!

Had forgotten about my foot. Jumped out of bed to get ready. No way was I going to join Jean and Joe. Indescribable pain. Never would have been able to walk from the car to a restaurant. I called Jean and begged off.

A couple of hours later, my stomach was growling. I had missed lunch. Dinner time was upon me.

Meant I had to go downstairs. A mistake. Big time. I made it down and later up. Lucky I did not fall. The pain unbearable. I had visions of ending up in the hospital.

This morning a different world. Swelling next to nothing. No pain.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Donald Trump not wanting “To Condemn His Holocaust Denying Dinner Date Because It Might Alienate His Jew Hating Supporters” should not be America’s problem, but it is. That says volumes about America, doesn’t it?

    These are the same people who call themselves “patriots.” That too says volumes about America, doesn’t it?

    • So many Americans who call themselves patriots are just self diagnosed. Real patriots don’t need to tell themselves, or the world that they are patriots. They just get on with doing the right thing.

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