I came across an interesting video on YouTube titled: If You Want to Have Sex Again – Get Married. A humorous 10 minutes. Discusses no sex marriages. Describes most of today’s marriages as involving masturbation, loneliness, cheating and shame.

As can be readily noted from the title and description, the presentation is full of inconsistencies. Happily presented.

The host is sex therapist Maureen McGarth.

I am going to hit some of the highlights. You must watch the video to get the full flavor.

After the first year, McGarth says most marriages are boring. No wonder she shares, most people have lived together 10 years before without the benefit of marriage.  They marry and in due course may have sex less than 10 times a year. Her theory applies to heterosexual and same sex marriages.

Where one learns about sex affects its quality in marriage. Boys and men learn from internet porn. A place lacking in intimacy. Females from their mothers and girl friends who place the fear of God in them. Pregnancy and STDs.

McGarth said the most popular position for marrieds having sex is one of them on their hands and knees during the act. Generally, the man!

A commonly asked question is when does sex/sexual desire end. Some believe int the 40s. Others, various decades. McGarth advises well into the 80s and 90s. However, most are unaware.

Exercise a necessary activity in order to have a good sex life. Gets the blood flowing.

The largest sex organ is neither the clitoris/vagina nor the penis. It is the brain.

McGarth’s final piece of advice: Settle all marital arguments in bed naked.

I have merely scratched the surface. Watch the video for pure enjoyment or to learn something. Whatever, a valuable 10 minutes.

From sex to college basketball. Syracuse basketball. Applying McGarth’s observations, Syracuse basketball today is about as good as marital sex.

Illinois blew out Syracuse last night 73-44. My heart can’t take it! Illinois destroyed Syracuse in the second half outscoring Syracuse 43-21.

Syracuse’s record now stands at 3-4.

Why, Lord?

Syracuse’s defense horrible. Actually horrible is giving it too much credit. Non-existent a better description.

The defense was outstanding in the first half. Disappeared in the second.

Boeheim’s post game interview lasted less than 2 minutes. Embarrassing. Boeheim said what he had to. The reporters asked few questions. Out of respect for Boeheim.

Syracuse plays Notre Dame saturday.

Syracuse has a new Dome. The Carrier Dome opened in 1980. The new Dome this year. I have not seen it. However from photos’ and description, absolutely magnificent. Its 50,000 seats are not going to be full nor is the Dome going to be a money maker unless the football and basketball teams do better. Fans, even Syracuse fans, are not going to attend unless the teams win. Fact of life. I have seen it the past 40 years at the Carrier Dome and other sport facilities throughout the U.S.

Oath Keeper leader Stewart Rhodes was convicted by a jury yesterday of sedition and other crimes arising out of January 6. The most serious “seditious conspiracy.”  A technical way to describe Rhodes a traitor. Good for 20 plus years in jail.

Time for indictments to move forward. Time for political and private leaders involved to be charged and tried. Including Trump.

Bess Levin wrote another interesting article re Trump’s anti-Semitic dinner guests. The article published 11/28 titled “Surprise: A Number Of Republicans Don’t Want To Condemn Trump’s Dinner With A Couple of Anti-Semites.”

Levin’s opening sentence: “They know where their bread is buttered.”

Followed in the next paragraph by: “In the year 2022, the number one thing that unites the Republican Party is bigotry and hate. Hate for the Black people. Hate for (non-white) immigrants. Hate for anyone who isn’t Christian. Hate for the LGBTQ+ community. Which is why it surprises no one who has been paying literally any attention whatsoever that a number of GOP lawmakers apparently don’t want to probably condemn Donald Trump’s recent dinner with men who have made names for themselves as virulent anti-Semites.”

Maya Angelou: “Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to the loneliness.”

Enjoy your day!

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