We forget. Think COVID behind us. Not that bad anymore.

Not so.

A recent editorial in the Palm Beach Post revealing: COVID especially dangerous to Florida residents aged 65 and older…..COVID has killed more 65 plus residents in Florida than any other State in the nation.

Public health exerts blame DeSantis’ counter productive COVID-19 policies. His leave resolutions to the individual rather than State mandates is not working. Freedom for all ages to do what they want endangers Florida’s huge elderly population. They’re left exposed and vulnerable. Many die as a result. Thirty two percent the number.

The 32 percent death rate higher than any other State. Even worse for those 85 and older.

The Florida Department of Health refer to the data in the editorial as “illiterate.”

Now for a Thanksgiving miracle. One hard to believe.

A 28 year old man fell overboard from a Carnival Valor ship 20 miles south of Southwest Pass, Florida. He was in the water more than 15 hours before found. Alive. No life jacket, water just above 70 degrees. When rescued suffering from the cold, dehydration and shock. He remains hospitalized. Recovering. Will survive.

Coast Guard officials are in a quandary how the man survived so long in the water. Kept himself afloat. Note he had no life jacket. Continued swimming around for 15 plus hours. They attribute his survival to his will to live.


I celebrated Thanksgiving with Don and Chris thursday night at La Te Da. Company and meal both excellent.

Arrived early. Chatted a bit with Chris. I have not seen him in a few years. Met a charming bartender. Tonto retired. Her replacement Samantha. On the drive home, noticed Christmas already in vogue with some. Three decorated on the outside. Several with decorated trees up and lite inside.

A 007 policy is working its way through the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Authorization to kill.

A vote to approve is scheduled for next week. The approval sought: To permit police to kill suspects using robots. Yes, in effect provide robots with authorization to kill.

Mechanized robot 007’s! They’ve come a long way!

Basketball and football on the Syracuse agenda today.

Syracuse plays Bryant in basketball at 4 at the Dome. Not being televised.

Syracuse/Boston College in football at Alumni Stadium in Boston at 7:30.

Syracuse and Boston College old rivals. For years, several couples made the trip every other year when the game was scheduled in Boston. So many times! A fun trip! A caravan drive. Stayed at a magnificent hotel whose name escapes me on the waterfront.

The game always scheduled this time of year. Cold in Boston! In the 40’s today. Open air stadium. Froze one’s ass off watching the game.

Afterwards Maine lobsters at the same restaurant on the water. Blue something.

Big time fun!

Been at least 25 years since my last game in Boston. At my age, doubt I will ever do another.

Enjoy your day!






  1. Many that are lost to Covid at this point are those susceptible to being manipulated by those who have politicized a medical decision. Less votes for DeSantis with every death.

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