The world is moving! Major events occurring. I am limiting today’s blog to 2 topics. Detail makes each long.

First however Tino.

My friend has appeared in the Batwoman movie and TV series. Amazing!

Two photos today. Tino in Gotham City.

Tino a homeless person. Seems to play that part a lot. He is sitting in front of the Chicago City Hall. The building has been prepared for the shooting. Covered in graffiti. A homeless camp in front.

Tino told me it cost a fortune to prepare the site for shooting.

Trump has what he and its members consider a personal military force. Shock troops. The Border Patrol. The Border Patrol works in tandem with ICE.

Having observed Trump’s development of ICE the 3 years he has been in office, I have written and spoken of ICE as Trump’s Gestapo. Border Patrol has been in the news in recent months. I have joined them with ICE in being a part of what can be viewed as Trump’s Gestapo.

Trump’s 2021 budget contains billions of dollars to expand his system of detention centers, build more of his wall, and deploy more ICE, Border Patrol and other paramilitary forces.

Border Patrol forces are considered “elites.”

Last week, the Trump administration announced the Border Patrol would be deployed to sanctuary cities to assist regular ICE agents. Such should be viewed as Trump’s next step in his campaign of violence, threats, intimidation, harassment, and brutality against non whites, emigrants, immigrants, and refugees.

The Border Patrol has its own way of thinking. ICE’s attitude similar. They do not believe they are “civilian” law enforcement agencies. They believe they are kin to the Marine Corps. They believe they are not accountable to Congress. Which is probably why they had no problem with lying before Congress, even while under oath.

Would you believe?

There is more.

They believe they are only accountable to the President. And, only President’s like Trump.

Even more.

They do not believe they are answerable to local police, FBI, CIA, or any other law enforcement agency. They claim to be the “premier” law enforcement agency, superior to all others.

Their intent is to become a “national police force.” To be used by a President to enforce laws even among U.S. citizens.

Why haven’t we heard this?

It is claimed that last year there was an announcement re certain tasks the Border Patrol and ICE would be performing together. Their training involved facilities designed to stimulate the buildings they might encounter in American cities and towns.

They have been and are being trained in tactics, strategies and weaponry used by special forces and other commandos.

Yesterday’s evils long thought banished from civilized societies are reappearing with alarming speed. Concentration camps for Uighurs in China (the largest mass detention center since the Holocaust) to migrant detention centers in the U.S. at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Fort Sill is an Army post. Historically, it was used as a reservation for dispossessed Native Americans. Then as an internment camp for Japanese-American citizens during World War II. Planned to next be utilized as a “holding pen” for migrants. Infers people are animals.

A banality of evil in the making. Chilling in effect. Beware!

Now to the “recession.”

What recession? Is the big one here yet?

I have been prophesying for 2 years that the U.S. was headed for a recession. A big one! Bigger than 2008. Similar to the 1929 Big Depression if world wide.

No such recession yet. In spite of the tariff wars, manufacturing and retail businesses cutting back or closing down. I sometimes think Trump by words, not deeds, is keeping the stock market up. Always the best economy ever, look at the market!

A new acute problem has come from left field. Coronavirus. Appears to be a world wide epidemic in the making.

The market dropped more than 1,000 points yesterday. The third worse one day drop in 124 years. The drop amounted to 3.56 percent.

This morning, the market opened wit a tepid rebound before returning to yesterday. A 388 point drop. At the moment, it is 275 points. The market is struggling to come back as it usually does.

Not sure it will succeed. If it does, the resurrection will be short lived. Bad days ahead.

The immediate cause is coronavirus and how it is and could affect the world. China an absolute disaster. Italy all of a sudden on the rise. Iran reporting the virus.

Compounding the problem are Trump’s tariff wars. They were leading us to a recession. Coronavitus has accelerated the pace.

Coronavirus is affecting commerce. Airlines are cancelling flights. Cruise lines likewise.

Coronavirus and the tariff crossed paths. Married. A union not made in Heaven.

I do not blame Trump for coronavirus. Though he will be responsible for its handling in the U.S. His preparation for the disease’s onslaught lacking in many respects. I plan on addressing this issue in tomorrow’s blog.

I do blame Trump for the tariff wars. No explanation required.

Enjoy your day!



  1. “As former political prisoners who served many year in Fidel Castro’s prisons, enduring tortures, beatings, years of solitary confinement, and inhuman treatment, we are offended that a presidential candidate of your party dared to praise a tyrant who shed so much blood of innocent Cubans.

    Sanders either lies or ignores the events in Cuba. SOCIALISM is the worst political system any country may go through,”- a letter to DNC chair Tom Perez from 4 Cuban political prisoners.

  2. Most of those who opposed Batista in Cuba before Castro’s Communist Socialism regime was ever in power, were also tortured and murdered in Cuban prisons, I know that because my father was one of those. Don’t blur the picture and try and scare anybody with generalities that are twisting the real truth.

    Socialism in Cuba vs the Socialism in Denmark?

    Socialism per se is NOT the problem – Americans tortured Iraquis during the Gulf wars. Does that make Democracy the problem?

  3. A government that that does not govern for the benefit of it’s people, is not a good government and that is the issue facing the people of the United States in the 2020 elections.

    Don’t be fooled again, by those among us that are trying to frighten us into voting for a leader who is not going to govern for the people he leads.

    Socialism is not an issue in the 2020 election but a very real threat of authoritarianism is.

    • Fidel Castro May not have been the best example of socialism, but he did kill a whole lot of homosexuals…. and anyone who disagrees with him for that matter. At least those out to death could read I guess.

      • There are many kinds of socialism, some with a capitol S and others s small s. Cuba is the big S kind of socialism as are most communists countries, then there is a socialism that is practice in decidedly capitalist economies (countries) like Sweden and Finland and many others. This is how Bernie identifies himself and how he operated as the Mayor of Burlington, VT.

        Republicans are hoping to redefine the word socialism as it is too often practiced in totalitarian or communists governments and use that meaning to politically scare people into thinking socialism is bad and to be avoided at ALL costs. This seems especially ironic, since this type of government (the one they are trying to use as a scare tactic) exactly like the type of government (totalitarian) where they seem to be headed.

  4. I keep seeing, “MAGA.” MAGA MAGA MAGA

    Indeed, I agree. we do need to Make American Great Again. And indeed it’s time to drain The Swamp. And there’s a clear way to do it:

    1. Get rid of Swamp-Thing Mitch McConnell – In the Senate since 1984.
    2. DUMP TRUMP – He has screwed up everything and made America the laughing stock of the world. Now his economy is about to crash down around him, and none of his lies can fix that.


      • Your answer for everything you don’t like. Kind of like “MAGA” it has no real meaning, it’s just your substitute for I’m unable to answer intelligently.

      • A nice, inteligent answer. Denmark is a wonderful place. I hear that it is especially nice in the sumertime when KW is at 90 degrees and 90% humidity. But in the winter time – not so much.

        • No, it is a stupid answer, one usually given from someone who is unable to control the argument, or have decent and intelligent answer. Put bluntly, it is a cheap shot.

          I am not leaving for Denmark or elsewhere else. This is my country and I plan to stay and fight bullies like you from trying to take it over and making it something worse.

  5. If you are sitting behind Trump at one of his rallies you better have the “right” look on your face or you will get the hook.

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