On this day in 1953, the Islander Drive In Theater opened on Stock Island. The first drive-in in all of Monroe County.

Brought to mind my recollections of the drive-in and how it impacted my life.

While in high school and college, it is the place young couples went to park and neck. Rarely watched the movie.

Then came marriage and children. Young couples with children got a night out by going to the drive-in. The children sleeping in the back seat with pillows and under a blanket. This time we watched the movie.

Stock Island is Key West’s northeasterly neighbor. Leave Key West, pass over Cow Key, and you are on Stock Island.

Legend has it Stock Island got its name from livestock that were kept on the island way back. Photographs exist from the 1930’s showing cows grazing.

Historians are not sure such is how Stock Island acquired its name. Some believe it could have come from the last name of an early surveyor of the island.

The beard I presently wear is the second of my life. I like the beard. Plan is to keep it.

Coronavirus may prevent it.

The CDC has advised that facepiece respirators will not function properly if placed over a beard. Proper air flow will be prevented. CDC says beards will have to go if it becomes necessary to wear one.

Coronavirus is doing a number on the stock market. Down!

Market fell another 1,191 points yesterday. The largest 1 day drop ever.

The President is sweating. He relies on the stock market for reelection. For Trump, the market represents the success of his economy.

Trump should put his reelection thoughts on the back burner. A medical crisis looms. More important than anything else. Trump’s leadership is required to make sure we swiftly move under the black cloud approaching.

Trump has already made several bad moves. A major one is placing Vice President Pence at the head of a Task Force. All medical professionals are to report to Pence and he will decide what to do next and what is to be reported to the public.

Pence inept for the position. Cannot be trusted. His religion, politics, and allegiance to Trump stand in his way.

A medical professional experienced in contagious epidemics should lead. His hands should not be tied. He should be free to report truth as he sees it directly to the the public. Trump should not be permitted to politicize that truth.

Trump cannot be believed when it comes to coronavirus. He has already began lying all over the place. “It’s going to disappear… day like a miracle.”

When Mr. President will it disappear? Before or after a number of us are dead?

Italy is under attack by the virus. Especially the northern part where 400 have been afflicted.

In Rome, only 3 have been diagnosed with the virus.

Pope Francis is sick. I am not saying he has coronavirus. However there is concern.

On Ash Wednesday, he was publicly coughing and blowing his nose. Yesterday, he didn’t go to work. Remained in his quarters. The Vatican announced he had a “slight illness.”

Enjoy your day!



    • Never ending preferal of prayer over science, just for starters. He also has a terrible history of medical disasters while he was Governor in Indiana, specifically with an HIV issue where he did not act quick enough, most believe was for religious reasons, that created an epidemic.. NONE of which was noted in FOX News reporting of his appointment. Any and all of which you’d know about if you took your head out of the sand.

  1. sorry you confuse a fight for asking a question. And science also tell us that KW should ban plastic bags, ban the sale of products which injure our health such a tobacco products,not just sun screen. Science also tells us to reduce carbon dioxide emission so close the airport, and stop the those buses from the Miami. Act on what you believe in just like a religious person does. The great god of science states we will all die of a heat death while religion tells us we will all be to gather in a place of heat and light and order. both religion and a virus is highly order systems. So the question is still unanswered.
    We are all part of one system and of one creator. The question is not meant to sham but to enlighen

    • Come on Sandy Feet, or whoever you are today, surely no-one believes your denials, not this time or anytime in the past several years. We only need to look back at any one of your frequent recent posts to read where you are critical and disrespectful of Lou or any of his readers, to see how disingenuous you are now trying to be with your lame excuses. Give it up and go away. You are nothing but a troublemaker and no one takes anything you say seriously, anyhow.

  2. The stock market will probably get much worse if the coronavirus spreads. Also probably something Trump will refuse to take credit for. The problem with that is how badly it will effect the entire financial stability of our already unstable debt ridden economy.

  3. I hope everyone has some cash on hand so they can buy into the market when it bottoms out. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

  4. Lou, I’m not sure Trump will put his reelection thoughts on the back burner, during this time of both a medical and economic crisis. After all he’s on his way to SC to give one of his rallies, right in the middle of where the Democrats are having a primary election event. Clearly Trump is more interested in making a scene at somebody elses party than he is paying any attention to our medical of financial stability issues. Were is our leadership?

    • Why bother responding to this dishonest and disrespective crank when he posts these stupid comments on Lou’s blog? He’s only doing it for attention.

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