This is one of the most disgusting stories I have ever reported.

The event took place on September 19, 2019 at the Lucois and Emma Nixon Academy Charter School in Orlando. The victim a 6 year old black first grade girl. Her name not released by authorities because of her age.

Involved was Orlando police officer Dennis Turner.

The young lady threw a “tantrum.” The policed report claimed she “battered 3 staff members by kicking and punching them.”

There was an episode. The school authorities apparently opted not to deal with it on their own. The police were called. Officer Turner arrived.

By the way, there is a full video of what transpired. Turner’s body cam recorded the whole thing.

Turner handcuffed the 6 year old. Used zip ties. She can be seen on the video crying and screaming for him not to do anything to her. Don’t arrest me, don’t put me in the police car.

The girl cried throughout. From the time Turner arrived, through the handcuffing, being led to the police car, and being placed in the police car. Screaming for help.

“Help me, help me please!” She continuously begged for help.

She was mug shot and fingerprinted.

Charges were not pursued. Officer Turner fired. Fired for arresting a child under 12 without a supervisor’s approval. He had detained another 6 year old earlier in the week.

The 6 year old girl now attends another school.

What mental trauma, if any, will she carry with her for years or life?

I wonder if the police officer would have acted differently were the girl white instead of black.

One other group perhaps worthy of bearing the mantle of poor judgment. The school staff. We all went to the grade. And other lower grades. Some one at some time got out of hand. The teacher always handled the situation. I do not recall police ever being called.

Johnny Mercer brings me back to my high school and college days. A song writer. The lyricist. His songs that I danced to included Moon River, Accentuate the Positive, Days of Wine and Roses, On the Atcheson, Topeka and Santa Fe, and In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening.

A box of his never produced works were found in Key West. The box in the custody of the well known Ellen Steininger. Ellen good friends with one of Key West’s top vocalists Bobby Nesbitt.

Ellen brought Bobby into the picture.

The music was written by Ellen’s late father in law Franz Steininger.

Bobby had the tapes digitized. The music was clear.

The Mercer/Steininger material discovered included a musical. The Arabian Knights. Sinbad, Ali Baba and Aladdin its leading characters. Bobby sang some of the songs at a recent public performance by him.

You never know what will be discovered in a box locked away for many years. Recall one of Hemingway’s wives who returned years after his death to a room at Sloppy Joe’s containing boxes of Hemingway writings and paraphernalia. Hemingway jewels.

Yesterday a disaster for me. Absolutely, without question.

My car not derivable. I had Lisa’s. A half hour into wherever I was going and I had a flat. Called AAA. My membership canceled. No problem. They let me renew and covered me for yesterday’s flat as part of it. Took a half hour to accomplish.

Tire changer could not get to me for 1 1/2 hours. Pouring outside. Thank God for cell phones. Did my podcast show while siting in the car.

AAA man showed up. Lisa’s spare was flat also.

That is how the day began. That is how the rest of the day ran. I will not bore you with further details.

I had a late dinner at Shana Key. Cheated! Even had a drink. Needed it.

Chatted with Ruthie, one of the waitresses.

Recall last year, I lost 62 pounds. A big deal!

Then came pancreatitis. Doctor told me to get off Atkins diet and eat carbs. Or, so I thought. I gained 35 pounds quickly eating carbs.

Very discouraging.

Last week when I saw the doctor, I told him carbs and me never got along. He wanted to know why I was eating carbs. I said you told me! He said no. I’m sure he did. Whatever, he wanted me to go back on an Atkin’s type diet. High protein.

Now I am dieting again. Ended the first week today. Lost 5 pounds. This is going to be a pain in the ass. I am not a happy camper.

There was joy later in the evening. Mighty Casey did not strike out. Syracuse beat Pitt at Pitt 72-49. A long time since Syracuse enjoyed such a decisive win.

Watched Trump at 6:30 in his “news conference.”

He bullshitted us. No problem. He has everything under control. He took big steps (he stopped certain flights) which have prevented the virus from hitting the U.S. He was proud to report no one had contracted the virus locally. All had contracted it outside the U.S.

He spoke too soon. Late last night, it was reported a Californian was diagnosed with the virus. He had not been out of the country. Got it here.

Last night, the New York Times in an Opinion piece described the disease as “Trumvirus.”

Learned something new last night about the President. Trump considers shaking hands “barbaric.” He has aides following him around whose sole purpose is carry a sanitizer for his use.

He’s personally going to love coronavirus if it hits the U.S.!

Another thing about Trump. Read last week he does not sleep on the plane when he takes long trips. He will only sleep in what he describes as his “own beds.”

Trump looked very tired last night. He mentioned several times how long the India trip was. He probably never slept the whole way to and back.

This is turning into a Trump blog. Did not plan it that way. The observations being shared are just coming out one after the other.

A last Trump observation. The Democrat Debate was tuesday night. The market suffered its major falls monday and tuesday. Both before the Democrat Debate.

Trump said at least 2 times last night one of the reasons the market went down is because the people had seen the nuts who were on the stage in the Debate, one of whom might run the country.

Love the guy! He fits the facts to what ever he wants the story to be. Truth  has nothing to do with anything.

I close with Bernie Sanders.

He can’t win if the Presidential candidate. Too radical.

The young are his major supporters. No wonder. He keeps ranting about all the things he will provide free.

There are not enough taxpayer dollars to pay for all the freebies.

The freebies include free college, wipe out all student loan debt, wipe out all medical bills, Medicare for all, free homes to those who cannot afford one, etc.

He’s crazy! Sincerely intended. His whole life. However his goals neither practical nor sustainable.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Donal Trump often takes credit for things he himself didn’t actually do (not talking here about the golf things that didn’t actually happen – but rather his actual presidential things), so I think it is important to give him credit for things that he really did do, that he doesn’t want to brag about right now. One such important thing he actually did, was in 2018 fire the U.S. Pandemic Response Team, Obama put in place and also cut funding for the CDC, forcing the CDC to cancel its efforts to help countries prevent infectious-disease threats from becoming epidemics in 39 of 49 countries, including China.

  2. I’m firmly convinced Casey at the Bat is the only piece of literature that stuck with Louis. I’m tempted to write a script to go through your blog to find all the references to mighty Casey and no joy in Mudville. Remember that time I was having a drink with you and my wife? You kept constantly interrupting her, and holding your finger up as a mechanism to forecast how you were about to interrupt her and then you fell asleep sitting at the table. What a delight.

    • It is one thing to to be annoying at dinner, a totally different thing to seek public revenge, that is the mark of a creep and a bully. had you ever thought that lou’s interruptions at dinner were because your wife is an insufferable and boring windbag who couldn’t stop talking and lou was only trying to break things up so as to get her to finish her meal so that he could get out of there?

      I have personally had dinner with lou many times, some with my husband and he has always been the perfect gentleman and great companion.

    • So, let me get this straight, you and your wife go to diner with Lou and some point during dinner he falls asleep on you. And you are willing to brag about that without thinking that maybe that doesn’t really reflect so good on you and your wife? Are you not al all selfaware?

      You really are a brownnose aren’t you!

  3. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced it’s been alerted to the first manufacturing shortage of an unnamed drug, due to a viral coronavirus outbreak that began in China and has now reached American soil.
    No shortage here. keep the ships at sea, the plans away and the busses in Miami.

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