It appears coronavirus is going to impact our lives. If you think not, you are avoiding the truth. Look at China, Japan, Italy and Iran. What is coming may be comparable to the plague and the the 1918 influenza epidemic.

Yesterday the head of the CDC said, “Not if, but when” in discussing the virus. Certain at some point it will be here.

Trump avoids the truth. He is sugar coating the problem. Creates alternative facts/falsehoods. Like the problem will go away in April when it gets warm. The source of his information is not medical experts. It is from President Xi of China. A person not to be relied on at the moment in view of what is happening in his country.

Another problem concerning China and the U.S. at the moment. We have no vaccine for the virus. No one has. The composition of drugs for viruses and other maladies normally come from China. In other words, the raw materials.

Trump has not rallied his troops. The problem requires a Czar with a free hand.

Trump is unaware what his administration’s experts have been saying while he was in India. WE HAVE A PROBLEM! If Trump is consistent, he will probably fire them because they are contradicting what he is saying

Trump has asked for $2.5 billion. Initially, he was going to ask for $1 billion. Medical experts said he needs $3 billion.

The Democrats are playing a stupid game. Politics. Saying $2.5 billion is not enough. Everyone knows it. Even $3 billion is not enough. Get the $2.5 billion and get started. Then come back for more. Coronavirus should not be a political issue.

Back to the CDC. In the past 48 hours, they have said there is no vaccine for the virus. Once work starts, it will take 2 months to create one for testing purposes. The earliest one would be available for public use is 1 year. Could be longer.

In the meantime, containment is the short term assistance. We have not begun to plan how to deal with that facet of the problem yet.

Our hospitals are not ready. Medical staff are unprepared.

Legislate the money and lets get going. Time is of the essence. If it hits our shores hard, days will be vital. Look how fast the numbers moved up in Italy.

In the meantime, take a look at what Trump has done recently (before anyone was aware of coronavirus) re money. He proposed cutting funding for the World Health Organization by 50 percent. Wanted a 16 percent cut in CDC funding. An 8 percent cut in funding to the National Institute of Health.

My recommendation is the President forget about the wall and transfer those funds immediately to get the coronavirus program going. The President is quite astute at moving funds from one account to another.

Coronavirus is affecting the stock market. Big Time! Down more than a 1,000 points monday. Over 800 tuesday. When last I looked this morning, it was up 380 points.

Over the next week, the market will be down overall. Such is my prediction.

The virus is affecting the economy. China is finding it difficult to do business. Airlines are curtailing flights to certain areas. Cruise ships cannot get customers.

We live in a global society. Industry works with global products. They will soon cease moving. There will be a time when every country will be extremely cautious in accepting goods and people from other lands.

Trump is scheduled to speak tonight re the virus. I hope he speaks truth. I doubt it. He will continue his don’t worry, I have everything under control talk. He will also blame the Democrats for not permitting him to move faster.

Conoravirus moves swiftly. In one month, the U.S. could have hundreds of cases and hundreds of deaths. Perhaps even thousands of cases. The time to move is now!

A side note. South Korea is heavily affected by the virus. As of yesterday, 977 cases and 11 deaths.

A civil servant working on the problem for the South Korean Ministry in charge of controlling the virus committed suicide. He jumped off a bridge in Seoul.

No word yet as to whether his suicide was connected in any way with coronavirus.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I see (hear) where Rush Limbaugh is saying that the Corona Virus was likely developed by the Chinese government and that the media is exaggerating its severity to bring down Trump, not mentioning that it has been Trump who is systematically dismantled the Infrastructure in this country for any pandemic response. The has elaborated on the subject charactertising the virus as dangerous as the common cold.

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