I was at Lisa’s sunday. Noticed grandson Robert had gotten taller. Taller than me. By about 2 inches.

Robert said he had gotten taller. He was now 5′ 11″. I said can’t be. I am 6’1″.

Lisa interjected that I was not. I had shrunk. No way, I thought.

During my doctor visit yesterday, I asked that my height be checked. It was 5′ 9″.

I had lost 4″.

Never knew.

We wear shorts in Key West. I have been here full time since 2003. Probably wore jeans 3-4 times when it was cold. Never noticed the pants were a bit baggier and longer.

The loss makes sense. My Dad died at 98. He shrunk a lot in his last 10 years. My grandfather died at 94. He shrunk big time, too. My Aunt Marry died at 102. She really shrunk! In her last years when she sat at the table for dinner, she was chin high.

My time!

My day was busy. Left the house at 10:30. Did not return till 4. Exhausted! Glad I had decided to skip Aqua Idol.

I watched Syracuse/Louisville at 7. The first half sort of good. Syracuse down 7 at halftime. Louisville won. The final score 90-66. Syracuse lost it in the second half. Defense terrible.

No question in my mind, Syracuse will not make the NCAA tournament. We will be second class citizens and play in the NIT.

If no one goes pro, the team will be a definite competitor next year. Need a big guy, however. Boeheim better get over to East Slobovia and find one.

The Democratic Debate at 9.

The best yet.

No question practice makes perfect. Five of the 6 were “debaters.” A far cry from when they began. The only one not ready for a debate was Bloomberg. His first time in the process last night.

Don’t eliminate him. He’ll have the best debate trainers over the next 2 weeks. Money can do wonders.

The TV pundit consensus seems to think Warren was the “winner.” I disagree. As the process continues, she gets tougher. Needed to come back in the rankings. I do not like the woman tough. Mean, whether male or female, turns me off.

Biden looked the best. He has come a long way in the debates. Looked Presidential. He should. His life time of political experience makes him knowledgeable. It was evident.

Mayor Pete continues to look good.

It was fight night in Vegas!

Bloomberg got savaged. Sanders’ socialist leanings became more and more evident. The American people do not want a socialist for President. If Sanders is the nominee, Trump will be President again.

Hard Rock Cafe is at 313 Duval street. This morning’s KONK E-Blast has a photo of Hard Rock’s building when it was constructed in 1900. The Key West Elks Club was first to occupy the building.

The building basically looks the same today as it did in 1900.

Lets talk pardons for a moment.

Roger Stone is to be sentenced today. When will he be pardoned? Soon, I expect.

Pardons fall under the general classification of Clemency. Commutations included.

Trump has granted less than 30. So far!

Obama on the other hand, 1,927. The breakdown 212 Pardons and 1,715 Commutations.

A record! The most in 64 years.

Why so many? Obama’s thought process no where similar to Trump’s. The reason lies in Obama’s wise and understanding nature.

Total requests for Clemency during Obama’s years were 36,544. A huge number! Nowhere close to that figure ever.

Therein lies the reason for the large number of Obama granted Clemencies. Obama decided that the prison terms for non-violent federal inmates convicted of drug crimes should be reduced. Plain and simple. Consistent with even today’s thinking.

I spell out the number and why because already yesterday some were demonizing Obama for his large number. He was not granting Clemency to friends or friends of friends. He had a valid public interest in mind.

If we believe Trump, the economy is the best ever. I continue to say not so. Various businesses/industries are suffering. Take a look at the shipping/freight lines.

U.S. shipping volume dropped 9.4 percent in January. The steepest one month drop since 2009.

In December, the Celadon Group filed for bankruptcy. The largest truckload carrier to ever do so. Three thousand drivers and 2,700 trailers.

In January, the barge operator American Commercial lines filed for bankruptcy. Three thousand five hundred barges.

Also in January, 2 of the largest U.S. railroads, CSX and Union Pacific, reported terrible dropping revenues and massive layoffs.

The 9.4 percent figure covers only the U.S.

Coronavirus is definitely adversely affecting shipping. China’s factory and supply chain numbers not included in the 9.4 percentage. When received, the January figures will be adjusted. The overall percentage will be even worse.

Trump must know these things. Why does he not share them with the American public?

The following was reported by CBS News yesterday.

Israel has the Law of Return. Any Jew for any reason can come to Israel and automatically attain Israeli citizenship. The adoption of the law understandable. Never again was a Jew fleeing oppression to have no place to go. World War II before and during had proven the need for such a law.

The law today is being exploited. Jewish American pedophiles avoid justice by fleeing to Israel. There have been a significant number over the years.

An example is Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged partner in crime Ghislaine Maxwell. She is reported to be hiding in a “safe house” in Israel.

One of the most memorable and moving art edifices is the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It was opened this day in 1872.

My law work brought me to New York frequently. Each visit I tried to save an hour of two for Louis. Time I would spend at the Metropolitan. I was in love with everything it held, especially the art. The gallery featuring the works of the impressionists a place I used to sit and ponder.

Rodin was a sculptor. One of his most famous works is the Gates of Hell. Housed in a Paris museum. However at one point in time it was permitted to be exhibited at the Metropolitan.


A scene from Dante’s Inferno. Two large doors. People trying to escape the pain of Hell. One hundred eighty such figures.

I must have visited the exhibit at least 6 times. Surrounded by benches, I would sit and look. Not move. Merely view. Taken by what was before me.

The people fighting to get out were tiny. Yet pain and suffering visible on each of their faces.

A master’s work.

Enjoy your day!

31 comments on “LOST FOUR INCHES

  1. The clear winner of last nights debate was President Trump. I can’t wait for the pandemonium at the DNC convention in Milwaukee. This is so much fun to watch.

  2. The Dems all said that they want to reunite the Country.
    Underneath, the USA has always been divided. Trump just unlocked Pandora’s box and let all of the bad stuff out into the open.

  3. Hi Louis! You should really have a look at Bernie. He is the only one who can beat Trump. Please join our Revolution. facebook.com/keywestforbernie/ Bernie loves Key West and Key West loves Bernie!

  4. Milwaukee could be quite something. If Bernie is in the lead but doesn’t have enough delegates and the nomination somehow goes to Bloomberg…. Katie bar the doors! My hometown could look like Chicago circa 1968! That’s what Democrats do! Riot, throw a tantrum and leave trash everywhere (occupy Wall Street) if they don’t get their way! I’ll be in Milwaukee. I hope I’m wrong but I’ll give you a report from the front lines!

    • Hey great, come to Milwaukee and join us, we’re going to have a great time and do some good things, but I’d lose that wise guy attitude, ’cause if you are just another one of those bussed in phony freaks just trying to start arguments, we will cut off your nuts and dump you at the curb. I sh*t you not, come on up!

      • Bussed in? It’s the convention moron, people from all 50 states will be “bussed in.” Have fun with your hate. The mental deficiencies of you libtards never ceases to amaze. Please don’t burn Milwaukee down. I know it may happen but please spare Miller Park. I’m going to a Brewers game in August.

        • Bussed in? I think most serious people for the 50 states you reference will fly in. You know, from places like Miami, or Phoenix, maybe even Chicago. The busses thing is generally what Trump and his campaign people use to bring in people to bulk up his rallys, and what political operatives and Nazis use to bring in troublemakers to other peoples rallies.

  5. Squad member Ilan Omar married her own brother to get his “papers” to stay in the US. She’ll be charged with immigration fraud and is looking at 5 years in lockup. Wonder if she’ll be in Milwaukee?

  6. Trump is not worrying about any virus. He is busy installing his new toady intel chief so he can end any investigations of Putin’s US election meddling.

      • Wrong on both accounts, making you an obvious Dunce. Unless of course you are just a provocateur, attempting to toss an occasional grenade onto Lou’s blog just to get your kicks in, in which case you are a troll and a jerk.

      • Republicans often complain why they are not taken seriously. It’s people like this poster who make all republicans look like jerks. Maybe if decent republicans complained about these jerks (and those defacing Jewesh cemeteries) maybe they would be then taken more seriously. By letting these jerks get away with stupid stuff, it make all the others look bad too.

          • Fool, you have this wrong too. It is her Republican opponent running for congress who looks like she is going to prison. Danielle Stella, failed to appear in court after she was charged with theft and is now apparently on the lam.

            Can’t you get anything right? You really are an embarras*ment.

  7. The Jerusalem Post namer Ilhan Omar “antisemite of the year” for 2019. She beat out Louis Farrakhan and a-hole nazi Richard Spencer’s to take the top prize. Now she’ll take that street cred to federal prison. At least she won’t need to convert to Islam while in the slammer.

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