Happy National Margarita Day!

The weather changes fast in Key West.

I left the house at 6 last night. It was 82 degrees.

Took me longer to drive into town because it’s season. Traffic horrendous. Instead of 15 minutes, like 35.

I had driven directly to the Pier House. Got out of the car and could not believe how cold it was. Seventy one degrees. Eleven degree drop in less than an hour.

It was especially cold at the Pier House. The wind coming in off the Gulf felt freezing cold!

A cold wave came in from somewhere.

Today’s’ weather in the mid 70’s. Tonight will drop to 62. The weather people calculate chill factor for Key West. The 62 degrees will feel like 56.

Read an interesting weather piece on Antarctica this morning. Covered the time frame 2/4-2/13.

Antarctica is considered the coldest place on Earth. Not during the dates indicated. A heat wave hit!

NASA’s Earth Observatory receives images from the agency’s Landset 8 satellite.

Eagle Island is part of Antarctica. On 2/4, the satellite images showed plenty of snow coverage. On 2/13, the images showed bright blue melt ponds and exposed ground. A heat wave had liquefied 20 percent of Eagle Island’s seasonal snow accumulation in roughly a week.

Not unusual for there to be periods of heat resulting in melting. What is relatively new is that they are more frequent.

Referred to as global warming or climate change. Take your pick, or both.

Spent some time in the Chart Room last night. Packed. Mostly tourists. The only 2 people I knew were Tammy who was bartending and Sheila.

Tammy is venturing into a new experience. Radio. A talk show host.

Station 104.9 FM. Presently training. Thursday 5-7. Her 4 week training period ends next thursday. Following which her own show will be heard 7-9  thursday evenings.

Tammy is a natural charmer. Sincere. Her virtues will be obvious to the ear.

Go for it, Tammy!

The season is in full swing. Restaurants packed. I opted to avoid the situation. Drove home and fed myself.

It was this day in 1960. Harry Truman was no longer President. He and Bess wanted to vacation in Key West.

They were the guests of then Sheriff John and Mary Spottswood. The Sheriff later became a State Senator. He was a prominent figure in Key West’s development.

The Trumans stayed a the Spottswood home on the corner of Caroline and Simonton. Still stands today. A magnificent edifice. One of Key West’s finest appearing homes.

The Sheriff and his wife are long gone. His son Robert and wife Elena live in the home. Raised their family there.

Robert is one of the Sheriff’s several children. They all remained and continued their father’s community spirit.

I only know Robert and Elena. Great people! Involved in everything. On all kinds of boards. The Marriott Beachside is a Spottswood investment overseered by Robert.

Dentistry different and cheaper in May Johnson’s time in 1896.

On this day, she returned to the dentist. “He finished up my teeth with two gold and two silver, $4.50 – reasonable.”

Coronavirus is developing into an epidemic of world wide proportions. China the worst hit. Of course, the virus first struck there.

China is using robots and drones as part of engaging the virus. Especially, robots.

The robots are being used to to spray disinfectants on the ground. Also in places where the virus has already existed: Ambulances that carried sick or victims who died, hospital rooms, etc.

Anyplace where the virus or disinfectant might be harmful to non-infected humans.

The robots are relatively tiny. Pics remind me of a large turtle. Each carries 21 gallons of disinfectant.

Most believe Russia interfered in the 20126 Presidential election. Trump refuses to accept the premises because he wants no one to believe he was not “validly” elected. Embarrassing enough Hillary beat him by almost 3 million in the popular vote count.

The 2020 election is less than 8 months away. Intelligence experts that Trump keeps firing believe Russia interfered then and is now.

It appears the U.S. has done relatively little, if anything, to combat Russia’s hacking for the 2020 election. Note also that it is anticipated China and Pakistan will also be involved.

While the U.S. sits on its ass!

The strongest nation in the world is unable to protect its voting process!

Enjoy your day!









  1. good story

    www .

    • That’s really a good story about why we need immigrant labor. In stead of summarily limiting immigration, we should allow mor and making the process to legality quicker and easier.

      I alos would like to see Andrés get the Nobel peace prize, especially because he’s doing what he’s doing without the Nobel as his incentive. He had done more for unfortunate people these past few years that anybody eles I know of. +

  2. The only group to be known to be hacked was the DNC. AND they would not let the FBI or any other group look at their
    hard or soft were. The DNC would not help to protect us from the Russians. Why did the Democrats not let our investigators look in to the hack? Trump was not hacked, the RNC was not hacked. Why? Maybe the DNC let the Russians in to our system when HRC signed up for the Russian docieiar from their computer company Croudsource. No other company or source had contact with Russia. Not Trump or RNC. HRC and her band brought the Russians in and it is the same group, The DNC, bring the Russians in now. But like all else we know it was Trump-NOT. And who was first to brake the News the then CIA director John Brenan CIA director and former member of the Commie party.

    • Good lord, you are soooo full of crap. Always nonsensical, always wrong. Always trying to start an argument.

      Always an annoying troll! Why do you even bother?

      • Then prove me wrong. List those who were hacked. What government group examined their equipment ? and what did they find. The only group hack and named publicly was the DNC. Their systems were protected by the same folks who built the Iowa soft were and the soft were Na. did not use.
        “people were hacked” and Russians did “what”. No names except the DNC have been named. Please show the name. It is all Baloney just like the “leaker”. Just like Shifts “Proof” of Trumps Russian support. Were is your “Shift’s” list of proof. Open your eyes. Crap is not a list it is a fools response.

  3. Yeah Lou… we’re freesing our a$$es off down here in the southern frozen tundra. I mean… down into the 60s. I even had to break out a jacket last night. Next thing you know I’ll be sleeping in my long-johns… if I can find them.

    I sure hope we will get to thaw out soon… you know… when the air and water temp are back above 80.


    Kokomo Man

  4. I don’t get it. Russia interfered with the 2016 election, but Trump lost the popular vote. So which is it?
    Perhaps you should hope for more Russia interference this year.

    • Of course YOU don’t get it. Going into election day he was polled among likely voters (american electorate) 22 points behind Hillary Clinton. She won by only 3 points. And lost in several important states where she was polling ahead by small margins, dumbfounding experts nationwide. You don’t understand because you are trying to make a point that you apparently refuse to accept, not because it isn’t true. He (they) cheated.

    • If the Russians hadn’t interfered, Trump would have lost by millions more and not won the election. The Russians and Trump got what they wanted, and Americans get scr***d

      Now do you get it!


      • Just shoe me were they interfered? Show me it was the Russian’s. Show me why it was not Carl Rove who did it, or the Pope!

        • Why should anyone who reads this blog care or bother to prove you wrong, some things are just too self evident to respond to.+
          You have been coming on Lou’s blog, using the name “Sandy Feet” now for a year, insulting and belittling people as you see fit, Calling people libtards, morons, idiots, stupid and all kinds of other garbage. You have posted some of the most vulgar and ridiculous statements, as well as bullsh*t stories and outright lies. Most of what you claim have been officially discredited and what hasn’t doesn’t rise to the quality for anyone to even look into. A lot of your post are apparently done while you have apparently been drunk, something you yourself have even admitted to.

          Now you want us to “prove YOU wrong”?

          Go F yourself, you – You are the worst kind of Troll, one who doesn’t bother to do his own research and so arrogant as to think people around you are ignorant and don’t know enough about what is going on and would believe your crap.

          • Thanks for posting this. This jerk Sandy Feet should have been put in his place a long time ago. And we’d all be smart not to engage him at all. No matter what you say, he twists things to make his point, the truth and facts be damned. Several credible people and agencies (15 I think) have said Russia interfered and he’s ignoring that completely, demanding we show him something more concrete? I think we should show him the contempt he deserves. I think you said it correctly “F him!”

          • Ditto me too, this guy Sandy Feet is a jerk. More interested in causing trouble that anything else. And Robert Muller’s report DID lay out all of the ways in which Russia interfered in the 2016 election, and that was a redacted report prepared by Trump’s own people that may or may not have told ALL of the truth.

          • Thanks for speaking up about this Sandy Fool tool. Does he think the world is stupid and he’s the only smart guy? It was widly reported that the Russians were behind attempted hacks to Wisconsin Voting systems in 2016, Wisconsin being one of the crucial Electoral College states that gave the election to Trump. This was even in the Wausau Wisconsin daily newspaper I read as one of 21 States targeted by the Russian Government. That was from DHS records.

            Didn’t this guy even attempt to do ANY of his own research. Is he serious about asking us to do that for him. What a nut job.

          • Sandy Feet wrote “Show me why it was not Carl Rove who did it, or the Pope!” Thinks he’s cute doesn’t he? I’ve seen other stupid statements he’s made too. Seems to me he needs to get a grip, not too bright, if you ask me. I wouldn’t believe anything he posts.

  5. Looks like “Sabdy Feet” spent too much time at the bar on this National Margarita Day. So cut him/her some slack. His/her brain is fried.

    • Sabdy Feet’s brain seems to be fried all the time, doesn’t it? He’s been an embarras*ing nuisance for a long, long time. Perhaps he should cut us some slack from his total lack or respect for Lou and stop with his unnecessary diarrhea and constant off the wall Bull Sh*t.

      Lou’s blog isn’t the local chapter of the AA, or the National Margarita Day Crisis Line.

      • Sabdy Feet’s brain seems to be fried all the time, doesn’t it? He’s been an embarras*ing nuisance for a long, long time. Perhaps he should cut us some slack from his total lack or respect for Lou and stop with his unnecessary diarrhea and constant off the wall Bull Sh*t.

        Lou’s blog isn’t the local chapter of the AA, or the National Margarita Day Crisis Line.

  6. ” Intelligence experts that Trump keeps firing believe Russia interfered then and is now”

    It is unfortunate Trumps solution is to fire skilled people simply for contradicting what he prefers to believe. Next January he is relieved of his duties and we can get back to being the great nation he tries so hard to deconstruct.

  7. Mueller report concluded that while there was no evidence that any votes were changed in actual voting machines, “Russian cyberactors were in a position to delete or change voter data” in the Illinois voter database. The committee found no evidence that they did so. — New York Times

    • “In a position to”, But no proof they did change votes.
      Source NYT not the best.
      Mueller wasted time and money but NO PROFF. They could not find one vote changed!
      “have said Russia interfered” who has gone to Jail, Income tax cheat, A 4 star general, A secretary of State who broke the law by destroying evidence.
      One great loving family here.

      • Someone mentioned earlier that you would not accept any answer to any of your questions anyhow. Now that there was a direct answer you did exactly what was predicted. Not accept the answer and actually inferred a different question altogether.

        OK. Let me give you a different answer

        he NYTs report on Bill Bar’s summary of the Mueller report did not say that No Vote on the Russian Hacking of the Illinois voting machines, it ONLY said that “they could not find one vote changes!” This is your quote, which I believe is also factually incorrect. So perhaps Muller wrote something else and Barr Changed it, or Muller never actually said that, or maybe even that Mueller didn’t look hard enough and there were in fact votes changed in Illinois. It also doesn’t say what happened in any of the other 21 states that were reportedly hacked by the Russians.

        But that’s all moot. You claimed (falsely or ignorantly) that the Russians ONLY hacked the DNC, apparently to make a point. That wasn’t true and now you want to change your statement?

        You sir are a dishonest fraud and and annoying troll. Drunk or sober!

    • First of all we don’t really know what Robert Mueller’s official report actually said about what or what not the Russians accomplished and more specifically what evidence they actually have and what it actually says. All’s we know about that is what Bill Barr’s (Trump’s appointed and somewhat tarnished AG) personal SUMMARY of that report says. That would be like if Janet Reno was the only one to see Kenneth Starr’s report on the Bill Clinton thing and she wrote and only released a summary of that report. If her inclusion was that Bill Clinton did nothing wrong, who would believe that?

      Second of all, Sandy Feet made some pretty bold as*ertions that “he only group to be known to be hacked was the DNC.” and went on to elaborate at LENGTH (and Ad Nauseam) about how basically no one else was hacked, changeling everyone to “prove him wrong.” Etc., etc., etc. When he didn’t get his way (any answers, he became obnoxious with several rather stupid remarks like “were is your list? Or do you have an other name to call annoying troll!”

      BTW – I have another “name to call an annoying troll” that would be “Sandy Feet” who ever that would really be.

      Now rather than saying “thank you” and sitting down, you want to requalify the argument into something all together different, is there no end to your squirming Bull Sh*t?”

  8. Wasn’t there something like 13 actual Russians indicted for hacking and other election fraud? how can this fool Sandy Feet say none of this ever happened, why does he demand we all come up with this proof when all of this information is very easily available just about everywhere. is he insane or just an idiot trying to start trouble. Wow, no wonder Republicans can’t get no respect. Bet this guy is lonely and can’t get invited to family dinners on holidays anymore.

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