What a word! Heard it for the first time last night.

Chincoteague is Indian for “beautiful land across the water.”

There is a Virginia barrier island by that name. The island makes up the whole town. Population 2,941. Equivalent to 10 percent of Key West’s 29,000 people.

The community is gateway to the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. Assateague Island. Known for its wild ponies.

Where did I come up with Chincoteague?

I was at The Dirty Pig last night for the first time. Before going further, the barbecue ribs were terrific! Terri was performing with Larry Baeder.

There was a Terri table. Donna, Sally, and Bob and Lynda Frechette. Also, a Kay and Ted.

Never met Kay and Ted before. They are from Chincoteague!

Ted approached me at the bar. There was no room for Louis at the table. Introduced himself and said he reads the blog now. His wife however has been reading it for years. Love you, Kay!

Both retired. Ted owned a commercial printing business. Kay was a nutritionist. They are snowbirds. Six months on Chincoteague, six months in Key West. This is their ninth season in Key West.

Proud parents of 2 sons and grandparents of 4.

Terri was riding a bicycle last year and hit a curb that was not a curb. I am not sure whether the accident occurred on Chincoteague or Key West. Broke 2 significant bones in her right leg. Lucky she was wearing a helmet. Her head hit. The helmet split. No injury to her head fortunately.

Now she is into yoga. She gets Ted up every morning here in Key West and they are off to yoga.

Terri sings tonight at Aqua. Dueling Bartenders.

Lynda Frechette will be at Aqua wednesday night for her baby Aqua Idol.

Both events free. Both enjoyable. Don’t cheat yourself. If you are in Key West, attend both!

Must mention May Johnson again today. This 19 year old school teacher living in Key West in 1896 led an exciting life for the times. Always busy.

In her diary bearing this date, she was back at Las Brisa in the evening. Apparently the place to be. She ends up there most evenings. Dancing and partying.

For some reason, there was a fireworks display which she described as “simply grand.”

Came across a writing that can only be described as “love.” Pure and simple.

“When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn’t bend over and paint her toenails any more. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too.”

Hong Kong real estate in recent years has been the most expensive anywhere. Housing, office, and retail properties.

The real estate market is tottering. Ready to fall. Two reasons. The protests and coronavirus epidemic.

Economists describe what is to occur as a “Tsunami-like shock.”

Traveling back to ancient Rome for a spell. Beginning in 303 A.D.

The emperor was Diocletian. As I describe the man, think who of today’s leaders bears many similar traits.

On this day in 303, Diocletian issued an official Roman edict requiring the persecution of Christians.  The era ran from 303 to 324. Historically referred to as The Diocletianic Persecution.

It was the last and most severe persecution of Christians in the history of the Roman Empire.

Diocletian came to power in 284. In the first 15 years of his reign, he began purging Christians, condemned many to death, and surrounded himself with public opponents of Christianity.

His interest was his self image. He promoted the restoration of past Roman glories. All leading up to the most brutal persecution of any sect in Roman history.

The lions in the Coliseum were busy.

The Christian persecutions ended in 324 when Constantine became Emperor. Christianity was his favored religion.

All it took was a change in the head of state.

The world is sick. Too many wars, too many killings, too many dastardly deeds being perpetrated. An example: More people are being enslaved than ever before in human history.

Forty million people are slaves today. One in 4 are children.

Human slavery a profitable business. Estimated to bring in $150 billion annually.

The United States a bastion for slavery. The number of slaves continue to rise. A growing problem. The sex area obviously involved. The average age of girls 13. Girls as young as 9 being sold.

The fastest growing business in organized crime in the U.S. is human slavery. The second most lucrative commodity traded illegally after drugs and guns.

In this age, our time, it is more lucrative and safe to sell malleable teens rather than drugs and guns. A pound of heroin or an AK-47 can be retailed once. A young girl can be sold by her owner 10-15 times a day. Her pimp keeping 100 percent of her earnings.

The most shocking part of the story is that 85 percent of the girls involved came to their owners via government welfare systems that place these kids in homes where they are supposedly safe.

We do not hear much about what is contained in the previous paragraph nor what the authorities are doing to correct the situation.

Enjoy your day!




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  1. For the NYT supporters of the truth, The Times covered up the Germans work on the Jews during wwII. They always tell the truth don’t you know.

    • Fake news you fool, they weren’t exactly allowed in Germany or Poland during the war. Always the provocateur, always wrong.

      • Paul Krugman, a New York Times opinion columnist, writes about macroeconomics, trade, health care, social policy and politics. In 2008, he received the Nobel Prize in Economics. Kurgan stated just before Trump took office that we would be in economic free fall by now. Are we

        • Pretty much so yes, if you are one of those who works two jobs and still don’t make enough money to buy any kind of health care. Or, if you are one of those who cares about the crippling debt as a factor of economic well being. Or if you are a farmer and still haven’t sold your soybean harvest from two years ago. The list can go on.

        • and didn’t Trump predict, about that same time, that HE would have the economic growth up to something as high as 6%. It is, and has been, somewhere in the 2% area, no better than when Barack Obama was president. Propped up with significant inflation and enormous debt. And that’s using his numbers

    • Fast and Furious, the Mexican gun thing the republicans tried to make such a big thing about (like him wearing a Tan suit) was started under the Bush administration and called “Operation Wide Receiver. Holder was the one who shut it down when he found out about it.

      • I wish he testified before Congress with that information. Oh wait. Instead he stonewalled congress and was held in civil and CRIMINAL contempt. All for something Bush did? Haha. Loser.

        • What is a matter with you and what is your obsession with Holder and Obama, this is NOTHING pudding that happened a decade ago and not on anybody’s lips or minds. This is NOT something Lou or anyone else on HIS blog is talking about in even the smallest way, only you with your weird sense of self importance. Why aren’t you talking about Rove’s refusal to testify, to maybe Gonzales’ similar refusal. What makes you think your can force your agenda on Lou – Get your own blog and stop bothering everybody with useless trivia you choose apparently at random to be important. Fool.

          • Odd how they never talk about Ollie and his temporary amnesia. Ronnie’s act of circumventing Congress was considered a big thing back then, today not so much- it is an everyday occurrence under King Trump.

        • Yeah, why ARE you talking about Holder, especially without any expected outrage that no one would testify during impeachment trial of the President of the United States, for what amounts to Treason and Obstruction of Justice. Seems to me that your “outrage” is very strange, misplaced and probably phony. And why do you have to call somebody who gave you a reasonable and decent response a loser? I can see why people are so upset with you and call you a troll.

  2. The Dirty Pig.

    Louis, I rate it a 6.5 on the scale of 0-10. Yes, the meat is tender but lacked in depth of flavor in my opinion. Have you tried Charlie Mac’s on Southard?

  3. There are a couple of things we have learned since 2016. One is that there are a lot of people here that would like living in a Fascist state, the other is that there are a lot of people here who would be happy in a Socialist state.

  4. Looks like it’s gonna be 19 degrees in Chicago Thursday night. Is that too warm for MAGA hat wearing thugs to “hate crime” actors?

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