Key West lies within Monroe County. There is a County Health Administrator. His name Robert “Bob” Eadie. His title Administrator of the Florida Department of Health-Monroe. He has been so employed since 2007.

He recently spoke at a public meeting where the subject was coronavirus. I consider his comments/views pure unadulterated bullshit. Insanity at its best.

He said, “We consider chances of the disease showing up here to be very low. So, any rumor to the contrary is just that.”

He added some local plans are being put in place, but he is playing a waiting game for the virus to peter out on its own or become a declared global pandemic.

Would you believe!

He further claimed that the fact Monroe County is dependent on tourism doesn’t make it risky. Visitors from overseas already are screened at American airports. Cruise ship passengers undergo screening at U.S. ports.

Eadie’s conclusion, “The chances we’ll see a case in Monroe are very small…..the possibility of it coming here very slight…..not impossible, but very improbable.”

As to personal preparedness, he advised surgeon masks a waste of money, only N95-type respiratory masks will protect.

I have seen pics of the N95. Look like a typical face mask. Not expensive. Problem is people have already bought them up like crazy. Walmart and Amazon have no more for sale.

Eadie claimed the best protection was washing your hands, cover your mouth if you cough, stay away from sick people, and avoid unnecessary contact.

My research suggests Purell is the best hand sanitizer to purchase. Problem similar to the N95 exists. Stores have run out. As of last night, Walmart and Amazon were sold out. This morning a special e-mail from Walmart advised they now had a supply. I ordered big time.

I sense from Eadie’s words those of a politician. Trump and Eadie seem to minimize the coronavirus danger.

They should both get off the political merry-go-round! Better safe than sorry. The danger if it hits overwhelming based on what is occurring in other parts of the world.

The politicians are covering their asses for the moment. What will they say in 2 months or less if the virus finds a home here in Monroe County?

Some coronavirus observations.

Trump appears to be fearmongering. Mulvaney claims, “We know how to handle this.” Trump said at a rally that coronavirus is a “hoax.” He also said, corononavirus is the Democrats “new hoax.”

The stock market took a nose dive this past week based on coronavirus reports. The entire economic world is concerned. The Dow dropped 3,583 points. A 12 percent drop in one week.  Amounts to $5 trillion. The worst decline in a similar time frame since 2008.

Trump’s son Donald Jr. made fearmongering and irresponsible comments friday in an interview with FOX & Friends: “But for them (Democrats) to take a pandemic and seemingly hope that it comes here, and kills millions of people so they could end Donald Trump’s streak of winning, is a new level of sickness. You know, I don’t know if this is coroonavirus or Trump derangement syndrome, but these people are infected badly.”

A dog tested positive for coronavirus in Hong Kong this past week. Medial authorities advised the dog thus far is a carrier. The dog has not come down with the disease itself.

Pope Francis is still sick. His problem continues not to be revealed. An official announcement from the Vatican said the Pope cancelled his official audiences for the second straight day.

The U.S./Taliban peace agreement is to be signed this morning.

The Trump administration makes it sound like it is the end of the 18 year Afghanistan War. In reality, not.

Taliban is not the Afghanistan government. There is a separate Afghanistan government. The government has not been a party to the negotiations nor the signing of the peace agreement.

Al-Qaeda still involved in Afghanistan. Not a party to the agreement.

The number of prisoners of war to be released already in dispute. The Afghanistan government wants all their people released. The U.S. says no.

If the war were actually ending, It would be expected that all U.S. troops would be removed. Not so. Presently 13,500. U.S. troops are only to be reduced to 8,000.

The peace agreement is a “test” of sorts. Good for 7 days up front. If peace “sort of” exists for that period, then the parties will discuss further moves to be part of a full agreement. If not, the agreement is nothing but a worthless piece of paper.

What actually is involved from the U.S. end is that Trump wants to tell the American people in this election year: “I settled the Afghanistan War!”

Tino’s photograph today has him dancing with a woman. The shot is from the TV series “Work in Paradise.”

Tino sent me a note with the pic: “Hey Lou, they pay me for this stuff!”

May Johnson must be one beautiful and talented lady!

Today her leap year in 1896.

She received a proposal of marriage in a letter from a Dr. F. A. Feta. He wrote he was wealthy enough to buy 1/2 of Key West. Also, his Aunt in Germany was 88 years old. If he would agree to join her in Germany, she would give him $100,000 of the $300,00 she had.

May rejected the Doctor.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Here comes the rare compliment to the Trump Administration (they rarely earn or deserve it) – Congrats on the cease fire in Afghanistan.

  2. Sorry Lou, fear mongering is someone who spreads fear. Trump is trying to tamp down fear.

    There is nothing wrong with trying to stop a panic. He does need to make sure the country is prepared.
    But what you described is not fear mongering.

    • Well, it might be worth giving him some credit for trying to calm the public, if it weren’t that for every minute he is attempting to do that, he and his children are out there spending 5 minutes politicizing the issue by trying to blame the Democrats for blaming him for causing the problem. Calls it a “Hoax” which isn’t very calming at all.

      • And don’t forget, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, once said (Apr 2019) that wind turbine generators cause cancer.

    • The States has been involved in Afghanistan, officially, since 2001. That is now nearly 20 years. However that is only part of the story. Before that, 1979-1989 we were involved from 1979 to 1989 (10 years) in something called “Operation Cyclone” so all together we’ve been involved there for some 30 years, one way or another.

      Hard to say our Empire (America) is dying because of Afghanistan, but it certainly has declined in those years.

      Ironically our early involvement in Afghanistan was mainly to create difficulty for the Russians who were directly involved there at the time, and who are now good friends with our President and significant numbers of HIS friends and advisers, and it is the stated goal of the Russians to bring us (Americans) difficulty.

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