I have wondered over the years where those watching the Fantasy Fest Parade sleep afterwards.

Sixty thousand to 70,000 will line the sidewalks watching the Parade. There are not accommodations to provide sleeping in all the keys for that number. Even if they sleep on the beaches and 10 to a room, still not enough space.

The thought occurs every year how the little island of Key West handles that number of visitors. I suspect that some year, Key West is going to slowly sink into the ocean the evening of the Parade from the sheer number of persons watching.

The Parade is 40 years old. Interestingly, the first Parade was on this day in 1979. It had 26 floats and 10,000 observers. Recent years reflect the Parade’s growth. Anywhere from 50-70 floats, anywhere from 60,000-80,000 observers.

People standing along Duval as the Parade passes by. Yelling and screaming for the beads being thrown off floats. Some actually begging. Some women actually life their blouses/tee shirts to expose their breasts. I know. I was on a float once throwing beads.

Some sell their soul to the country store. Tonight all will sell their souls for beads!

I kid you not.

Burger King on the Boulevard took a beating during Irma. I suspect Burger King was looking for a reason to leave the spot. It seemed to always be doing little business.

Popeyes is replacing Burger King. The sign went up yesterday. Not officially open yet, however.

I love Popeye chicken. Better stated, used to. I have not had it in 20 years. Every summer for many years, we would drive to the South Jersey Shore. Stone Harbor. On the way down and on the way back stopped at a Garden State rest spot for lunch. They served Popeyes chicken. To die for!

I look forward to the new one being opened in Key West.

An interesting side note. Popeyes is not named after Popeye the Sailor Man. Recall the movie The French Connection. Popeye Doyle is one of the detectives. Popeyes named after Popeye Doyle.

Everyone knows B.O.’s Fish Wagon on the corner of Caroline and William Street. Most think such has always been B.O.’s location.

Not so.

Bo’s was originally located on Duval. For many years. B.O.’s was required to move. Its building (the shack) and everything that went with it were moved on this day in 1994 to its present location.

Business still good,if not better, than when on Duval.

A diver got a bit screwed up thursday. Call put in that the man had not returned. He was found soon thereafter safe and clinging to an electricity pole. No other information available.

The toga party thursday night was enough Fantasy Fest for me. I stayed in and watched the World Series. Houston beat Washington 4-1. Washington leads the series 2-1.

Earlier in the day, stopped by Lori’s for a haircut.

My beard is coming in well. The little hair on my head has not been well for years. Lori and I talked a couple of weeks ago. The decision was made to let my hair grow.

It has been 2 weeks. Looks like hell! Grows every which way.

Lori says it will take time. She gave me a jar of gel to use. She put it on.

I frequently looked in the mirror all day and night. Horrible! Hair flat. However still in every direction and the grease obvious.

I am waiting for 10 this morning to call Lori. Get me in as soon as possible. We are going back to a bald head!

Wanted to have lunch after the “haircut.” Cuban Coffee Queen the destination. Good luck! Nowhere nearby to park. It’s Fantasy Fest! Drove home and made myself a sandwich.

War was in the air this day in 1962. Between the U.S. and Cuba. More likely, the U.S. and Russia.

A U.S. Army missile battalion arrived in Key West. The Casa Marina Hotel was emptied. The Army moved in and made it their command post.

Still the storm season. Olga has arrived. A tropical storm. Developed in the Gulf of Mexico. Not expected to be a threat to Florida. Will make landfall in Louisiana.

Shootout at O.K. Corral. How many movies and different stars have we seen of the event. It’s a part of the U.S.’s western history.

The shootout occurred this day in 1881. In Tombstone. A name we have all heard. Wyatt Earp, his brothers and Doc Holliday. The bad guys the Clanton-McLaury gang.

The shootout took all of 30 seconds. Several dead. Wyatt Earp’s group won.

The United States is turning into a battlefield. Some believe “We the People” is becoming “We the Police State.” Especially under Trump.

Think about it.

Two days ago, it was announced the U.S. was sending tanks and troops into Syria to protect the oil fields. Yesterday, it was announced Russia had tanks and troops moving into Syria to protect the oil fields.

I have been reporting for at least 6 months that at the heart of the Syria problem was oil. No one was talking oil at the time. This past week is actually the first time oil has been prominently mentioned.

Oil is gold! Iran wants a piece of the oil fields also.

Trump is unhappy with the reporting of the New York Times and the Washington Post. They are on top of his every move and report accordingly.

Trump apparently has had enough. He issued a directive yesterday that no federal department/office could subscribe to either paper. All subscriptions were to be cancelled.

Sort of like an unhappy kid taking his football and going home.

Trump associate Kellyanne Conway has come up with another beauty. It has been a while since we have heard from her.

She claimed during an informal press conference yesterday that Trump cannot be held responsible for what he says. Nothing. Her reasoning is we do not know what is in a person’s heart, mind or soul. Only Trump knows what is in his.

Save me!

Enjoy your day!




  1. The bottom line, according to the GOP is that the long established rules of civilized society do not apply to Trump and he can do or say anything that pops into his orange head, at whatever time he chooses.

  2. You are completely correct Lou, we unfortunately, are no longer a country of the people, or for that matter for the people and above all, by the people.

    Everything that actually gets done in this country is done for business, by business.

    The troubling part about this is that people let this happen.

  3. Well I went home to sleep, before 8PMI guess all things change. At big bucks to park I went with a disabled vet and parked for free. I have seen bigger groups walking down Duval on a Sunday afternoon. It is not the same as the old days. Crowds smaller, even spaces at the bar at the 801.
    No 60,000 to 70,000 in town is just like news about Trump–FALSE. When Fast Buck left the party was over!!! Then hen with the Au egg has gone to the new fast food place to be deep fried like the burgers which proceeded it.

    • The only thing that ever happens before 8 PM in KW anymore is when the old perverts roam around town looking for little girls to dream about. Most of us here wait till they (the perverts) leave (usually by 8 PM) before we roll out the fun.

      • Naw, he’s just this guy who posts here often with stupid comments just trying to start fights. Everybody knows he is just a troll, don’t pay any attention him.

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