It happens. You reach a point in life where the most common recurring thing is falling.

I am motivated to write about seniors falling because of Jimmy Carter. He is 95. He has fallen 3 times in recent months. The first resulted in a hip replacement. The second 14 stitches to the head. The third a few days ago. Fractured his pelvis.

I am no stranger to falling.

Seven years ago, I began falling. Doctor sent me to physiotherapy. Did it 3 times a week for 6 months. I had to learn to walk again and watch where I was stepping. Especially where steps were concerned. Seniors seem to miss steps both on the way up and on the way down.

I was ok till a year ago. Started falling again. Everywhere. For no reason at all. Just fell!

The past few months have introduced a new fall to me. Backwards. I am walking and all of a sudden go down in reverse.

Don’t laugh. Can be dangerous. Most seniors take blood thinners. The blood thins. Extreme bruising common. Two months ago, I fell backwards in my kitchen. My head bounced twice on the tile floor. Took me 20 minutes to get on my feet.

Doctor was concerned I might have a brain bleed. No skull fracture. However if there was a leak within the skull, it had to be treated immediately. Could die after 3 days. Treated immediately is brain surgery. A hole drilled in the skull and the leak taken care of. Referred to as a subdural hematoma.

So it was off to the hospital for a CAT scan or MRI of my head. Can’t recall which. Fortunately, I was ok. No leak.

I talked about the senior falling problem on my blog talk radio show last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. There was a specific reason. I repeat that  reason here.

Doctors treat the symptoms from a fall. What about the cause?

The medical profession seems to think differently about the elderly. When you are old, everything that happens is blamed on age and treatment is limited. I have been told more than once that I have outlived the books.

The cause must be determined.

It would also be a money saver for Medicare and health insurance plans were a cause discovered and treated so not to return again. Or, for a long time.

Irma was a little more than 2 years ago. The pain and suffering continues. Problems remain to be resolved. The reason always money. The federal government promised and has failed to meet their promises. Understandable. Not enough money to go around.

There will be a “mini celebration” thursday at canal #197 in Marathon. Avenue D off Coco Plum Drive.

The event to celebrate the last canal having been drenched. The canals had to be cleaned out. Parts of homes, boats, trees, etc. ended up in the canals. Boats could no longer travel the canals nor humans use them for swimming.

Monroe County responsible. The County to be congratulated. Estimated cost was $45 million. The County completed the work for $30 million. And, finished the job ahead of schedule.

One problem. The federal government owes tremendous amounts of money for the canal cleanup and other recovery activities. I doubt there will ever be a proper reimbursement.

Fantasy Fest continues.

Each day brings a slew of more events. Too many to list here. Let me share some of today’s better ones with you.

An out of the ordinary event is the Pet Parade at the Amphitheater. If you love dogs, this is for you. For people things, Lucy’s Blue Party, Smokin’ Tuna’s Homemade Bikini Contest (always a favorite), and the Air Sex Championships at First Flight (new, sex based).

Everything is sex. Cowboy Bill’s has the Sexy Bull Riding Contest, the Desire Male Fetish Party (for men only) at the New Orleans, and the Dungeon of Dark Secrets at the Bourbon Street Bar.

Something for everyone.

Trump seems to know not what he is doing. First, he gives the Kurd portion of Syria away. Turkey brings Putin in and gives him a small piece. Putin the new kid on the block. The leader! Out in the open, not in the background.

Trump announced yesterday he might want to send troops back in. To protect the oil.

I have been writing for months that the primary reason for the Syrian War was its crude oil. They have a huge supply source. Trump wanted it. As did Putin. Turkey wants a piece as does Iran.

Except for the U.S., they will all receive that which they seek.

No way would Syria and Russia agree to the U.S. returning or the U.S. getting a piece of the oil action.

In the meantime, the effects of Trump stabbing the Kurds in the back are obvious. Whole communities destroyed. People do not have shelter. Nor personal goods. Clothes all destroyed at the same time their homes were. Food a problem. Where to go a problem.

Our close friends the Kurds now dislike us. Hate a better word.

I saw on TV yesterday a Kurd mother with 2 small children. She told the reporter she and her children had nothing left but the clothes on their backs. The reporter asked how she felt about the U.S. Her response…..They are “like rats, running away.”

The Kurds are throwing potatoes and tomatoes at the U.S. troops as they leave.

The U.S. the most noble of nations so treated. Unfortunately did not have to be. Though the insults are deserved. Trump with one telephone call turned friends into enemies.

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  1. Hurricanes… bad.
    Trump… bad.
    Falling… sucks.
    Fantasy Fest… boobs can make makes up for all the rest.

    “God was having himself a good day when he made boobs”; Bill Engvall

    Kokomo Man

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