I saw a different Donald Trump on TV this morning. He was announcing the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi last night.

U.S. military personnel on a special mission in North Syria successfully attacked and killed the leader of ISIS.

The Trump I saw this morning was humble. Modest. I would have expected the Trump we have all come to know.

He was reading. From a screen that must have been directly in front of him.

How this raid in north Syria ties in with all we have heard in the past 2 weeks with the U.S. in and out of Syria, I do not know. Confusing.

The death of the ISIS leader was a major accomplishment for Trump. As he himself described, it was “very big.”

The Masquerade March was friday night. A traditional Fantasy Fest event. Different from other events.

Thousands of participants. Al costumes. Mostly locals. Costuming the direct opposite of toga party and other events this past week. Clothes on rather than off.

My hairdresser Lori participates every year. She, her husband, and friends dressed as the Village People. They had music playing. The recording sang and they sang.

The marchers festive though sedate.

The march begins at the cemetery. Goes up Fleming. Not sure where after.

There are parties galore along the way. Porch parties. Drinking and whooping it up. Cheering the marchers on.

I have never marched. I have participated by attending several porch parties over the years.

The Fantasy Fest Parade was last night.

I did not attend. It is not just age, parking a big problem. I live one island up. Need to drive in. No matter how early I got to the parade in yeas past, it did not work for me. I had to park a mile away and walk or parked somewhere that my car was towed. Towed 3 times. Cost over $200 each time to get my car back.

The last time, it ws 2 in the morning and pouring. My car gone. Called Donna. Got her out of bed. She drove me to Stock Island to recover my car.

The cost was $225. I gave the guy a credit card. He said we don’t take cards. I said I only have a $100 on me. He said, no problem. We’ll take the $100.

Rip off?

Sandy Feet is a commenter to this blog. This morning she wrote the crowd not as big this year. Does not surprise me. I suspect Fantasy Fest in general is receding as time goes by.

I was on a float one year. Howard Livingston’s.

First and last time for me. Bead throwing too much work! I and my fellow floaters were exhausted by the time the parade ended. We threw out 23,000 beads. Maybe 10 of us.

There is an exceptional thrill during the parade. The floats come down Front Street. as soon as the turn is made onto Duval, it is a different world! Thousands of people. As far as the eye can see. An overwhelming feeling. All screaming at the top of their lungs.

Who to throw beads to? Everyone yelling with raised arms for beads to be thrown to them.

I went a different route.

I noticed early on there were many people in wheel chairs. Up front. But could not move around to get beads. they were being cheated.

So I made it my responsibility to throw them beads. Most of the beads I threw were to the wheel chair persons. I would get their eye and aim. Generally the beads ended up right in their laps.

Halloween is 4 days away. I enjoyed Halloween when my children were young. I enjoyed it with Robert and Ally as they were growing.

My kids are all in their 50’s and early 60’s. Robert and Ally are now 15 and 14. They don’t want to walk with Poppa while they do trick or treat. Or whatever they do at their present age.

A major joy in my life is no more.

An adult event Halloween can be found from 6-9 at Mary Ellen’s on Applerouth. Three hours of viobrator races. Worth seeing. Betting involverd. The receipts go to charity. A significant amount has been raised in the 2 years the races have been held.

Yes, “Vibrator” means vibrator. The sexual toy.

Olga hit Louisiana with heavy rains yesterday. Pablo now a tropical storm in the Gulf. Around the Azores at the moment. Will not be a danger to Florida.

Spoke with Lori yesterday. Hate my hair! The gel, also! We’re going back to a bald head. The only hair on my head will be the beard.

She laughed. I did, too. My appointment is tuesday at 3:15.

Heinz makes ketchup and mayonnaise. Heinz has combined the 2. Called “Mayochup.” Described by one who tried the new product as a “total gastronomic protonic reversal.” Whatever that means.

Our freedos keep getting eroded. An example is a debtor’s prison situation. Debtor’s prisons are illegal in the U.S. Everywhere in the U.S. No exceptions. Or, supposedly so.

A Philadelphia Court involved.

Maurice Hudson is 29. He received 2-4 years on a burglary charge in 2009. Served his time.

The Judge a Genese Brinkly. She keeps calling him back to court.

Attached to Hudson’s sentence was $1, 941 in court costs.

He served his time. He never paid the court costs. The Judge wants the costs paid. Each time Hudson appeared re the court costs, he told the Judge he is a “struggling father.” He is raising “two kids with special needs.” He works a part time job as a janitor for which he is paid $150 a week.

The Judge recently told Hudson she was sick of his excuses. She sentenced him to state prison for 1 1/2 – 3 years for not paying the court costs. The Judge said, it was “absolutely necessary to vindicate the authority of the court.”

What happen to debtor’s prison being illegal?

Someone estimated the cost of incarcerating Hudson to 3 years in jail for failing to pay the court costs of $1,941. It will cost taxpayers $180,000.

As Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Mighty Casey struck out again yesterday. Syracuse lost to Florida State 35-17. There is no joy in Mudville! Probably won’t be the rest of the season.

Syracuse played its first exhibition basketball game last night. Beat Daemen 90-71. An exhibition game.

Small schools play the larger ones at the beginning of the season for more than experience. The larger school is more affluent than the little one. The bigger school pays the small one six figures to come and get beat.

Sloan coming over at 1. Big afternoon ahead. Much to do.

Enjoy your Sunday!


16 comments on “GIVE THE DEVIL HIS DUE

  1. I watched Trump’s speech this morning too, impressed that he was able to get up and do something before 9 AM for a change. My take however was that he was typically boastful, using the “I” work every chance he got for something where he was probably kept out of the loop up to the last minute, for fear he’d leak everything and get somebody killed. By the way, did you notice the first people he thanked were the Russians?

    But why should we care about this ISIS leader’s death anyhow, or especially Trump trying to burnish his own cred in the process. Just last February Trump was all over TV declaring ISIS dead, “100% defeated in Syria,” etc., etc. So if that was true, then why should any of us believe him now, especially that it is in any way important or that he (we) have actually done anything we can be proud of? Does he think we’re stupid?

    • Yes… Trump thinks we’re stupid.

      Nearly everything he does proves that. Perhaps he is right.

      Look at all the support he still has. Look at all people will ignore or don’t believe because Trump is their guy. After all he has done and screwed up he still has a lot of people supporting him.

      Indeed… maybe he is right.

  2. Why must we politicize the dangerous and successful strike against ISIS? A simple “thank you” and “well done” to our military is all we need to say today. Lou has chosen to save his criticism of the President for another day. So should we all.

  3. The Trump I saw this morning was humble. Modest. I would have expected the Trump we have all come to know.

    We must have watched different appearances.

    • Boy, I sure agree with you on that. I thought he was especially braggadocious and callous, making it all about himself and thanking the Russians before he thanked his own soldiers.

    • Trump has given the world very good and solid reasons to boo and criticize him, over the years. I too think he should be criticized for the way he made his announcement of this event more a political statement that a news event. Let’s not forget this guy al-Baghdadi never attacked America (like in 9/11) nor was he responsible for any terrorism in our country.

  4. I parked for free with a fully dabbled Vet last night down town. He has free real estate taxes here in Florida along with free car registration. Now I eat east of Palm Ave. with my taxable plates so as not to add to the crowed “down Town” Remember “eat east of the Cow Key channel bridge for free parking. Give the $4.00 to the wait staff!!!!

  5. There is no shame in patriotism. No one here will say it. Not important to you? So I will say it on my own behalf. Thank you to our Special Forces men and women who risked their lives last night, and to the hundreds of people who supported them. Thank you and well done.

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