A night of nights! Toga Party on Duval!

Even wore half a toga!

The evening was enjoyed with Fran and Tom Dixon. From Buffalo they have been visiting Key West for 40 years 3-4 times a year. Always avoided Fantasy Fest. Fran’s idea. She did not approve of the nudity.

Fran capitulated this week. I suspect her turning 69 next week had something to do with it. She is portraying a what the hell attitude this week.

We met at the Chart Room first last night. Tammy bartending.

Tammy showed us her toga. She was going to hit Duval when the Chart Room closed at midnight.

Fran, Tom and I dined on the deck at Pier 1. Fran showed me some pics of their week so far. Fran is making up for the years lost. She first showed me a picture of herself taken wednesday night.

I was shocked! Could not stop laughing! She went all the way. Bare breasted on Duval. Only 2 pasties covering.

She looked terrific! Should have done it years ago. Breasts to be proud of.

I was told of “our” game plan for toga party last night. Fran had bought 3 togas in the afternoon from Sloppy Joe’s. One for each of us. I moaned not me, as did Tom.

In any event, at the end of dinner Fran left to go across the street to change. When she returned…..WOW! She looked terrific in her toga.

She also brought the togas for Tom and me. Fortunately, we both were dressed. We slung the toga over one shoulder to make Fran happy.

Duval Street was magnificent! Especially in front to Sloppy Joe’s. Everything galore! Not just boobs. Many ladies wore nothing but a spray paint job. Even over their most private part.

The voyeur in me had a spectacular time! Good for the eyes, good for the soul!

This was my first toga party in a few years. Two noticeable changes. Very few wore togas. Bare or next to bare the costume of the evening. The other change was in age. Back when, most participants were young. Twentyish. Last night, older. Primarily 30’s to 50’s.

I had my picture taken several times with Fran and Tom. Even with one of the spray painted totally nude ladies. I plan on sharing them. Probably monday. Need Sloan to put them into the blog for me.

So much for toga party.

Wednesday night was the Fantasy Fest Pet Parade. An annual event.

Two cats won. Dressed as Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton.

In the Keys History section of the Citizen today is a photograph of Elena Hoyos. When she was alive at 17. An attractive young lady.

Elena is the young woman who died of tuberculosis in Key West. A Count Carl von Cosel had fallen in love with her. Two years after Elena died, he stole her body from the cemetery and brought the body to his home.

He slept with her for several years till the authorities became aware and separated the two.

The story of Elena and the Count remains one of Key West’s strange yet true happenings.

The Charge of the Light Brigade. An Alfred, Lord Tennyson poem. A recitation of a battle in the Crimean War in 1854. Between Great Britain and Germany.

On this day in 1854, the Charge occurred. The charge defied death. The odds overwhelming against the Brits.

The poem has always been one of my favorites. I have mentioned and repeated portions of it in other blogs over the years. I do so again today: “Half a league, half a league onward, / Half a league onward, / All in the valley of Death / Rode the six hundred….. / Cannon to the right of them, / Cannon to the left of them, / Cannon in front of them….. / Boldly they rode and well, / Into the jaws of Death, / Into the mouth of hell…..”

Syracuse/Florida State tomorrow afternoon at 3:30. Florida State a 10 point favorite.

It was a tough night in one respect for Tom and me. We are both die hard Syracuse fans. We discussed the unexpected poor year Syracuse football is experiencing. A knife to our hearts would be easier to take!

The Trump administration continues to cause me great concern. Trump is diabolical, never wrong, and always seeks revenge.

The Justice Department announced yesterday the inquiry into the reasons for the Mueller/Russia investigation was now an official one. Funny. The Department of Justice investigating itself.

I trust not decisions made by the Trump administration. This type investigation is scary. A witch hunt in reverse. This type investigation does not occur in a democracy. The U.S. supposedly a democracy. The title being lost under Trump. He continues to make the U.S. look like a third world country.

Beware, my friends. This type conduct could lead to ICE knocking on your doors in the middle of the night. Similar to Hitler’s Gestapo in the late 1930’s in Germany.

Trump lacks consistency. Syria one example. Three weeks ago in a singular telephone conference, Trump announced U.S. troops were being pulled out of Syria. Immediately. All of them.

It has been confusing ever since. Initially they were not pulled out. Then the number being pulled out changed almost daily. The right hand did not know what the left was doing. Yesterday, I thought we were all out. Could be. However the Pentagon’s announcement later in the day was to the effect that tanks and troops would be going into eastern Syria. Described as “additional forces.” To fight along side of the Kurds in protecting the oil fields in eastern Syria.

Strange. Once the U.S. dumped the Kurds, they made a deal with Assad. They do not need the U.S. any longer. Additionally, how does the oil field statement purport with Trump’s announcement the U.S. was getting out. Yes, the U.S. has gotten  out. However, only for a few days.

This oil field thing should not surprise you. I have been reporting on it for 6 months. My position has always been that Turkey, Russia, Iran, and the U.S, were primarily interested in Syria’s large deposits of crude oil.

It’s all about the oil!

Enjoy your day!


7 comments on “FUN TIME…..I DID TOGA PARTY

  1. Trump is just being Trump. He wants to say he’s pulling troops out of Wars where we don’t belong to keep a campaign promise and he also wants to keep those same troops in a war we don’t belong for campaign reasons. Just watch, he’ll claim both situations in the months to come, and his loyal supporters will cheer him on for each claim. And they want us to respect their opinions?

        • They (well Russia, at least) seems to have a similar interest with Venezuela, although in that case I think you’d say they’re looking for access to the Amazon, if that’s what FOX news told you to say!

          Wise up you troll, we ALL know it’s the OIL

  2. Hey Lou, don’t listen to the locals, or to those prudish tourists either, Fantasy Fest can really be a good time and you don’t need to be drunk or naked to enjoy yourself. What makes Kew West so wonderful is that it’s NOT normal.

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