Birds of a feather! Mussolini and Trump. Both know it alls. Not open to advice. Listened/listen to no one.

On October 28, 1940, Italy invaded Greece. Turned out to be a disastrous military campaign for Mussolini’s forces.

Mussolini surprised everyone with the invasion. Even Adolph Hitler. Hitler told Mussolini to not invade Greece. Mussolini assured Hitler he had no such intention.

On the very day Mussolini invaded, Hitler is reported to have told him it was “a major strategic blunder.” Hitler wanted Mussolini to concentrate on Africa. Mussolini already had his “major victory” in Ethiopia. Hitler wanted the Italian forces to continue onward to Egypt and the Suez Canal.

Mussolini was accustomed to doing things his own way. He thought he knew everything. He failed to even advise his military Chief of Staff he was invading Greece. His Chief of Staff found out from news releases following the invasion. Mussolini’s generals warned against the invasion. He failed to heed their advice.

Mussolini was convinced he could defeat Greece in a matter of days. Militarily and for another reason. He had set aside millions of lire to bribe Greek politicians and generals.

The Greeks pushed Italy out of their country in one week. Back to Albania from whence Mussolini had commenced the invasion. Mussolini spent the next 3 months trying to stay alive in Albania.

During the same time frame, half the Italian fleet was crippled at Taranto by a British carrier based attack.

Mussolini was humiliated. Hitler was pissed. He had to change his war plans. No longer could he depend upon Italy’ fighting the African battle. He had to send his own troops in. Troops he had planned to use elsewhere.

What follows is not intended to reflect on Trump. I merely wish to show how authoritarian figures could end up.

On April 18, 1945, Mussolini, with his lady friend, was attempting to escape to Switzerland. They were caught. Italian partisans shot and killed them both.

Their bodies were taken to Milan. The dead bodies were hung upside down from a metal girder at a gas station in the Piazzale Loreto. The Italian people spit, beat, abused, and shot at the bodies.

Two days later, Hitler committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin.

The day after Tump announced ISIS leader Bagadadi had been killed, I wrote the Devil should be given his due. Trump should be congratulated. He had finally accomplished something of value.

Since that time, I have become uncertain. Is Bagadadi really dead? His underwear and a blood sample allegedly taken from the site of his death to test for DNA could have been acquired from another place/source.

Trump has reported Bagadadi was crying as he ran down the tunnel. Why? Death he could not have feared. If he was killed, there were some 21 virgins waiting for him. The number I am not sure is accurate. You are all aware however that Muslims fighting for their religion do not fear death. Their heaven will be a glorious one.

Trump has generally failed to tell the truth in the past.

There are 5 previous instances where Bagadadi’s death has been reported: Killed in a U.S. airstrike 6/12/16, killed in a Russian airstrike 5/28/17, killed in a Syrian attack 6/11/17, an Iranian leader reported “he’s definitely dead” 6/29/17, a Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed his death 9/11/17. He has been reported killed most recently 10/26/19.

Not that their word is any more reliable, Russia announced yesterday it was not aware of Bagadadi’s death. The Russian Defense Ministry said Trump’s report was merely propaganda.

Tough when you tend to believe neither Trump nor Putin. Both are liars. Putin the better and more successful.

I continue to accept Trump’s announcement of Bagadadi’s death, though my belief is waning.

Trump’s announcement that he was sending in U.S. tanks and troops to protect the oil amusing. Two weeks ago, he purportedly pulled all U.S. troops out. After a few days, it appeared he had done so. He sent them to Saudi Arabia to be used if necessary.

Now Trump is back in Syria. In the north, in Kurdish lands.

Lives had been destroyed and persons displaced because of Trump’s concession in a telephone call with Erdogan on a sunday night that he would pull U.S. troops out of Syria.

Trump’s acton in that telephone call and since reflect a mental attitude similar to Mussolini’s as set forth earlier.

Russia announced they had tanks and soldiers going into Syria to protect the oil a couple of days ago.

I have written and spoken in the past 6 months that the Syrian conflict was over oil. I was right. It is. Trump and Putin are racing in to protect the oil. Iran and Turkey expect some if not all of the oil. Trump suggests a deal might be made to share.

Good luck! I cannot see Russia, Iran or Turkey wanting the U.S. as a partner in the oil. In the next 2 weeks there probably will be an interesting confrontation re the oil.

One final point re the oil. The U.S. does not need it. Oil from shale has put the U.S. on top of the world productionwise.

Everyone has forgotten the Kurds in the coming oil dispute. They will want a piece of the action.

Enough of Trump and world events for today. Time for Key West.

CBS reported 60,000 at saturday night’s Fantasy Fest Parade. I talked to some I know who attended. They thought the crowd was smaller than normal, the 60,000 figure not correct.

The Parrot Heads will be in this weekend. From thursday through saturday. Their 28th anniversary.

The Parrot Heads are Jimmy Buffet lovers. Could be described as a fan club. Referred to as Parrot Heads because of the goofy hats they wear.

They represent another breed of America. The opposite of Fantasy Festers. You will find none of them bare assed or bare boobed. Nor heavy drinkers. Conservative Americans all.

A great white shark has been reported off Key West shores. A 2,200 pounder 15 feet 5 inches in length. The shark was tagged with a tracker last year. That is how Key Westers know it is out there.

Not sighted yet, however.

Note I have pics for the first time. Sloan worked it out for me.

In 2 of the pics, Buffalo’s Fran and Tom Dixon. In the third, I do not know who she is. She was body painted and as I walked by admiring the goods, she asked if I wanted to take a picture with her. I was pleased to do so.

Tonight, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My blog talk radio show. Nine my time.

Join me. So much to talk about. I have not decided yet what I will be ranting and raving about.

Enjoy your day!






  1. Given some of the intelligence, it is probably true that Bagadadi was killed this time I do however think you (and the rest of the world) should have been somewhat more circumspect at the time of the announcement, given Trump’s previous cries of wolf. This guy’s propensity to lie about exactly this sort of thing is legendary.

    It is coming out now that Trump completely lied about the war room experience of this all. Turns out he was on the golf course when it all went down and wasn’t part of any ‘blow by blow,’ after all. His graphic description of Bagadadi’s actual death is also under attack, with several top military officials questioning where he got “his version” saying “that’s news to them.” They’re also not so happy about him giving away lots of important intelligence on the raid.

    Sounds to me that (at least) Trump’s reporting on all of this is more of a political stunt, than anything else. Important to some extent, but not to the extent he’s trying to paint it.

  2. Wrong–Jimmy Buffett supported Clinton, played at the WH.
    But he does have a plan or two. Ask him about the sea rise.
    Which is just a way of more government control over us, More taxes, More gov. run programs like flood insurance just like student loans all give the government control over us unwashed, and that is no lie. Gators, big snakes and great white’s are all needed to clean the swamp.

    • sandy feet, are you even sober enough this time in the morning to be posting on Lou’s Blog? You sure don’t seem to be! Who’s talking about more government? Only you, not Lou!

      Go back and sleep it off you crab*ss troll!

        • TROLL – A person whose sole purpose in life is to seek out people to argue with on the internet over extremely trivial issues.

          The typical troll is an attention whore who posts stupid comments onto websites in an attempt to get a reaction towards him (usually negative) and in an attempt to get someone else to acknowledge their pathetic, insignificant lives since they don’t receive that sort of attention in real life.

    • I’ve never met a Parrothead that didnt drink like a fish. I’ve never met a Parrothead who proclaims their politics. I think Lou’s TDS has devolved into pure mental illness along with the rest of you libtards.

      • I suspect one day, after the fact, it will be as hard to find an American who supported Trump as it was to find a German who supported their twisted leader.

        • Nah, these are the same shameless people who have no morals or ethics or principals who are already having to shy away from wanting to remember their hero Dick Nixon or Spiro Agnew, or George Bush and Dick Cheney (seems to be a pattern with Republican regimes), so it’s much more likely we’ll have the same with Trump and Pence and have to go through it again next time around with yet more inept and crooked Republican political resurgences.

  3. “On November 18, 1945, Mussolini, with his lady friend, was attempting to escape to Switzerland. They were caught. Italian partisans shot and killed them both.

    Two days later, Hitler committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin”.

    Typo Lou? Mussolini did die two days before Hitler but it was in April, not November.

    You are also correct, U.S. doesn’t need the Syria oil. The U.S. just wants to make sure it’s not in the wrong hands, such as ISIS or other evil-doers.

  4. Wow, 60,000 people at Fantasy Fest, that’s huge. even if that’s a Trump style estimate of attendance. Half of that is still enormous. More than the total population of the city.

    Didn’t you say, or was it someone on your blog say, that it was a terrible turn out? Dosen’t sound like that to me.

    • A very cynical view of what tens of thousands of others, many who keep coming back year after year, apparently think otherwise. Or are you just a curmudgeon who is trying to spread his own personal failures on to the rest of us.

  5. Lou, The US does not need Syrian oil. ISIS however does need the oil. Whatever little ISIS can pump/sell helps funds their terror network. The US (and Russia) must control this oil not necessarily for our use, but to prevent ISIS from using it as a funding source.

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