I have not worn pajamas in 50 years. I have not thought about pajamas in that time either. Someone in Key West did, however. A reader asked in this morning’s Key West Citizen in the Citizens’ Voice column why pajamas have breast pockets.

Not necessarily the most earth shattering topic. However it piqued my curiosity.

The question was not asked properly. It suggests all pajamas have breast pockets. Not so. Must distinguish between female and male.

The ladies pj’s are without pockets. The reason being pajama designers feared the pocket itself or the pocket with something in it would ruin the beauty of the body covered. In other words, screw up the appearance of the breast line.

Men on the other hand have breast pockets. One. Considered a problem, however. Some men might put the pj’s on several hours before bed. During those hours put a pen in the pocket. Or, some upty men might add a handkerchief to the pocket. Considered unsightly.

Other than children, does anyone wear pajamas today?

On this day in 1946, the final paperwork was signed for the construction of the Kress Building. It would be located on the corner of Duval and Fleming.

Today, the first floor is a CVS.

For many years however it housed Key West’s finest department store. Fast Buck Freddy’s. A beauty inside and out. The window displays Fifth Avenue.

On the roof was a penthouse. Created for David Wolkowsky. Mr. Key West. The father of modern Key West. The person without whom Key West would not be as it is today.

David died a little more than a year ago. We were friends. I had the opportunity to visit his home in the sky on occasion. His parties the best in Key West.

Fast Buck’s is gone, David’s rooftop home empty. Sad. A certain best of Key West is no longer.

Halloween tonight. Ghosts and goblins everywhere.


Halloween is also known as All Saints’ Eve and All Hallows’ Eve. Tomorrow is the the Catholic Church’s Holy Day of Obligation. Known as All Saints’ Day. Halloween the precursor/prelude to the religious holiday.

As with many holidays, Halloween has pagan roots. The ancient Celtics enjoyed harvest festivals on what is now Halloween evening. Debauchery, drink and wanton behavior.

This evening will be a macabre one. Witches, skeletons, ghosts, cobwebs and headstones.

The trick or treat evening.

May the children enjoy!

Stayed in last night. The seventh and final game of the World Series. Washington beat Houston 6-2.

An enjoyable evening. Munched on some food I should not have. Too bad I no longer drink. I would have enjoyed a couple.

The California fires like something we have never seen. Damage beyond comprehension.

The Reagan Library is in the heart of one of the conflagrations. God was looking out for the former President’s Library.

Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis said, “My father’s library will likely survive the fire, but the California of my youth is gone.”

Recall all the noise re the Keystone Pipe Line several years ago. Certain Indian tribes were especially  concerned. Their ancestral burial grounds were in the area. They and others were worried about the pipe leaking.

The Keystone people said in effect worry not, it will not leak.

Guess what? It is leaking. In North Dakota. The pipeline owner has shut the pipeline down. The group trying to find the cause and remedy it.

In the meantime, the leak area is 1,500 feet long by 15 feet wide.

October 29, 1929, a bad day in American history. Remembered as Black Tuesday. The stock market crashed. The worst in U.S. history. The 2008 recession kid stuff in comparison.

Men threw themselves off roof tops and out of windows.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Obama halted construction on the Keystone pipeline in 2015, fearing what we all new would eventually be a disaster.

    In March of 2017 Trump reallowed it to continue, against all warnings that it (the pipeline) was not only unnecessary nowadays, but dangerous and likely to end up in a catastrophe.

    Once again, Obama was right and Trump was wrong.

  2. It will be interesting to find the cause of pipeline leak.

    On wearing PJs, I still wear the same pair I have worn since 18 years old. I call them “skin”.

            • What does any of your wild and off topic replies have to do with what’s being said.

              Besides which the oil from that particular pipeline is earmarked to be sold to China,not to me!

              • Off topic? Please read slower, your comprehension is lacking. Then sit and ponder before you reply.

                The thread of replies is reacting to pipeline oil leak.

                Also, Oil out of a pipeline or anywhere else is fungible. It’s not earmarked to anyone. Have you ever tried to “earmark” milk out of a gallon jug?

                • The definition for earmark is: “designate (something, typically funds or resources) for a particular purpose.” Which is appropriate for use in this case, as the Gulf Port refineries generally export something like 2/3rds of their products outside the United States (re:Bloomberg), China being high on that list.

                  Your comment about “Have you ever tried to “earmark” milk out of a gallon jug?” makes no sense on ANY level, especially with regard to this issue.

                  Please try and make at least a little sense, before you complain about someone else’s comprehension abilities.

                    • Yes I think that too (Obtuse) would apply to his accusations about other people’s comprehension, as well. It is just amazing how some people who don’t have a clue are so willing to accuse others of comprehension deficits.

                • OK, so what? The topic was about the fact that an unnecessary pipeline construction was reinstated despite serious concerns for particularly sensitive environmental areas, because of the likelihood that it would leak and cause harm. This was especially troublesome because the restarting decision seems based in spite more than need. Low and behold that very same pipeline broke and spilled in exactly the wrong spot in what some are saying is the second largest spill in the United States ever.

                  No one was talking about what was the safest way to transport oil, except you. And now that this has happened one wonders if your statement is even true. Perhaps it might be true if you only count number of incidents and ignore the amount of damage, especially considering that the pipeline incidents far out pace all other types of incidents in just that, amount of harm caused.

  3. Fast Buck’s was one of the best things about Key West and one of the first places I visited when I came here while on vacation. You could look down on that neat rooftop dwelling from the top of the La Concha but that possibility has been taken away from us too.

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