A Morning Stew!

I have some medical tests later in the morning. Ergo, Morning Stew. No organization. Material set forth in order it appears in my notes.


Last night Dueling Bartenders. Terri White singing. Rick Dery accompanying her. Nothing could be better!

Expected to meet Jean Thornton. We planned on having dinner later at La Trattoria. Jean waiting. Not alone. With Buffalo’s Tom and Fran Dixon. They had arrived in the morning for a week’s stay.

Love ’em!

Fran worries about me. Brings food to keep me going. Home made sauce in jars with chunks of pork, high carb bread, special cookies, etc. All things I no longer can eat. We decided a donation was in order. To Lisa to feed the family.

The three of us made plans to spend thursday night together. Dinner followed by Toga Party in front of Sloppy Joe’s. Tom and Fran have never seen! I am taking them down the path to hell and perdition.

Dinner with Jean at La Trattoria followed. Finally, people! Tons of them! It is Fantasy Fest Week and they are coming in. Many waiting for tables.

It was about 10 when we left. A hug and kiss. Jean went one way to get her bike. I the other to get my car.

Walking over Duval, I saw my first set of naked breasts. Against the law, but what the hell! I doubt the police would arrest this couple.

Appeared 60ish. Midwesterners. Clad in regular everyday clothes. Bodies out of shape.

Woman about 5 foot. Wearing shorts. Period! Walking with her aged breasts exposed. A smile on her face, a smile on her husband’s face.

I see this every year. People from a small town somewhere who would never engage in any risque activity come to Fantasy Fest. The group referred to generally older. Church goers I am sure. Have been itching to do something “bad” for years.

Last night was this woman’s time. She had a bright smile. Her husband looking at her with pride.

God bless them!

My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Tons to talk about from Key West to Washington to Syria to Iraq. A quick moving half hour. Join me.

The Syrian “cease fire” ends today. I expect the cease fire to immediately be rekindled.

The Kurds have one idea how little land they are giving up. The Turks much more.

Another screwed up deal arranged by the Trump Administration.

What I find difficult to understand is how this “misunderstanding” could occur. Ineptness and lack of preparation most likely.

The war will recommence. Thousands of Kurds, both military and civilian, slaughtered. Brutal execution of Kurds roadside.

Good job, Donald!

Wow! A recent article re a housing boom scary. There is no housing boom. No rising prices. Prices stagnant. Except in Key West.

Buyers are lacking. In spite of low mortgage rates. Except in Key West.

Could be a prelude to a recession.

I loved New York City museums!

When I was a practicing attorney and had business in New York, I always left time for Louis to visit one or more museums. One was MOMA. It reopened yesterday after being closed 4 months to complete a $450 million renovation.

Another the Guggenheim. The third of my favorites. Not because of the art. Rather the construction of the building.

The building looks like an inverted cupcake from the outside. Inside, there are no floors per se. Rather there is a revolving walkway. An incline or decline depending which way you were going.

Hard work walking up. Easier coming down. The Guggenheim had an elevator. I would take the elevator to the top and walk downhill in effect.

The third my favorite. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Especially the Impressionist wing. Blew my mind! I would sit on a bench and just look.

Robert has his learner’s permit. Youngsters are permitted to get one at 15 in Florida.

A couple of days ago, his father took him out for his first lesson. They returned with a large dent in a front fender.

Lisa’s a wreck! Out of concern for Robert, not the car.

Austin, Texas has come up with a plan that hopefully will help its homeless problem. The homeless are hired to clean the City. Fifteen dollars an hour. Not a paltry sum. They are also provided free lunches and transportation to and from work.

The game plan is not to be benevolent. It is to get the homeless back to work and self supporting. The plan is they go from the City job to another in the work place. Gets them off the “homeless rolls.” Saves the City monies.

Hopefully it will work. Time will tell.

Midwest farmers can’t win. First Trump’s tariff wars. Especially with China. Has hurt the farmers badly economically. Now came the “historic midwest blizzard” this past week. Two feet of snow in several states. Drifts up to 5 feet.

The storm came just before harvest. Wheat, corn, and potato fields destroyed.

Many farms will be lost to banks, prices for wheat, corn, and potatoes will go up. A bad scene all around.

Many of us in Key West now have a new “movie star” friend. Chicago’s Tino Gonzalez.

Tino and his wife Maria were snowbirds for many years. Owned a place in Old Town. Sold it a few years ago and returned to be near family in Chicago. Tino is a retired federal agent.

Tino is working as a movie/TV extra in the Chicago area. His most recent involvement the 10/20/19 Batwoman show.

Go for it Tino! An Academy award or Emmy. We love you!

This year’s Fantasy Fest King and Queen were crowned friday night at the Truman Waterfront Amphitheater. Ryhan Acker and Karen Fran-Noli.

They will be leading the parade saturday night in a float made for a King and Queen.

Francis D. McCorkle once lived in Key West. A well known children’s book author.

His home in Key West no more. It was Houseboat Row on South Roosevelt Boulevard. His houseboat Sea Dog.

McCorkle’s houseboat the first on Houseboat Row.

McCorkle died in 1960. He never knew the furor between the State and Houseboat Row that would ensue many years later. The State wanted the houseboats moved. Houseboat Row owners refused. The lawsuits took years. Finally, the State won.

A movie was filmed in Key West beginning on this date in 1974. Ninety Two in the Shade starring Peter Fonda.

The withdrawal of American forces from Syria disgraceful. A stain on America’s soul. The Kurds and U.S. worked hand in hand for 5 years to defeat ISIS. Now because of Trump’s stupid move pulling U.S. forces out, the Kurds face death in large numbers. Displacement. Executions. Eleven thousand ISIS fighters released from prison.

The Kurdish people are very unhappy with us. As represented by U.S. troops pulling out the past 2 days. U.S. troops were pelted with potatoes and tomatoes. People were shouting “No America” and “America liar.”

Great move, Donald!

Trump said he was going to bring our troops home. A few days later he announced they were being sent to Iraq to be available in that region if needed.

One problem. The U.S. cannot stay in Iraq forever. Iraqi permission not given for a permanent deployment in Iraq. What happens when Iraq says, Go!

Another screw up by the President. Didn’t anyone know our troops could not stay forever or any significant length of time? Is anyone knowledgeable about these things in the White House?

Parachute jumping might be thought by many to have been a World War I or II invention. Not so. Parachute jumping goes back to 1797. Andre-Jacques Garnerin the man! Dropped from a hydrogen ball 3,200 feet in Paris.

The parachute was a 23 foot canopy attached to a bucket with suspension lines.

He dropped many times. His highest in 1802. From a height of 8,000 feet.

Fantasy Fest activities growing in number and interest. Today a Beach Bash at South Beach, Cocktails for Animal Tails at Rick’s, Tutu Pre-Party Walking Parade (bar crawl beginning at Mary Ellen’s), Captain Tony’s Party in Plaid (sexual inference), and Men of Labare Tighty Whitey Party at Bottle Cap.


And enjoy your day!





6 comments on “MORNING STEW #23

  1. Obama pulled our troops from the newly free and democratic country of Iraq because they wanted them out. He had no legal choice.

  2. Here’s what could have been a farmer likely scenario as to what happened about Turkey and Syria. A little back ground first. Syria has ALWAYS had a serious problems with the Kurds. They have ALWAYS made no bones about wanting their problem with the Kurds resolved, Turkeys solutions for their Kurd Problem has ALWAYS been expressed as “with Military Action” – remember how we had to stop them from invading the northern (Kurd) area Iraq to ensure that the Kurds stayed put, during OUR Iraq wars? Also, Turkey is a friend of Russia.

    Turkey has been making loud threats about the Kurds for over a year.

    Erdoğan tells trump on ‘that’ recent phone call that they are going to invade Syria and take care of their Kurd problem once and for all and that they have complete Russian approval, no if or buts, starting the following day – and if Trump has a problem with that then he needs to take it up with Putin (and probably also say goodbye to his prosperities in Turkey). Erdoğan probably also suggested that any military attempt to interfere with their Kurdish actions would be considered an act of war with Turkey (and therefor to definitely say goodbye to his prosperities in Turkey).

    So, Trump get’s off the phone and did what he always does, LIE about what was said and takes credit for removing troops in Syria.

    This is a zuchmore TYPICAL action from trump, than thinking he somehow just negotiated a bad deal. Even though it is AGAIN another BAD deal.

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