Tonight, tonight, won’t be just any night….

Toga Party!

At Sloppy Joe’s and the street outside.

My favorite Fantasy Fest evening. I am a voyeur at heart. Love to watch the ladies prance around, negotiate for beads, and exhibit their private parts.

A bad boy am I!

I shall be enjoying the evening with my friends Tom and Fran Dixon from Buffalo. They have been visiting Key West 3-4 times a year for 40 years. Never for Fantasy Fest. This year a first.

We are meeting at the Chart Room followed by dinner at Pier One. Then at 9:30 onto Duval. One block over to Sloppy Joe’s.

The toga party has become a fun ritual in modern society. Especially at college parties. The 1978 movie Animal House responsible.

Some look down upon toga parties. Considered by them a sexually deviant experience. Too bad, they know not the fun they miss.

A President held a toga party in the White House. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The party to celebrate his 52nd birthday.

It was January 30, 1934. The wheel chair no hindrance to Roosevelt enjoying himself. He, his friends and close politicals were members of an informal organization the “Cuff Links Gang.” They were the attendees at the party.

Even Eleanor attended. In a toga!

The President was attired in a toga as were all other persons at the party.

Marian Wisherman was a well know suffragette and Eleanor’s friend. She wore a muslin toga garment. Her toga rests today for all to see in the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum.

Strange though it may seem, the story a true one. Google FDR and toga party. Many photographs, most with the President in the middle.

Naked female breasts will be a part of the evening tonight.

Kokomo comments to this blog frequently. His response to something I wrote recently involved breasts. Kokomo quoted Bill Engvall who said, “God was having himself a good day when he made boobs.” When He completed making Eve, He told her to turn around. Something was missing. He added breasts.

I looked Bill Engvall up. A successful stand up American comedian. Also, an ordained minister.

Masturbation next. Seems to be a sex day.

Several years ago, I published in a local newspaper an article concerning the subject. Both humorous and sad. I will be republishing it as part of the blog one day next week.

Today a quote on the subject. Thomas Szasz, a fellow at the American Psychiatric Association, wrote in one of his papers: “Masturbation is the primary sexual activity of mankind. In the nineteenth century it was a disease; in the twentieth it is a cure.”

The article to be republished next week deals with the 19th century.

“Human scum!”  Love Trump! He sets a high standard for the children of America.

The entire phrase he uttered was “Never Trump Republicans are human scum.”

He has to whip his followers up in any fashion he can. Soon, they will begin drifting.

The 25-30 Republican House members who improperly and illegally entered the room where the hearing was taking place were wrong. It was against the law for them to be there and to also bring in cellphones.

The “men” behaved like babies. Cry babies.

They delayed the hearing 5 hours.

There were 2 security officers. Capitol Police. They should have arrested all of them. You fight fire with fire.

They were not arrested because Chairman Schiff decided to wait them out rather than have them arrested.

Chairman Schiff: Next time arrest them!

No one seems to respect the law in Washington. First, the President. Now a number of Republican House members.

It seems Republican are more prone to stretch and break the law than Democrats.

Abraham Lincoln is a person who became a Republican. When he was elected President, he was a Republican. Prior thereto, he was a Whig. The new Republican Party consisted of many former Whigs.

Young Lincoln was not reluctant to break/stretch the law. He did so in somewhat of a radical fashion on December 5, 1840.

Lincoln was a member of the Illinois Legislature. His vote important. It was in opposition to whatever the other side wanted to do. A quorum was needed for the vote.

The opposition had had the doors to the Chamber locked.

To avoid voting, Lincoln and 2 of his fellow legislators jumped out a second floor window.

Smile. Good ole, Abe. However what he did was wrong. He broke the law. His ass was required to be in the legislative chamber, not flying out a second story window.

The 25-30 Republican House members who in effect took over the Committee Room did not belong there. They broke a couple of laws.

The Quinnipiac Poll came out yesterday. Fifty five percent of the people support the impeachment inquiry. Up 4 points from last week.

Forty eight percent were for impeachment and removal.

Enjoy your day!



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