Oh, the weather outside is frightful…..Opening lyrics to Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.

The weather outside is frightful!

Key West 61 degrees as I write. High today 65.

The mid west experiencing the coldest weather in 20 years. Heading for New York and New England. It has been predicted that on wednesday the wind chill in the mid west will be minus 50-60 degrees. Killer weather!

Cuba had a tornado last night. Three dead, 174 injured. Pictures on the internet this morning show Irma type damage.

South Florida’s Broward and Miami-Dade Counties had tornado warnings out for 8 last night. Reports indicate nothing big. A tornado touched down in the west end of Hialeah.

Except for the snow storm, heavy rains continue to occur every where else mentioned.

Memories. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow was put to music and lyric in 1945. Vaughn Monroe made the first record. I recall his version. He had a baritone voice peculiar only to himself.

The record was a hit. Others recorded the tune also. Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Dean Martin.

My back pain continues. Better, though. Pills terrific. Too good. I am napping constantly.

Stayed in again last night. Cannot drink with the medication being taken. I would really fly!

Watched the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Alan Alda received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

When I think of Alda, I think of MASH. He starred in the TV show for 11 years. A magnificent actor!

He got old. We all get old. I can sympathize with him. He is now 90. Has some white hair. His left arm shakes constantly. Some things have remained constant. His beaming eyes and sense of humor.

Money laundering a big time enterprise the past several years. Especially oil money coming from Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. The oligarchs need to dispose of their gains.

Those seeking to launder/free up their cash have been purchasing high end properties in expensive cities. Since money is no object, laundering causes real estate prices to rise dramatically. Real estate costs zoom up. As a result, repurchase prices and rents become high. Unreasonably so.

I ask simply whether the money laundering oligarchs have discovered Key West? Real estate prices are going through the roof!

We forget our people. The “we” being the federal government, especially under Trump.

We fail the victims of natural disasters. Especially hurricane and fire victims. We ignore their plight.

Corporations generally give significant dollars to disaster areas. Corporate America has failed to do so with the Panhandle victims of Hurricane Michael.

Surprising since Michael has been rated the third worse hurricane in U.S. recorded history.

It has been suggested the corporations are not giving as they normally do because the Panhandle is a conglomeration of little communities. The feeling is small communities do not provide sufficient bang public relations wise.

There it is. The federal government is not sufficiently providing nor is corporate America. As a result, the people of the Panhandle continue to suffer.

At least half of Morning Joe shows are being delivered from 2 locations. NBC in New York City and Joe Scarborough’s home in Jupiter, Florida.

For tax reasons, Scarborough is using his home as a studio and transmitting from Jupiter. The White House background merely a partial picture of the White House. Guests continue to transmit from New York City.

The marvels of modern science.

Don’t know what Mika is doing.

Again, Scarborough found it advantageous to do the show from Jupiter for tax reasons. It is believed he earns $8 million a year. His former residence Connecticut has a State tax of 6.99 percent. Florida has no state tax.

Scarborough changed his residence from Connecticut to Florida. He must also spend 183 days in Florida. His tax savings by so doing $550,000.

Not a tax dodge. Perfectly legal. Many have retired to Florida because of the no state tax benefit.

NBC has agreed to the arrangement. It will find it non-acceptable should Morning Joe’s ratings go down.

Enjoy your day!





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