Pain 95 percent gone yesterday. This morning, 100 percent.

Saw Dr. Norris yesterday afternoon. X-ray report received. Not sciatica. A disc problem at L2 and L3. Only going to get worse, I was told.


Pain will reoccur. When I can’t handle it, surgery. Fortunately because of modern medicine it will probably be same day surgery.

I am not concerned at the moment. My psyche is to worry when it reaches the operational stage.

Ran into Tom and Claire at the Doctor’s office. Met them last year at the Chart Room. Loyal blog readers. From the Washington area. Bought a home in Key West last year.

I saw them in the reception room before I saw the Doctor. Tom told me of 2 disc problems he had and the operations involved. Not a big deal. His words made me feel better when I was told I had a disc problem.

Tom and Claire made an interesting observation. They had been snowbirds for years. Made some friends. Nothing big. Since they bought the house, everyone wants to know them.

That’s the way it is in Key West. Same thing happened to my wife and I 21 years ago when we bought our home in Key Haven. Everyone was our friend, invitations to dinner and parties galore, etc.

Then to the Chart Room. I had not had a drink in about 10 days. Savored the first one.

Joined Lynise and Diesel. Met them last week at the Chart room.

Snowbirds. Bought a home in Key West a few years ago. Primary residence still near Columbus, Ohio. They have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. Sounds like my family.

Chatted with Lynise and Diesel quite a while. Turned out to be a fun evening.

Rushed home to catch the Syracuse/Boston College game at 8. Syracuse won 77-71. I thought the team played well. Apparently not from Coach Boeheim’s observation. His comments following the game indicated the team still has a long way to go. He spelled out the team’s deficiencies point by point.

I did not see much of what he criticized. That’s why he is the coach and I am not.

Weather improving. Temperature 66 at the moment. Going to 73 this afternoon. Up north, they are still taking a beating.

The federal government has been on Facebook’s ass big time this past year. Security/privacy a problem.

Facebook countered that the increased cost for security would adversely affect Facebook’s profit. Revenues would slow down.

Facebook was wrong. It was recently reported that Facebook pocketed a record $6.8 billion in profit this past year.

Love Trump! He was going to bring industries back to America. His success thus far not impressive.

Last year, Trump participated in a groundbreaking ceremony in Wisconsin. Foxconn was going to build a plant employing 13,000. Trump took credit. A big day for him!

The day has vanished. Foxconn announced it has cancelled plans to build the large plant. They have decided instead to construct a Research & Development facility which would employ 1,000. A far cry from 13,000. Further aggravating the situation, most of the R&D employees would come from outside Wisconsin. Ego, few if any new jobs for Wisconsin people.

Wisconsin never the less is committed for the $4 billion in inducements to Foxconn.

The numbers interesting. One thousand new employees at the $4 billion inducement comes to $4.1 million per each of the 1,000 new employees. None of whom are presently residents of Wisconsin. They will be brought in from outside the State.

A job well done Mr. President!

Two significant observations. Foxconn has a history of playing this way. Get the big dollar inducements with the promise of an extreme number of new jobs and then back off reducing the number of new jobs to be had.

Didn’t anyone check into Foxconn’s game playing background?

Foxconn is a Chinese company. Does the Wisconsin situation have anything to do with the tariff war the U.S. and China are presently engaged in?

I close with a quote by Mort Sahl regarding the President.

Sahl is a comedian and social satirist. He is considered the first modern stand up comedian since Will Rogers.

Sahl said of Trump: “…..he was hospitalized for an attack of modesty.”

Our President modest?

I will be guesting on Laurie Thibaud’s radio show for 1.5 hours this afternoon. My appearance at 4. Radio station 105.7 FM, WGAY FM.

A party! Join us! Fun!

Enjoy your day!

14 comments on “A DISC PROBLEM

  1. The 4 billion was incentive based. It was never a welfare check handed to Foxconn for showing up and doing nothing!

    Foxconn will earn the 4 billion in tax credits and other incentives based on investment (10 billion)and job creation (13,000). Lou’s information was not properly researched (surprise surprise)!

    There is a great level of uncertainty in the Wisconsin business community with the election of the New Democratic Gov. Tony Evers.

    Foxconn has already bought office buildings in Milwaukee, Green Bay and eau Claire .

    It’s currently reported it’s not going to cost any more than already negotiated.I hope for all Wisconsin residents liberal and conservative that this is a hugely positive business venture!

    • NOT TRUE, The payback on the original Foxcom deal to Wisconsin wouldn’t be until 2050 and that’s only the original arrangement. That’s asuuming the original deal stayed in place. Now Foxcom has changed things and is no longer promising to hire American workers, particularly normal workers. This deal was a bad deal to begin with (a sell out) and is MUCH worse now. Don’t CONTINUE to be fooled. The people of Wisconsin god screwed.

  2. What has Foxconn changed?
    Of course there will be foreign workers. What tawainese company wouldn’t have foreign workers in their US plant.
    Did Wisconsin issue a $4 billion check to Foxconn as Lou suggested based on his cost per current employee?
    I remain optimistic

    • Ha! are you still just as “optimistic” about Carrier remaining in Indianapolis, Ford not moving a plant to Mexico, help for Harley Davidson and all these other “deals” Trump touted? And weren’t you the guy who was so “optimistic” about Roy Moore pulling out a win in Alabama? And wasn’t it you who predicted that a lot of Democrats heads were going to explode after the 2018 midterm elections? Sounds you’re more of an “Optimistic Loser” than any kind of realist.

  3. You’re right, my optimism must be misguided.
    And like so many with TDS, you also resort to name calling. Typical.
    I wish you well! I truly do!

  4. Comprehension issues again eh? “Optimistic Looser” is an aszeszment, not name calling as would be “moron” or “idiot” – words you often use, neither of which would be appropriate in this instance. You seem only interested in stirring up trouble with pejorative and half baked arguments, only so you can claim to being picked on when you are proven to be wrong, time and time again.

    BTW – what does TDS, “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart, have to do with any of this?

  5. If you’re going to call someone a loser, at the very least, you should be able to spell it correctly.

    A nut becomes LOOSER.
    A person who can’t tell the difference, is a LOSER.

    • Haha, good one.
      I like how this same “looser” keeps popping up on here, always accusing others of stirring up trouble, just because he can’t stand to hear differing opinions.

      And also, repeatedly using the only 4 syllable word he knows how to spell, pejorative. That is the only big word he learned, since he obviously failed 3rd grade grammar.

      Here is an example of this loser’s blow back,
      “Optimistic Looser” is an aszeszment

      • Now you are a phony pedantic loser, whose only purpose in life seems to be to jump on anyone who’s post is incorrectly “adjusted” by a auto spell checker. We haven’t seen you this active in weeks, must be the meds! Everyone knows how optimistic you are when it comes to losing, regardless of how you spell it. And to set the record straight, your conclusions based on false or incomplete facts are not opinions, they are partisan spins, meant to pick a fight, like your obsession with ridiculing other people’s spelling, instead of apologizing for your constant trolling.

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