My lower back hurt a bit the past few days. Yesterday, exploded! About 11 in the morning.

Pain big time! Left lower side of back, into crotch, down inner left thigh to knee, then down back of leg. Crotch and knee the worse.

Give me pills!

Called Dr.Norris’ office. How bad is pain on a scale of 1-10. Eleven, I responded.

Saw Dr. Norris, had x-rays taken at Urgent Care. Pills at Walgreens. Two. Could not wait to get home and take them.

Norris suspects either sciatica or a compressed vertebrae.

Little relief till about 10 last night. Slept well. Minimal pain this morning. Pills terrific!

Missed Terri’s diner party, of course. Donna called me at 6;!5. Were are you? I had e-mailed and told her I would not be  there. She apparently had not read her e-mails.

Missed Laurie Thibaud’s radio show also.

Pills make me groggy. I will not be going out today.

Did get to watch Syracuse beat Miami by 20 points. Syracuse looked good again. Threes going in. Great plays. Excellent defense.

Weather reverting to a typical Key West January. Going to be cold the next few days. High today and tonight high 60’s.

When cold, I generally advise the need to wear long pants. Some mock me. Those who do not live in Key West. Those who do not understand if one lives in a hot climate all year, the blood thins. The body feels temperatures in the 60’s. I am cold at 74 degrees.

Today In Keys History carried a comment which reflects another who felt the cold. His name William Healy. He kept a diary.

Part of his January 24, 1831 entry read as follows: “Rose at 7, weather so cold that I am obliged to put on thick clothes.”

Shutdown at day 35. No deal yet. However both sides have been talking since late yesterday afternoon following 2 failed Senate votes. The Democratic numbers in support of reopening impressive.

Trump went on TV after the vote. Very pleasant. Very conciliatory. No anger, no bravado. Acknowledged Senators talking. Seemed amenable.

One problem, he was consistent as to the need for money to build a portion of the wall.

I do not think Trump understood where the Senate conference was going. The House is firm no money to build a wall.

The reopening might not be an immediate thing.

In the meantime, the TV coverage of government employees out of work heart touching. A few minutes ago, saw a federal employee of 17 years crying because he had no money to care for his family’s needs.

Trump and his people do not understand the pain and fear of the employees. Trump and friends enjoy the benefits of millions/billions of dollars and have never experienced being without money. Even during the Atlantic City bankruptcies, Trump had a few million in his pocket.

That’s all folks! My eyes heavy, thinking slow.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “THE PAIN OF IT ALL

  1. Trump went on TV after the vote. Very pleasant. Very conciliatory. No anger, no bravado. Acknowledged Senators talking. Seemed amenable.

    Well Trump more than made up for it in the Rose Garden….mostly back to trying to sell the nonsensical Bannon/Miller policy on border security and immigration. This will not end until he is gone from DC.

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