The Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade is 46 years old today. It was decided this day in 1973. Roe legalized abortion throughout the United States. It established a woman’s right to abortion. Recognized a woman’s right to privacy.

In short, a woman’s body was her own and her’s to decide what could or could not be done with it as regards reproductive rights.

It seems the nature of Americans never to give up. Political battles unending. Roe remains at the forefront of such battles.

Abortion somewhat like the black/white issue in America. A Civil War was fought more than 150 years ago to free slaves and give them equal rights. The battle continues into present day with legal chicanery involved. Making it difficult for blacks to vote an example.

The Roe battle will be with us fifty years from now, unless a conservative Supreme Court decides to overturn it. Then it will be a return to back rooms, hangers, and disease.

A great Dueling Bartenders last night. Surprisingly, Aqua was packed. I had to sit alone at the side bar.

Rick Dery his usual magnificent self. A voice!

Cold outside and inside. Sixty two degrees outside. I wore my leather jacket even inside the bar.

Liz and her friends were there. Always good to see Liz. Wish I had met her 20 years ago. Her health continues to slip.

A group from Hot Dog Church in attendance. Love the ladies! We have become friends. Several came over to say hello. Some a hug and kiss.

I was not meant to be lonely. In came Dan and Lisa. Friends from Skaneateles here for a month. We drank together.

We talked Syracuse basketball. Decided to have dinner saturday evening at Berlin’s.

Dan and Lisa left. I noticed Mary at the end of the other bar. A while since I have seen her. Enjoyed a drink with her. Following which we were off to La Trattoria for dinner.

Tiffany bartending. Got us 2 spots at the bar in a matter of minutes. La Trattoria crowded also. Chatted with Dink a few minutes. We shared recent war stories about almost hitting a child while driving.

I ate wrong. Carbs big time! A large dish of pennes buried in bolognase sauce. I paid for it on the scale this morning.

The government shutdown is in day 32. A shame! Does not seem to bother Trump. Government employees in food lines, a mother who cannot afford her next chemotherapy treatment, a woman who sold her blood for $50, etc.

My America? Your America? No way!

Madness. It has to stop.

I mentioned yesterday that Trump and Pence had no plans to visit the Martin Luther King Memorial. It was all over the news.

Trump especially looked bad.

Later in the morning, Trump and Pence changed their minds and made the visit. Obvious it was not planned. No great crowd. They placed a small wreath in front of the King Memorial. They were accompanied by someone from the Memorial who was not properly dressed for the occasion. Further indicating the visit was unplanned.

Pence recently has been referring to everything he does not like as “an attack on Christianity.” A quiet unassuming Trump. A person in disguise waiting his turn to disrupt our country further.

I do agree however that much happening today is an attack on Christianity. The border incidents, children taken from their parents, government employees waiting in food lines, a woman selling her blood for $50 to put food on the table, etc.

George Washington may have been the last President not to tell a lie. Recall…..”I cannot tell a lie. I chopped down the cherry tree.”

Donald Trump without question is the President who has told and continues to tell the most lies. I would describe his “lies” as false or misleading statements.

The Washington Post Fact Checker issued a report re Trump lies.

In his first 2 years as President, he has lied 8,158 times. In his first year, 5.9 lies per day. Better in his second year when he lied 16.5 times a day.

He improves with time.

My podcast show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me. Much is happening that I do not agree with. I will be raving and ranting. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

My friend Anna continues to vacation in Athens.

The first time I visited Athens, I stayed at the Gran Britannia Hotel. An exceptionally fine hotel. Service exemplary. My room came with a butler. He was in tails. Unpacked and packed my suitcase. Made reservations. Exceptional service.

The hotel is across the street from Parliament. My room faced Parliament. The room had a small terrace.

One morning, I woke to huge shouting. Went on the terrace. Across the street were thousands protesting about something. Parliament is surrounded by a huge concrete area.

This I could not miss! Threw some clothes on and headed for the demonstration.

I walked into the crowd. Walked around. No one bothered me. I was ignored.

Unable initially to understand what the protest was about. Finally figured it out. The Greeks were broke and the Euro Union was pressing them for payment. Germany’s Angela Merkel was leading the Euro Union against Greece.

Every time a speaker mentioned Merkel’s name, the people spit on the ground. Young and old alike.

The event was terrific from my perspective. I went back the next morning. They were still at it.

Anna e-mailed me yesterday with photos. Another protest at Parliament Square. This time with 60,000 persons. This one not only bigger than the one I walked through, also more dangerous. Rocks, flares, firebombs, and paint being thrown at the police.

The issue was prespes. Ran it through Google. Could not find anything about it.

AXIOS this morning ran an article by Mike Allen. Titled “Big Thing: 7 Letters Disrupting Politics.”

He discussed what is perhaps the changing face of politics. Zeroed in on Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez and Beto O’Rourke. Two individuals not representative of traditional politicians. Two who demand authenticity from government officials. Both speaking directly to the public and telling them what they believe will connect with the public.

Compared both to Trump. Solely in what is said and the manner of delivery.

Trump has disrupted politics. Allen believes Cortez and O’Rourke are/will also. A sign of the times.

A new politics? It should be called what it is. Pure and unvarnished. In the face dialogue. With one difference. Cortez and O’Rourke do not appear to lie as Trump does.

At least, not yet.

I close with Starbucks.

Starbucks soon will be providing delivery service for 95 percent of its products. Planned for 25 percent of Starbuck’s stores. Tested last year at 200 Miami locations.

A Uber Eats mobile app required. Uber will charge a $2.49 booking fee.

What a world! Everything changing! No need any longer to go to a retail store to buy clothes, cooked food delivered to your home, etc.

Enjoy your day!

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