Yup! I still hurt. Can’t sit too long. So no organization today either. I share my findings and thoughts with you as they appear in my notes.

The pain! May be spasm. I cannot sit, stand or lie down. Slept on the floor last night. Needed hard under me. Threw a quilt down and 2 pillows. Slept some.

Had planned to go to Berlin’s for dinner with Dan and Lisa. No way. Had to cancel.

Watched the Syracuse/Virginia Tech game last night. Mostly standing. Easy chair and bed uncomfortable.

Syracuse lost 78/56. Looked terrible!

Difficult to understand. Two games back, we beat #1 Duke. Then Miami. We looked terrific against both teams.

Horrible is the best description as to how Syracuse played last night.

Several keys to Virginia Tech’s victory. One, their defense. They play a zone. In your face. No time to set up to make a 3. The defense also made it hard to drive to the basket. Battle was not able to put on his usual show.

Boston College Wednesday night.

Read a recent Axios article Capitalist System Is Broken. The comments came out of the Davos meeting this past week.

Capitalism on the way down. One reason people’s wages have remained flat for 20 years. If a person loses a job, that person generally has to take a lesser paying one. The conclusions arrived at also indicated home prices being unaffordable. One exception. Not for the very wealthy.

What comes if capitalism goes down? No mention. I see recession and/or revolution.

Venezuela. Washington is suggesting that the battle in Venezuela is one involving socialism and capitalism. Bullshit! Trump laying the ground work to doing something he should not. Like invading Venezuela. Not to help the downtrodden populace. Rather to gain control of Venezuela’s oil reserves.

I started following and writing about Venezuela 5 years ago. The people were out of food. No money to buy. Not much on the shelves in stores. The farmers stopped growing since people did not have the money to buy even a head of lettuce for example.

Maduro did nothing to help, except to create a new cabinet post. I do not recall the name of the post at the moment. However, it was something stupid like Secretary for Happy Times.

Families ate what they had on hand. Then the family pets. Followed up with invading zoos and killing the animals for meat.

Grass was eaten first. Then the earth dug for roots.

Families ate every 2 days. Babys were trained to only eat every other day.

Inflation last year hit 1,300,00 percent. Can you imagine!

Donald, we have enough problems of our own. You invade and we will have to care for a whole nation that is without food, proper medical assistance, etc.

Suicide continues to be mentioned re U.S. persons. A definite problem.

The U.S. Marines published their 2018 figures for Marine deaths by suicide. A 10 year high. Fifty seven cases. Reserve Marines, 18.

Total 75 suicides confirmed and supported.

Fifty seven or 75 does not appear huge. However if the numbers are significantly higher today than 10 years ago, a trend is indicated. The numbers will only go higher.

Today important to recall in the U.S. history of warfare. On this day 1943, the 8th Air Force bombed Germany for the first time. Bombed the port of Wilhelmshaven.

Sixty four planes took off from England. Fifty three reached the target. Only 3 planes were lost. Twenty two German planes were shot down.

Anna, my Anna. My friend with 3 homes in Europe. She continues her travels between the homes and other places.

She was in Athens this past week. Staying at a hotel.

Anna was shopping on Athens’ upscale street. Beautiful clothing. All of a sudden there was a clash between police and protesters. What they were protesting, she did not say. From my experience, the Greeks protest everything.

She and a friend hurried into one of the stores. The doors were closed. The police using tear gas. It seeped into the store. Anna says her eyes and nose wee burning and she felt like she was suffocating. She and her lady friend clasped their windbreakers to their faces in an attempt to avoid problems from the tear gas.

Her hotel was across the street from the Greek ministry. They were happy to get back to the hotel. Someone left a suitcase in the doorway of the Ministry building.

The police would not let Anna and her friend into the hotel. Run, they were told. They ran!

Anna is in Milan today. No problems that I am aware of. I envy her. Milan is a lovely place, people beautiful. Everyone thin. Male and female. All dressed elegantly.

A Harry Truman quote. Appropriate in today’s political climate. Reminds me of Trump. “If you can’t convince them, confuse them.”

Syracuse lost last night. Destroyed! By Virginia Tech. 78-56.

Syracuse play erratically. We recently beat #1 ranked Duke and a week later Miami. Looked terrific in each game. Thought we finally had it together.

I was wrong.

Virginia Tech humbled my team.

And that my friends, is the end of Morning Stew #3.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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  1. I flew on a B17 and a B24 when they came to the Keys a few years ago. Bless those guys who manned them in WW2 is all I can say.

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