The pills have slowed me down. Taking 2. Think it is the pain killer. Not a narcotic, but having an effect on me. Groggy. Mind/thinking slow. This blog will take me twice as long to do. Hope faux pas are minimal.

As to the pain itself, down 50 percent. Excellent!

I research, then write each morning. Organize my notes from the research before I write. Too tired today to organize. Will take me forever. So I am going to do as I did the other day. Lay things out as they appear in my notes.

Welcome to Morning Stew #2!

Love Trump! He blinked yet made it sound like he was the one who made the shutdown end. His speech in the Rose Garden was a beauty. The man is a winner. He never loses. Solely in his mind, of course.

The shutdown ending result is only for 3 weeks. Could merely be an intermission

Venezuela. A Comment received yesterday mentioned guns are banned n Venezuela. Ergo, how could the people revolt against the military, etc.

Easy, steal guns from the military killed or wounded..

I am going to compare the 1956 Hungarian Revolution to Venezuela. In a moment. First some Venezuelan gun/death facts.

Hugo Chavez banned guns in 2012. Maduro has continued with the ban. Lots of killings. By police and military. In 2015, 27,835 deaths. Makes Chicago look like kid stuff.

My complaint for several years has been that the Venezuelan people are not willing to fight and overthrow Maduro. They are waiting for some from the outside to come and do it for them. Like the U.S. or Russia.

The people forget God helps those who help themselves.

The Hungarian Revolution began October 23, 1956. Ended November 4, 1956.

A Soviet backed government in power. Government police and Soviet military on the streets.

I was fortunate to have met one of those who revolted. Once the revolution was over, he and 250,000 other Hungarians had to flee Hungary or be killed.

The U.S. took him in. He ended up attending Manhattan College with me. We talked often. I was interested. Here was a man my age who had lived through a for real revolution. Guns, tanks, and all.

I cannot recall his name. It’s not the pills. I forgot his name long ago.

Anyhow, this is the story as told to me.

He was a college student. Drinking at an outside cafe in Budapest. The Soviets were running the government. The actual government puppets. Soviet soldiers everywhere.

He and his friends for fun used to throw empty beer bottles at the soldiers. And then run like hell!

At first, the soldiers would merely chase them. Then they started shooting. No one had any guns. People began resorting to throwing rocks. The soldiers kept shooting. Tanks were brought in’

The people resorted to molotov cocktails. At this point, soldiers were dying or wounded. The citizens started picking up their guns. Now the protesters were armed.Both sides shooting at each other. Some local police joined the protesters.

Moscow had enough. The Soviets brought in more tanks. A lot more.

The tanks ended the revolution. Though armed, the people had neither enough guns nor equipment to fight the tanks.

The Soviets immediately began arresting those who had participated in the Revolution. Many were young. College age. As was my friend.

He saw the handwriting on the wall. He had to get out of Budapest and Hungary itself. He did and at some point soon was in the U.S. completing his college education.

The whole point of this tale is that the Venezuelans can help themselves. Start with sticks and stones. Go to Molotov cocktails. Then guns from the military dead and wounded.

I say it again: God helps those who help themselves.

Syracuse/Virginia Tech tonight at 8. Virginia Tech ranked #11. Syracuse unranked. Virginia Tech favored.

Dinner with Dan and Lisa at Berlin’s at 6:30. I would like to go. Hate staying in more than 2 days in a row. This groggy feeling has to go away for me to leave the house. Yesterday, it stopped around 3.

We’ll see.

Political correctness can be carried too far. Way too far!

The California Senate has banned the use of “he” and “she” during Senate proceedings. The Senate feels he and she is offensive to transgenders.

The Senate suggests “they” and “them” be used instead of he and she.

Would you believe?

An Ernest Hemingway quote: “About morals, I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and what is unmoral is what you feel bad after.”

A robot update. Robots are being used more and more in restaurants. Good bye servers and chefs.

Budapest first. The Enjoy Budapest Cafe.

Robots used instead of waiters and waitresses. The robots take the order, tell the chef, dance with children, and chat with customers.

Boston, too. Spyce Restaurant. Robots have replaced chefs. Customers not complaining so far. The restaurant’s motto: “Culinary excellence elevated by technology.”

Though just beginning in the U.S., the use of robots in China and India is extensive. China using robots as servers big time.

Sugarplums danced in my head when I read the following. Not from the pills. The State is considering the possibility of building a second Cow Key Bridge. The State wants to connect Key West and Stock Island better.

Does that mean 2 Cow Key Bridges? Or one new in another location? Or what?

The concept is in the formative stage.

Believe it when you see it.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Good. Build a new bridge before they shut down the old one for repairs. Ask the Mexicans, they will show how to get it done quick.

  2. I met some refugees from Hungary way back. Talk about being anti-communistic, nobody like those guys for all the best reasons.

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