Terri White 71!

A bunch of us are celebrating her birthday tonight at a special dinner.

Part of what turned out to be a busy morning for me yesterday included buying Terri a birthday present. Interesting experience. I rarely have shopped in my life. I did for Terri and the gift choice evolved as I went from store to store.

Wish the choice to be a surprise tonight. Ergo will not share the selection with you till tomorrow.

Yesterday morning busy. Began at 5 with blog. An early start because I knew I had several things to do. Paid for the early start later in the day when I became very tired. Resulted in me remaining in and early to bed last night.

My 5 am to noon consisted in the blog, blood work, coffee, a manicure, shopping for Terri, and lunch at Harpoon Harry’s.

A haircut at noon today. Lunch after probably at Fernand’s. Guest appearance on Laurie Thibaud’s radio show 4-5:30. Followed by Terri’s party.

Join Laurie and me on radio station 195.7 FM, WGAY FM. Interesting banter. Laurie’s first time as a radio show host. A natural!

Syracuse/Miami tonight at 8. I will probably miss the first half of the game. Syracuse a 9 point favorite.

Day 34 of the shutdown. You’re doing terrific Donald! You keep trying to destroy America. The country was insane when it elected you President!

Valentine’s Day around the corner. An old friend will not be with us this year. Sweethearts candy. The small hearts with love verbiage thereon. Like Love You, Bear Hug, Cutie Pie, and Ooh La La.

Strange. A recent study rated Sweethearts candy as the #1 Valentine’s candy for 2018.

As good as it sold, the company producing it for many years went out of business. I assume the company produced other sweets also. Necco went out of business in July.

Spangler Candy bought the “brand” in September. Spangler says it did not have time to gear up for this Valentine’s Day. However, Spangler guaranteed Sweethearts will be back in 2020.

Abortion discourse continues. Heatedly in this instance.

New York has legalized abortion till birth. Conditioned, however. Only allowed if the mother’s health is endangered or the fetus is not viable.

The Catholic Church is extremely upset. Threatening New York’s Governor Cuomo with everything, including excommunication.

I think the New York law correct. Based on personal experience.

It was 1964. My wife was into her fifth pregnancy. We already had 4 children in 4 years. It was year 5. On a sunday morning while we were in bed reading the newspapers, she began aborting. She was only 2-3 months pregnant at the time.

We were in the hospital. My wife in extreme pain. It seemed there was nothing they could give her to help.

Her OB told me she was aborting, the fetus was dead. Too many pregnancies back to back. I told him ok, go do what you have to do. He said he could do nothing till she pushed black tissue through her cervix. I did not understand. The fetus was dead, why wait for black tissue to be pushed out?

His answer simple. We were in a Catholic hospital and nothing could be done till there was definite proof the fetus was dead. Seeing the black tissue would be proof.

I went crazy. Probably overreacted. Thought my wife was going to die. I was arguing with the doctor. To no avail.

In due course whatever is done in these situations was done. Pieces of black tissue appeared. She underwent a D&C. Everything turned out ok.

Is there a Mafia mentality in the White House? Does one exist in the minds of “friends” of the White House?

These threats against Cohen’s family suggest a Tony Soprano Mafia mentality may have sneaked into our government.

Keep it up, Donald! You continue to set a good example.

I have been following Venezuela closely since Maduro came to power in 2013. I have written and spoke much concerning Maduro, his government and the Venezuelan people.

The last 4 years, it became obvious revolution was the only way to remove the Maduro yoke. Difficult to do. Maduro controls the Congress and the military. The generals are his. Graft and corruption making them rich.

Demonstrations began popping up in the streets. Grew to hundreds of thousands. Protest yes, fight no. The people were afraid to take arms against the government and army.

Maduro rigged his recent election.

A dissident Juan Guaido said he was taking over and appointed himself interim President. People in the streets cheered.

Trump immediately announced support of the “new” government. Maduro retaliated by giving all U.S. representatives 72 hours to get out of Venezuela. Trump said no, they are staying.

What next? Does the U.S. invade Venezuela? We need another war like a hole in the head. We are already engaged in 17 world wide.

Will Maduro remain in power? It depends on the military. If the army continues to support him, the interim President will go nowhere but to jail.

I suspect the generals will remain loyal to Maduro. Money talks.

Why Trump’s interest? I think oil. Venezuela has one of the largest oil reserves in the world.

Additionally, true revolution will not take place till the hundreds of thousands in the streets take to arms. As I have been reporting for several years, they want change but are not willing to fight for it. They fail to back their talk with action. Unless and until they do, Maduro will remain in power.

Donald in the meantime will have made another bad judgment move.

Enjoy your day!



13 comments on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRI

  1. …” true revolution will not take place till the hundreds of thousands in the streets take to arms. As I have been reporting for several years, they want change but are not willing to fight for it. They fail to back their talk with action. Unless and until they do, Maduro will remain in power.”

    Just curious, do citizens of Venezuela have a right to carry firearms in their country?
    Do you think that it’s a good thing that citizens should have the right to own and carry weapons?

  2. A large number of people in this country think only military, law officers, body guards of Hollywood celebrities and politicians, and of course, criminals, can carry firearms. Law abiding Citizens should not be allowed to have them.

    • Wild kind of statement – I don’t know ANYONE who thinks that way, except immature TROLLS who are just trying to start an argument.

  3. On Venezuela, two nuclear capable Russian warplanes were in Venezuela in December. Now, Russia is warning us not to interfere militarily in Venezuela.

    Is Russia pushing forward in Venezuela because it senses a rudderless US with a weak President and ineffective Congress? I would be interested to hear your take on this.

  4. Why should we be interested in Venezuela? Is it about the oil? Nobody else cares. So what if a couple of old Russian bombers managed to make it that far and find the place. I saw the pilots, they looked old and fat. I wonder if they made back home?

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