One of the seven Irma escapees who spent 12 days with me at the Thornton’s in Birmingham was Joanne Martin. She and her pet dog whose name I cannot recall.

We all had fun! As recounted in detail in my book Irma and Me. The best way to do a hurricane!

This week’s Florida Weekly features a major article concerning Joanne. Together with photo. A lovely woman.

Joanne works at the Audubon House and Tropical Gardens. She is the Gallery Manager.

The article is Joanne’s history with the Audubon House since 2006 when she first started. It is also a history of the Audubon House.

The Weekly article is titled Joanne Martin And Her Audubon Oasis. Well stated. As it should be. Joanne is the Audubon House.

My day yesterday began with a haircut. One day late. I was scheduled for the day before. Trump’s visit screwed up my day. I was landlocked because I needed US 1 to get into town. US 1 was blocked off because of Trump’s visit.

I had to wait a few minutes while Lori finished up a customer. A lovely woman.

After the woman left and I was in her seat, Lori said the woman asked if you were Key West Lou. She told me she reads your blog every day.

The woman is a snowbird and leaves tuesday.

I told Lori if she and I are in your beauty shop again at the same time, call me over. I enjoy meeting those who read this blog. Those also who read my books, listen to my podcast and look at my daily live videos. It is humbling to know there are those who take interest in what I write and say.

Even those who disagree with me.

After the haircut, walked about 50 feet to Sandy’s Cafe for lunch. The usual. Cuban cheese toast with tomato and Cuban coffee.

Dinner last night at Donna and Terri’s. Donna cooked. Her culinary efforts always the best. Swedish meatballs in a chili sauce over a bed of egg noodles.

It had been two weeks since my last visit. Bear welcomed me like a long lost friend. His tail would not stop wagging.

Bear is now 18 weeks old. So big! I forgot how fast some dogs grow. He sits, gives his paw, high fives and stands up. I bribed him of course with pieces of dog food.

I finally got a hold of granddaughter Ally. She was still sleeping when I called yesterday morning. I was interested in her reaction to Trump’s visit. She was out on the street in front of City Hall when he passed.

Ally is going on 13. She threw me off at first with her comments. Till I realized kids have their own vocabulary.

I asked her what she thought of seeing the President. Her responses “kind of weird” and “cool.” Translated means WOW! She was impressed. She considered the event historic for her in that she may never see a President that close again.

Next friday April 20 begins ten days of the Conch Republic Independence Celebration. The 36th annual one. To celebrate Key West’s secession from the United States on April 23, 1982.

The best event from my perspective will occur on saturday April 27. The Great Sea Battle.

Key West always wins. It is the result of a combination of military forces. World War I bi-planes dropping rolls of toilet paper bombs on Coast Guard cutters below and pirate ship wenches burying the cutters in cabbage, tomatoes, and sea water from fire hoses.

Sounds like a good time. It is!

Tonight special. My friends Fran and Tom Dixson from Buffalo are back. They visit Key West several times a year.

Fran loves me. Takes good care of me. Brings with her jars of tomato sauce with pork, sausage and meatballs. Sometimes, home made pasta.

I will enjoy some terrific meals at home over the next few weeks.

We meet at the Chart Room at 6. Then somewhere for dinner.

Enjoy your day!




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