I am up early. Still dark outside.

I walked out on the deck. Absolutely no breeze. The water not moving.

I am up early because this is Wednesday. Golf day! I hope I play better than the last two weeks. My game went abruptly down hill!

Yesterday I spent outside writing again. I do not know if this book will amount to anything. However, I am enjoying doing it.

I had to pick Lisa up from work at 3. She abused her ankle the day before. Went without crutches and boot. Too soon. Her body told her!

Then I had to shop. Cupboard bare again. The price of groceries keeps going up! Soon I will have to give up eating!

I also filled the gas tank yesterday. $87! Crazy!

The American people will not tolerate this long. Prices are going or have gone beyond their capabilities.

Tie this to the loss of the middle class. The rich get richer and the poor poorer!

I needed to see people last night. I went to Hogfish. Sat at the bar. Sipped a cup of lobster bisque. Still cannot chew. Read the newspapers. And chatted with my fishermen friends.

After golf, I have to pick Lisa up from work and take her home. Then pick Ally up from school. Robert and Ally play tennis today. My responsibility is to watch and cheer them on in the absence of their mother. Not a bad job!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Louis,
    I keep meaning to post that I can finally acccess all of your blog entries on my Kindle! It will take a bit to catch up, but it appears they are all there! Keep it up!

    I hope your able to get your mouth pain under control soon! Good thing you were prepared for a long recovery!

    Have a fabulous day!

    Cindy in CR

  2. This blog is great I am 43 and pretty miserable with my current financial and personal situation. I can only hope to achieve what you have done. I will hopefully be retired I'm key west someday … I can dream

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