Good day yesterday! Perhaps a great day!

My golf game was fantastic! Shot 108. Fifteen strokes better than normal. Made several spectacular shots!

I played with Tom and Tino. Turned out I was the big dollar winner. $8!

Tom’s game was off by fifteen strokes. Tino played well. Turned out that the best golfer, Tom, was the big loser. He gave me 16 strokes, of course!

I was so happy with my game that I bought lunch for Tom and Tino.

Picked Lisa up from work at 3. Her ankle still sore. Then we went to Montessori to get Ally.

Ally was surprised to see me. Poppa…..I love you! Poppa…..I missed you! Poppa…..when are we going to No Name Pub again? And more.

I would pick her up every day for such a greeting.

Shaved last night. It had been several days since my last shave. That is one of the things I love about Key West. The usual amenities are not required. I can go a week without shaving and fit right in!

My first stop last night was Don’s Place. Had a drink with Don, David and Michael. Michael is Don’s friend who is visiting.

They were hungry. Wanted to eat. I still cannot chew, but said I would join them and have a diet soda.

We went to BO’s. I have not been there in a couple of years. It is a shack. For real. A disaster. Also a gold mine. A popular tourist and local attraction. It is located down by the waterfront.

I told Don that BO’s made Don’s Place look like a castle!

I left my dinner companions at BO’s. I wanted to go to Hogs Breath for the Larry and
Jenna Show. They did not.

The show was good, as usual. A bigger crowd than normal watching.

Jenna looked especially attractive. Her tan is now well developed. Her hair fixed a bit differently. And she was wearing a colored top. Something between a red and pink. Normally, she dresses in all black.

Many friends there. Including Patti.

Patti recently returned to live in Key West. She is a political icon of sorts. She worries about you and me. She listed on Facebook this morning an excellent article on Republican attempts to do away with family food stamps if one adult member of the family is on strike. More union breaking. Similar to the collective barganing issue in Wisconsin.I am going to discuss the topic on tomorrow’s internet show.

Tomorrow’s internet show is available for viewing live at 10 in the morning. or Join me! A terrific show is planned!

Topics to be discussed include nuns who are suing the Archbishop in Boston, randy roosters and conjugal visits, the Barry Bonds trial, Florida and Sharia law, a workers’ lawsuit in Key West, Taco customer upset with increase in prices shots at manager, no gay marriage in California while Proposition 8 on appeal, Governor Christie’s education budget declared unconstitutional by a New Jersey court, Senate Democrats pandering to Muslims, Vermont music teacher arrested for distributing child porn, an introduction to Stephen Lerner, Detroit security in the news from two different dangers, a Ohio female gym teacher accused of having sex with football team members, and more.

An interesting and provocative show!

Please join me.

Bocce tonight. The first time I will play this season. Whoopie!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Just reading about BO's makes me want to hop a plane and head down there for a Grouper sandwich. Sure there might be better places – but love the BO's atmosphere. Sitting there w/ some grub and a cold beer, can't beat it.


  2. BO's prices went up again. For a dump it overcharges for a so-so grouper sandwich. Not what it used to be and it's a shame. Too much $$& for a lot of bread and very little fish. A Coke and sandwich should not cost over $20 but it does at BO's . And not including fries! Pure rip off for the tourists! Locals know to avoid this trap.

  3. That's a shame about their prices. Like, I know there's better places out there – but I'll pay for the nostalgia.

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