I am up early. Still dark outside. I have an 8:30 doctor’s appointment. My annual physical. Lisa says I always seem to be going to the doctor. She is correct. That is what people do as they get older. It is what they do if they want to continue getting older!

Yesterday was a pleasant Sunday. I started my day with the morning TV talk shows. Then browsed through the Sunday papers. From my bed.

My first stop of the day was Don’s Place. Yesterday was special. At 3 in the afternoon, the Great Chicken Wing Cookout! Chicken wings galore! Of every taste and variety. Tables of them. An example of what people do in Key West on a Sunday afternoon! Unfortunately, I could not partake of the wings. Still cannot chew.

The only benefit is I am losing weight. Around 15 pounds so far.

Watched basketball at Don’s Place. And later at Lisa’s. Great basketball! This is going to be one of the strangest Final Fours ever! Virginia Commonwealth. Whoever heard of them! A #11 seed. God bless them! May they go all the way!

Dinner at Lisa’s was a personal disaster for me, also. Chicken. No matter how small I cut the pieces, the pain was too much! I enjoyed the family. Especially Robert and Ally. Poppa’s buddies!

I hurried home. I had to eat! I was starving!

A blender manufacturer should hire me to tout the many blessings and advantages of a blender! My blender produced meal consisted of Greek yogurt, sugarless chocolate ice cream, sugarless chocolate syrup, fresh strawberries and ice. Three large glasses full. Delicious!

Talk with you tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou, my name is West and I have been enjoying your blog for almost two years now. I just wanted to thank you for rooting for my alma mater, V.C.U. We are tickeled pink here in Richmond. Anyway the next time my wife and I are in K.W. we will be sure to look you up.

  2. Yep, VCU has always had a quality BB all program like George Mason. They just don't get noticed nationally until they kick some arse in March Madness. GO RAMS!

  3. 20K and still no teeth?!

    Whats it gonna be-couple more months til you get the false implants drilledinto your skull?

    Perhaps you can chew during Fantasy Fat Fest in October.

    20K and no teeth…..ya shoulda taken better care…..brushed and flossed…..oh well…..a fool and his money…..and toothless old geezers are a hoot to see in public…..point and laugh…..smile for da camera Lou ol boy!


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