What a great morning!

Sun bright. Only a sprinkling of clouds. No breeze. Water gliding by.

I do live in Paradise!

Howard Livingston said it right this morning on Facebook. I admire and respect Howard. His comment opens his good heart for all to see. “We’re happy folks on a permanent vacation.”

The Key West Lou Legal Hour yesterday morning. Viewed world wide! Amazes me.

The topics were many. The one receiving the most post show comment involved the Muslim terrorist who wanted to bomb an American city on Christmas Day 2009. The same way his compatriots had executed 9/11.

He decided on Houston. Plane ticket too expensive. He then opted for Chicago. Plane ticket too expensive. He settled on Detroit because the airline ticket was the cheapest.

Fortunately, he was apprehended before he could effectuate his plan.

I stayed home last night. The basketball was too good to miss. From the comfort of my bed, I watched two terrific games.

I thought Marquette would defeat North Carolina. Just as they had beaten Syracuse. That in your face defense. Did not work last night. Marquette got killed! 81-63!

Kentucky/Ohio was a closer and better game. Kentucky, a #4 seed, eeked out a 62-60 victory over #1 seed Ohio. One terrific game!

Ohio had to feel like hell afterwards. To be ranked #1 most of the season and the #1 pick in the big tournamnet and not make it to the Final Four. Such are the fortunes of war and March Madness. Ohio has nothing to be ashamed about. Kentucky has every reason to be proud and excited.

I have no idea what I am going to do today. Other than live my day in Key West time. What ever that is. You cannot explain it. You just feel it and know.


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