What a night! And I do not mean out on the town! It was after midnight. I was in bed asleep. I was wakened by the wind. Howling!

Then came the rain. Slapping against the house! This went on for a couple of hours. I kept waking. Rain in the Keys is like a monsoon. Hard and sideways.

I started my annual physical yesgterday morning. One hour of blood work and prodding by the nurses. In a couple of weeks, the doctor herself gets a chance at me.

Yesterday’s weather was glorious. 87 degrees. Will be the same today. Humidity is upon us. People are talking about it excitedly. Everyone mentioning they have had to turn on their air conditioners.

I wrote quite a bit yesterday. Primarily for friday’s interent show. No problem finding topics. Everything is happening in Key west and the outside world.

I had an early dinner at Hogfish. I wanted to be home in time for the President’s address on Libya. Lobster bisque! I can handle it! Sat at the bar and chatted with some fishermen friends. These gents are true Key Westers. From another era. Always an education!

I was not impressed by President Obama’s words. I thought before the speech that we did not belong in Libya. Nothing said changed my mind.

We have to deal with our problems at home first and foremost.

The economy, the economy, the economy!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Yep, the economy sucks! All those 1 million a piece missiles would come in handy as cash here. What a weird world and weirder nation…eh Tea Party folk?

  2. What"s a little rain? Live with it and ya ain"t seen nuthin yet-we still have hurricane season.

    Will ya have choppers by then or will they be calling ya "Gummy" still ?????

    P & J
    Yes – you know!

  3. Lou, your wisdom compliments me. I only have 2/3 your years but could not agree with you more on the war. When did it become our job to look out for freedoms & democracy of other countries, when all the while we are losing more freedoms of our own? I reckon it was sometime after our Revolutionary War. Someday we'll realize the human price of being top Super Power isn't worth it and keep our nose out of others' business…

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