It appears summer has arrived in Key West. It has been humid the past few days. Especially yesterday.

I played golf in the morning. Raised a sweat because of the humidity. The air was heavier. On some shots, I had to go two extra clubs.

I thought I played poorly. I played with Larry, Yankee Jack and Robert. They thought I played well.

I four putted 3 greens.

Whatever, I was the big money winner. $6!

The winner buys drinks. The drinks cost me $7.

The humidity knocked me out. I went home to bed and slept the afternoon away.

I intended to go out last night. Never did. My preparation for friday’s Key West Lou Legal hour was incomplete. I spent four hours working at it. Jenna and I will fine tune the show later today.

This morning a dentist visit. I still have pain on one side of my jaw. Cannot chew. Hope something can be done about it.

Bocce tonight. My game better improve. David and Don are on my ass!

Enjoy your day!

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