Not a cloud in the sky. Bright blue. Just like the water. Sun bright. Just the right amount of breeze.

Another terrific Key West day!

Mentioning wind reminds me of one of my granddaughters. Sarah. She is now an adult. Back when she was young and small, we were taking a family trip to Block island. I had rented a house for two weeks.

Sarah had to be somewhere around 4 to 6 years old.

To get to Block Island, we drove to Point Judith, Rhode Island. Then it was a ferry boat ride from Point Judith to Block Island. About 15 miles. Just enough that when you were at the mid point of the trip, you could not see land in front or behind.

Sarah and I were standing at the rail. It was breezy. All of a sudden Sarah asked, “Where is the wind coming from? There are no trees.”

The innocence of children.

I have become accustomed to island living. There are now days when I do not leave my home at all. Yesterday was one of them. I sat around all day writing. Mostly outside under the shade of the tiki hut. The tiki hut sits all of ten feet from the ocean.

What could be better!

This Libya thing gives me concern. I am sure it gives us all concern. Russia’s Putin yesterday described the United Nations activities in Libya as a “medieval crusade.”

A bad choice of words.

The Muslims have never forgotten the last crusade of almost a thousand years ago when the armies of Europe invaded the Middle East. That invasion was justified in large part as an attempt to Christianize the Muslims.

The reverse appears to be true today. The Muslims seek to Islamicatize the world. Slowly and deliberately.

What goes around, comes around. Beware.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I kinda wish I had know you were going to Boondocks. I would have walked over to say hello..
    Block Island is a great place isn't it ? We used to go fishing there every fall.. Patrick

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