Good morning!

Another lovely Key West day in the making!

I played golf yesterday morning. A disaster!

The best description of my game is what occurred on the very first hole on the first tee with my first shot. My drive. I did not even make the ladies’ tee!

I was the big loser, of course. $14.

Played with Rob who bartends at Don’s place, Mike who bartends at Schooner’s Wharf and Yankee Jack who sings at the Bull. Mike was the big winner. $23.

It was hot! I got tired! Not an excuse. Just a recitatation of the facts. After golf, I hurried home and napped most of the afternoon.

Dinner last night was at the Yacht Club. With Marty and Kurt. A good time.

Afterwards, we sent over to the Bottle Cap. It was wednesday. And wednesday is the Larry Smith variety show which is broadcast radiowise at KONK 1500 AM and ustreamed over the internet worldwide at

Great show! The best yet!

Larry was into a halloween frame of mind. He was wearing a bright orange beret with a tiny green stalk on top. Jenna was excellent and lovely to boot. A true professional. Alec did his usual great stuff.

And then there was Petra. Petra is a diamond in the rough. A talent in disguise. A blossoming flower. Cute. Petite. Formerly of the Czech Republic. A developing talent!

Tino and Maria are back! They have returned to Key West from Chicago for several months. I ran into them at Larry’s show. Love them both!

Tonight is the best evening of Fantasy Fest from my perspective. The best of the ten day event.

Tonight…..Pretenders! At the Pier House. The classiest show of the evening…..of the week! Don’t miss it! You will be cheating yourself if you do. Larry, Kathleen and Jenna are hosting the event. Howard Livingston is involved. Plus a spectacular and colorful show.

Then there is the street. Sloppy Joe’s. Tonight is Toga Party!

When I went to college, the kids neither knew nor had toga parties. Tonight Sloppy’s and the street in front of Sloppy’s will be replete with males and females attired in nothing more than a white sheet of sorts. Some a bit skimpy.

The toga party is an adult one. The ladies show their wares for a bead or two. So disgusting! Not really! A sight to behold! A voyeur’s paradise!

Further down Duval, Cowboy Bill’s is sponsoring a wet t-shirt contest. Speaks for itself!

It is like March Madness. I call it Fantasy Fest madness!

Enjoy your day!

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