Great news!

Donna and Terri telephoned me yesterday. Terri has a new show!

She opens in the spring in Washington, D.C, in Follies. A musical about the Broadway musicals of the 1920s. Terri will be a principal in the show. Which means she has a starring role.

With three other ladies of the theater.

Linda Lavin of TV Alice fame. Bernadette Peters, the diva of the American musical theater. And Elaine Paige. Paige is an English singer and actress who was the first Eva Peron in Evita.

What a group to star with!

Terri White’s story is unique and interesting. Three years ago she was down and out. A homeless person in New York city sleeping on a park bench. Then she was rediscovered. Finian’s Rainbow. Followed by a stint on Broadway in Chicago as Mama Morton.

Go Terri! Continued success!

I was tired yesterday. Stayed in bed till 4. Then had to hurry to the dentist for a 4:30 appoinment. I am heading for some heavy dental work after the first of the year. I am not looking forward to it.

I was tired from my vacation. I was on the go every day all day. Not my style. I like to lay in bed awhile each day. Nap a little.

Dinner with Lisa and the family last night. The best!

I brought presents back for the grandkids from Arizona. Crocs and some other goodies. Robert and Ally were thrilled. I showed them the pictures of my ballon ride and the zoo animals. Really excited them!

Robert lost a tooth during dinner. A baby one. His second. He was excited. Robert considers the loss of his teeth as a rite of passage into manhood. Lisa was excited that I was there to share the experience with Robert.

I met Marty at La Trattoria later in the evening. He ate. I merely had an appetizer.

It was good to be back at an old hunting ground. Sometimes even a week away is too long. I received my usual hug and kiss from Becha. Kathy was bartending. She even kissed me.

Marty has the gout. On medication. He could not drink. Depressing for him.

This is Fantasy Fest week in Key West. No question about it last night. The town is packed. The streets full. Many in special attire. Perhaps lack of attire might better state it. Even the men. Unquestionably an adult party. Thongs prevailed. Male and female. Butts out all over the place. Not all that attractive. As Marty observed, a lot of cellulite out there!

Female breasts were particularly prominent. Some with pasties. Others painted over.

Everyone having a good time!

The amazing thing I have discovered over the years is that many Fantasy Fest visitors are conservative Americans. They come from middle America. Would never dress this way back home. Come to Key West to let it all hang out. Which is precisely what they do!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. The town is not as packed as Fantasy Fests in the past. And less great bods to look at – more like Fat Fest than ever.

    Old Fat Baby Boomer drunks with droopy boobs. Don't they know about plastic surgery? Has the economy tanked so much that now all we get to see are obese women and men, too drunk to waddle home, showing their small junk, folds of fat and gravity loving breasts to everyone?

    Where are the fit and fabulous gals and guys? Did they miss their plane to Key West? They sure aren't here now. Hope they land by weeks end or you can write this off as FAT FEST 2010!

  2. The party really starts at the end of the week so the fabulous looking gals and guys will be there for sure. Remember that tourists come to town and do what they can't do at home and that is get drunk in public and let it all hang out. Don't like it? Don't look and shame on you for complaining. As long as we make money from their stupid ways, who cares? The more they spend, the more we locals are there, ready to take their money. All their money. More money. Show me the money!

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