Phoenix vacation over!

It was a good week! I am pleased I did this.

The only thing I did not get to do was play golf. It just did not fit in .

I planned on playing yesterday. Troon North was my choice. If you are going to play, you might as well play one of the best!

Troon North is two courses. Monument and Pinnacle. I searched the internet. Both had available tee times for a single around lunch time. Just what I wanted.

I did not bring clubs with me. Only golf shoes. My intention was to rent clubs. I could not get through to a human voice to find out if any were available. I was concerned that because it was Saturday, clubs might not be available.

I telephoned Troon North. It was like calling the power company, a telephone company or a credit card company. All preprogamed responses. Punch 1 for English, 2 for Spanish. Then more numbers to punch.

I finally got frustrated. Said screw it!

I went to a zoo instead. Trust me, a terrific substitute! A winner!

The Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium. Minutes away from my hotel. Troon North would have been an hour drive each way.

I was a bit upset with the entrance fee. $27.50. A lot of money I thought!

I was wrong! It was worth every penny.

First, I did the fish. Saw more type fish than ever before.

Then the animals! A WOW!

Giraffes, zebras, deer, rhinoceroses, camels, wart hogs, gazelles, antelopes, ostriches, tigers, jaguars, turtles, parrots and more! An experience! The only sadness was that grandkids Robert and Ally were not with me. They would have enjoyed and remembered it all!

I took pictures with my cell phone of most of the animals. I will share them with Robert and Ally when I return.

I was particularly impressed with the giraffes. Tall creatures! Spectators were permitted up a high stand to be eye level with them. And feed them! Yes, feed them! There were coin machines so food could be purchased. You held your hand out and the giraffes licked the food particles off.
I learned giraffes have long tongues. Easily a foot. Their tongues brushed the palm of your hand as they licked up the food morsels. Their tongues are soft and smooth to the touch.

Last night my pattern remained the same as previous evenings. First a movie and then dinner at a steak house. I am a creature of habit when I like something.

On my way back to the hotel after dinner, I passed the local Margaritaville again. The crowd was so large there was a line outside waiting to get in! Wild!

Howard my friend, you’ve got to get into Mile Marker 24 restaurants at some point. People everywhere seem to want a touch of Key West.

Tomorrow’s blog will be from Key West.

Enjoy your day!

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