Happy Saturday!

It is my last full day in Phoenix. I leave tomorrow to return to Key West.

The vacation has been good so far. I am not bored or restless. But I will be happy to return home.

Miss Lisa and the family. Miss my Key West friends. Robert and Ally are sick. The bug. Missed some school this week. Lisa missed some work. The babysitter is in Phoenix!

I stayed in bed later than normal yesterday. The Sedona trip left me a bit tired.

When I got up, I needed to find a Walgreen’s. I was running out of one of my pills. I had seen a building 3 stops away on the highway running by my hotel. The Walgreen sign stood out on the side of the hideway. I drove over. It was not easy to find once I got off the highway. It was stuck way back behind a series of buildings.

I finally found it. Went in. Not a normal Walgreen’s. Not a drug store. It was a Walgreen’s that sold what might be described as durable medical goods and supplies. Wheelchairs and the like.

I wanted to ask the sole Walgreens’ employee where a for real Walreen’s drug store was located. However, she was too busy. The store was crowded. With old people. Then I realized I am an old people. Probably older than half the people there.

It was scarry. My Walgreen’s next? I hope not! I am happy to remain a drug prescription customer!

The metropolitan Phoenix area has a great highway system. The infrastructure appears relatively new. Well developed. Many aerial loops. Very impressive! Obviously John McCain has obtained many federal dollars for his state.

I enjoy talking with the natives. Whenever I can, I bring up McCain’s name. A waitress, the car man, people in restaurants. He is revered! McCain is a Diety! They cannot understand how he was not elected President. And everyone calls him John!

I did the Spa in the afternoon. An 80 minute massage. Almost fell asleep on the table. The masseuse left me dozing on the table when she was done.

Then a late lunch at the hotel. In its Zen type court yard. The perfect setting following a massage.

I spent the balance of the afternoon sleeping. I collapsed on the bed and fell into a deep sleep.

The massage had been good for me.

Went to the movies again last night! The fourth movie this week. I rarely get to the movies in Key West. So I have been pigging out.

It was the opening day for Hereafter. A movie about a psychic who can communicate with the dead. The movie starred Matt Damon. He was excellent! It was directed by Clint Eastwood. The pace of the movie can only be described as slow tension. Loved it!

I have always been into the after life. Does it exist? I believe it does. I am confident I will be with my long gone beloved Mother and Grandparents.

John Edward is a psychic of reknown. He wrote a series of several books dealing with Passing Over. I have read all of them. He also had a televsion show for several years. If the subject has any interest for you, read one of his books. You will not be bored.

I had dinner at the bar of a steak house in the commercial piazza afterward. The place was packed! The whole piazza was packed! It was friday night!

I return to Key West tomorrow just in time for Fantasy Fest. It has already started. This weekend is Goombay.

I am rested for the week ahead!

Enjoy your day!

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