I am back! In Key West!

A joy!

I had a good time in Phoenix. But there is no place like home!

My morning yesterday started at the Phoenix Airport. I was impressed with everything I saw and experienced in Phoenix. Except for the airport! It is a throwback to the 1950s. Old and worn. Needs updating. Actually some new buildings. A perfect place for some stimulus dollars!

I was afraid I would run into the luggage problem on my return trip. I did!

Just as you can fly Delta out of Key West with only one bag, the rule applies in reverse. You can fly Delta into Key West with only one bag.

I had two bags. Large ones. Not for the compartment above my seat.

I had to go through 3 people before I got resolution.

The first was the red cap checking bags at the curb. He said the computer would not permit two bags. I gave him the stand by routine for the bag. I got a blank stare in return. He said go inside and try the kiosk.

I hate the kiosks. I am too old! Not mechanically inclined! The kiosks intimidate me!

Fortunately there was a Delta attendant at the kiosks. I explained my problem. She tried. Kiosk rejected me. One bag too many.

She said go to the Kiosk Assistance desk. This was new one! I had never heard of a kiosk assistance desk before.

It is like going to the counter to check in. Two places are set aside with signs above the counter reading Kiosk Assistance.

There had to be 200 people waiting in long lines to get to the Delta counter. Immediate depressiion set in. Then I noticed the Kiosk Assistance line had only 6 people in it. Redemption!

The guy at the Kisosk Assistance counter was terrific.

I explained my problem to him in detail. He said no go. Only one bag. That is what the computer says. He claimed he had never heard of a bag going stand by. I rspectfully suggested he research the program. It had to be there. I also lied. I told him the counter person in Key West had told me one of my bags could return stand by.

He took a few minutes. Did his homework. And voila! It was there! My bag could go stand by!

I was happy he found the solution. He was happy he learned something new. He repeatedly thanked me as he did the paperwork for my stand by bag.

The tension drained from my body!

I was seated next to a sailor on the Atlanta to Key West leg of the trip. The sailor was into his 22nd year of service. He is presently stationed in Key West.

We chatted a bit.

I asked him what he thought of Obama. He said he preferred a Republican adminisration. The Republicans did more for the military. Democrats were prone to cut.

I got into don’t ask, don’t tell. He was generally opposed to gays in the military. He described it as a “comfort factor.” Especially when at sea. He explained how tight and close the sleeping situations were.

Corey met me at the Key West airport. It was late. The grandkids were in bed. Corey is a good guy! Good to Lisa and the grandkids. Good to me.

I explained the stand by problem. Low and behold, one of the first bags to come through was my stand by bag! I was relieved.

The Key West air hit me as I walked out the airport doors. Warm solft humidity. I had missed it!

Marty, I am back!

Marty telephoned me while I was on route. Caught me in the Atlanta airport. Where are you? When will you be back?

Tonight Marty! We will be out on the town!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Interesting input from the soldier on the plane. I have often wondered how other countries handle the gay issue in their military.

    For those not understanding the "uncomfortable" issue, I would ask a female, "would you be ok with showering with a male soldier?" I assume the answer would be that they would be uncomfortable, Why would you be uncomfortable?

  2. welcome home lou !i know exactly what you mean of the kw heat & air hitting you in the face ! nothing like it. dorothy was right, there's no place like home. rainy , yuk and 75 degrees is columbia,sc…………BYRDMAN

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