Today is Friday. Friday is radio time. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

I am still in Phoenix. Not Key West.

There will still be a radio show, however. A rerun. Listen in. It might be one you missed. KONK 1500 AM radio in the Florida keys. World wide via the internet. Voice only. No picture with a rerun.

Next week I will be back. In the flesh. Voice and picture.

The weather cleared yesterday morning. So I ventured out. To Sedona and the red rock formations. I reserved a jeep trip by phone before I left.

A two hour drive each way. Not bad.

Phoenix is 1,000 feet above sea level. Contrasted with Key West that is zero sea level. Where I was heading, Sedona, is 4,500 feet above sea level.

The altitude/elevation has been bothering me a bit in Phoenix. Ankle swelling has been a problem. I am winded a bit when walking. Everything seems to take effort

My initial thought was that my heart had suddenly taken a step back. Then I realized it was the altitude.

Sedona was even more difficult at 4,500 feet!

Before that however, let me tell you about the drive. Straight up! From 1,000 feet above sea level to 4,500 feet.

Along the way, there are road side signs telling you that you are at 3,000 feet, 3,500 feet, 4,000 feet, etc.

The vegetation changes. I had been forewarned to observe it.

From vegetation of one sort to almost nothing and finally to a heavy different vegetation at the highest levels.

Nature is amazing and surprising!

I arrived in Sedona just in time to hop in the back of an open air jeep. For a two hour exploration.

A rough ride. Especially when we were driving off highway. I was buckled in with a seat belt. Needed the seat belt. Not in case of an accident. Rather to hold me in so I did not fly out.

I also was covered with a blanklet. It was cold! Cold cold! No one had told me that the weather is chilly at that elevaation. I should have thought of it. The natives were dressed for cold weather. Long pants, heavy shirts, jackets and hats. I could have used all of it! I was wearing shorts and a sweat shirt.

Absolutely enjoyed the rock formations! Red sandstone. What words to describe? Difficult. Magnificent? Perhaps. The formations stand tall and proud. They are overwhelming. Sun shining on them dramatic. The thought crossed my mind at one point that this was truly God’s country!

I mentioned earlier that the vegetation was thick and heavy at the highest levels. Many different trees.

One was a cottonwood. Huge. Thick. Reminded me of Key West’s banyan trees. I was told this particular cottonwood was a couple hundred years old. The bark showed it. The tree was standing near Cold Creek. The roots apparently were rooted into the creek. So the tree was well hydrated which I was told contributed to its longevity and size.

Nearby was another cottonwood tree. A much younger one. Its trunk merely 2 inches in diameter.

What a difference two hundred years makes!

The 4,500 feet elevation got to me on occasion. At one point I had to walk 50 feet up an incline. It was red rock. The incline was about 45 degrees. Nature had provided steps in the incline.

The short trip was an effort! My heart was pounding! I thought it was going to happen there! I was going to die. My heart was going to explode.

I made it the short 50 feet to the top. The trip was worth it. The view spectacular. I felt like I was standing next to God. Perhaps I almost did.

After the jeep exploration, I walked Sedona a bit. Not too much. The elevation was still affecting me.

Sedona is a tourist town. No question about it. Boutique stores everywhere selling tee shirts, souveniers, art, etc. An attractive community. Not garrish. I was told code enforcement is strict. Sedona does not even have street lights. The community believes street lights would detract from the natural ambiance of the community. McDonald’s does not have its usual red arches. No arches. And the red of a McDonald’s is a muted forest green.

I had an early dinner at some restaurant on Sedona’s strip. I selected the restaurant based on its proximity to my car. I wanted to walk no further. My car was parked right next to the restaurant.

The retaurant turned out to be a good choice. Excellent food. Better yet, the setting. Behind the restaurant in the distance sat several of the huge red rock formations. The back wall of the restauant was glass window floor to ceiling. I had a great view to go with the excellent meal.

The best thing about the restaurant was that it was heated! I had finaly come out of the cold!

Then a pleasant two hour drive back to my hotel. And bed! I was shot!

Today, What? Golf? I want to play once. But I think my body has been beaten enough. Maybe a health spa day. My hotel has a great spa. I hurried through it the other day to see. Perhaps a massage. Maybe a pedicure. Some reflexology?

As you can see, I am into this vacation thing!

Enjoy your day!

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