It rained yesterday morning. Heavy. Unusually heavy. The rain was different in two fashions from previous downpours.

First, it was prolonged. Started in the night and continued to late morning. Key West is a small island. Generally, a rain storm moves over us rapidly.

The second unusual feature was that it rained straight down. Never rains straight down. Always some manner of sideways. The angle of the rain is caused by the wind. A rain storm in Key West is like a monsoon. The rain blows horizontal. There was no wind yesterday morning.

I spent the day inside. Had to catch up on paper work and started preparing for friday’s radio show, The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

I met Marty at the Chart Room last night.

For all the people in town for Fantasy Fest, the Chart Room was empty. It was Marty, me and Michael the bartender for an hour.

As I was walking to my car to drive to dinner, I ran into Sean and Katherine. Dressed for the occasion. For Fantasy Fest. Terrific costumes.They appeared to be Swiss mountaineers. Sean was in shorts with suspenders and a billowy shirt. Plus an appropriate cap. Katherine was in a fluffy dfress. Slightly short. And one which accentuated her breasts. She looked darling!

I expected them both to start yoddling at any moment!

In my drive to the Chart Room and then to Michael’s, I had occasion to see other Fantasy Fest participants. Last night must have been plaid night. Most of the ladies were wearing short plaid skirts.

Marty and I had dinner at the bar atMichael’s. A good crowd. Emmett bartending.

We stayed a long time. Chatted with Emmett about his Italy trip. Chatted with a couple sitting next to me.

The couple were Mike and Holly Mele from Tampa. Mele is a name I am familiar with. My hometown of Utica had a Mele family. The husband ran a huge successful jewelry box business. Interestingly, Mike knew of the Utica Mele manufacturing business. He had come across the name and its history previously via the internet.

Mike is a commercial realtor in the Tampa area. His specialty is storage units. Those things people rent by the month to store what does not fit in their homes. He said business was especially good this year. I thought to myself it is probably all these mortgage foreclsures which are forcing families out of their homes. They need a place to store their goods as they size down.

Holly does interesting work. She is employed by a company called Tower which is somehow tied into either the drug or MRI industry. She is presently involved in a gout study. Previously she worked on an alzhiemer study.

Her present gout study proved interesting to Marty. He is still suffering from the gout. The pills are not doing it yet.

Mike and Holly haved visited Key West four times previously. They are ardent Fantasy Fest participants. I asked if they would be costumed up at all during the week. Yes. They had brought their costumes to Key West with them. Each would be wearing plaid. Though not last night. They were dressed in typical Key West attire. Tee shirts and shorts. When they do costume up, Holly said she will be wearing a plaid skirt. Short? Yes. Skimpy was the word she used to describe it. Mike said he would be wearing plaid shorts. We never got into length. Who cared!

Golf this morning!

I am anxious. It has been two weeks since I played. The group this morning will be sparse. Don is on his way north to visit his daughter and grandson. Larry has a rehearsal scheduled. He is playing at Pretenders tomorrow night. Kurt was in an automobile accident three weeks ago and hurt his shoulder. He is not healed yet.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Three times I have done this; three times it has solved the problem quickly, safely, and cheaply!
    Three people I ran the errand for, but I have not had gout, thankfully.

    Find a can of dark pitted cherries, the darker they are, the better! Gout sufferer must consume in one sitting the entire contents, even the surrounding water. Feet on a footstool for a while, then take a brief walk outside; deep breaths.

    Within an amazingly short time, gout is cured. I do not know why. My grandmother told me and I am passing along this cure info.

    The mind has a workload protecting the record and to be distracted by pain is certainly worrisome for a court reporter.

    I hope this old cure works for Marty just as quickly as expected.

  2. Gout is generally caused by excessive uric acid and the anthocyanin in cherry jiuce helps reduce that as well the inflamation.. A lot of water tends to do the same thing,, but,, apparently not as quickly.. Gout hurts, sufferers really look for relief..
    Patrick and JoAnn

  3. My my — the patrick / jojoann duo can google wikipedia for their boredom! No one asked for you to chime in now did they ? But here they are the Helpers, the Buttinskys, the Think-they-know-it-alls. Egads !

  4. Lou, It was great meeting and talking with you at Michael's. Holly and I had a great Fantasey Fest and are now back to our normal lives. We will be back soon on a more quit weekend to just relax and maybe do a little fishing. Hope to run into you again someday. Mike & Holly Mele

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