I spoke of the topless rights event scheduled for July 4 yesterday. I received a comment mentioning the Garden of Eden.

I have only been to the Garden of Eden on two occasions. About 10 years ago when it first opened.

The Garden of Eden is located on the roof of the Bull on Duval. It is an outdoor clothing optional bar.

My wife and I visited.

Did nothing for me. I never returned.

I will concede I was anxious to see bare ass women running around. I was disappointed. Everyone, including the wife and I, wore our clothes. Only the barmaid and waiter wore less.

It was boring and drab.

I understand the place is now more active. Disrobing does take place. Not a bad thing. This is Key West.

However the nudity begins around 11. Too late for me. I am generally fast asleep by that time.

Lunched at BO’s yesterday. It has been years since I have done so.

BO’s is a shack on Caroline near the waterfront. Shack aptly describes the place.

BO’s is famous for its fish sandwich. I had one and read the newspapers. And fought off an ant or two.

The food and atmosphere were good. Different. Not my cup of tea, however. It will be a number of years before I return.

I spent the afternoon at Smathers Beach. At the quiet end. Under a lone palm tree. Peaceful. Good for the soul.

Lisa and the kids came over to sleep last night. Termites still a problem.

I took them to dinner at Outback. The grandkids loved it. Their first time.

I ordered one of Outback’s gooey desserts. With 3 spoons. Lisa did not want to partake. Actually, she did not want me to order it. She permits Robert and Ally to eat ice cream. But nothing gooey and rich and chocolatey as I ordered. It was a hot chocolate cake covered with a scoop of vanila ice cream covered with whip cream covered with hot chocolate syrup.

Watching Robert and Ally go at it was priceless! With the first bite, they knew it was something different! And good! Very good!

The look on their faces! They could not get enough fast enough! And all the time Lisa was having fits.

Then it was home to bed. My home.

Robert and Ally must have been wired from the dessert. They could not make up their minds where they wanted to sleep. First, Ally was in bed with me. Then she left. Robert came in. He was almost asleep when he decided to return to Lisa’s bed.

Then tragedy! Robert knocked over a ceramic lamp on the bedstand. Clean up time!

It is now morning. The grandkids are eating chocolate cheerios as I write.

Then we are off to the golf course. They are taking their first golf lessons!

A big day!

Four whole hours.

Professionals in the making!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou –

    Maybe chocolate cheerios isn't the best choice for the grand kids after the chocolate treat last night!! You don't want the kids getting the "yips" their first day on the course! LOL

    Also, are you still having an issue with your email sending spam messages to IP's that have signed into your blog comments section? Bummer…..

  2. I'm pulling into Key West in less than 2 weeks and can't wait to hit up BO's!! The Grouper sandwich is great, and I think the rundown atmosphere adds to it!

    Sounds like you guys enjoyed the chocolate thunder from down under while at Outback last night. I did 4 years of waitering and bartending at an Outback during college and the menu is still fresh in my head, and I enjoyed my fair share of treats while working there!

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