I am out of bed late this morning. Got hooked on an old World War II movie and stayed in bed watching it.

Yesterday’s radio show went well. I received many favorable comments afterwards. Two segments were especially appealing to the audience.

The first had to do with my friend Cindy. Cindy of Tom and Cindy. From Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

I have written of Cindy before. Yesterday I spoke of her.

Cindy and husband Tom are snowbirds. About 10 years. Winter here in Key West.

Cindy has had a bit of misfortune in her life. Five different cancers. Seven cancer surgeries. She is missing one leg and two breasts. The leg was removed to the groin. Ergo, she cannot use a prosthesis. Her last two surgeries were for a cancerous brain tumor.

In spite…..she is clean, alive and well!


A terrific personality! A happy woman!

Last week she had what might be considered a minor tragedy for her. She fell and broke her arm. Not a big deal to most. But it is to her. She needs both arms to balance herself on her one leg when she is not in a wheel chair or using crutches.

The break requires surgery. She cannot have the surgery. The previous cancer treatments do not permit it. Her bones will not allow it.

So Cindy is casted. For 8 weeks. Not even the usual 6.

With all this adversity heaped upon her, Cindy is still cheerful and perky. The sun always rises as far as she is concerned!

Cindy just wrote me an e mail and thanked me for my thoughts yesterday. She and Tom watched on ustream together with several of their friends.

Cindy! Love you! This too shall pass! Key West misses you! Hurry back!

The other story that made an impact of sorts yesterday was the minie ball pregnancy. Serious at first. Then funny. A real joke! Concerns the Civil War and a rebel soldier who was shot by a Yankee. Bullets were called minie balls. The ball passed through the rebel soldiers reproductive organs and then struck a young lady standing on a nearby porch.

The young lady got pregnant.

The baby born was the original son of a gun.

If you want to know more, I suggest you look up minie ball pregnancy on the internet.

Jules is my bocce partner. I speak of her often. She and husband Jim leave this week for their home in New Orleans. No more Jules!

Husband Jim retired yesterday from the U.S. Air Force.

Jim joined the Air Force sometime after college. Went through officers training school. He retires now as a major after 20 years of service.

Major James Nevius’ retierment ceremony was yesterday at Boca Chica Air Base. I was invited. However, I could not attend.

I did hook up with every one later at Don ‘s Place where they were partying. There is a formal party this afternoon at 2 at Don’s Place. I will be there.

The party last night was fun. Of course, every one was pleasantly snockered by the time I arrived.

They were playing pool table bocce. Eventually I got to play. It is fun.

Maria and a friend were in from Tampa. Maria is Jules best friend. I like Maria. We Facebook a lot.

She partnered with me in the pool table bocce games.

Later at the bar, Maria was drinking a beer. The bottle fell over. On the both of us. My shirt, shorts and crocs were a mess. Maria was wearing long. The dress was soaked as well as her sandals.

I accused her of knocking the bottle over. She said no. It was me. Ok. I find it amusing since I no longer drink. The only sober one in the house was the clumsy one.

I stayed a little longer. Smelled like a brewery. Said my good nights and drove home with the windows open. Took a shower. Threw my clothes and crocs on the shower floor first. I had to get the beer smell off me and out of everything else.

I have decided to have a Louis day. A walk. Some newspaper reading at the Coffee House. A pedicure. A visit with the grandkids Then Jim’s party. I plan on getting to the party late. It starts at 2. I will get there at 4 when the food arrives. It is difficult for me to be in a bar for a long time without drinking.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Uhm….Louis…..who the hell is Tom of Jules and Tom? You know her husband's name is Jim, right? You sure you didn't suck the beer off your shoes, shorts and crocs? lol Yes it was the sober one who knocked the beer over….you were reaching around to hug Jules and me tight for a picture. lol It is all good. Jim (not Tom) spilled a beer all over my purse and shirt last night too…..and he was NOT sober. Can't wait to see you today!

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