Good morning world!

Welcome to Key West!

The weather is lovely! People terrific! The place to live!

Yesterday was outstanding! A good day all the way around.

My morning started with the grandkids.

Robert and Ally had slept over. They were to be at the golf course at 8 am for their very first golf lesson.

Robert was excited. Ally appeared a bit intimidated. Lisa was a wreck. Make sure they have water. How will Ally go to the bathroom? What if they get hungry? Leave my phone number in case the want to leave or get hurt. And on and on it went.

I took them to the golf course. Left them with several other little ones at the marked table in the restaurant. No one talking. All just sitting. Like what am I doing here!

Then the pro came in. I took him to the side. Gave him my phone number. In case some one of them breaks an arm I told him. He looked at me strangely. Like I was some sort of a nut. He told me this was not their first rodeo. They had done this many times before. Safety came first. I was the only one who had left a phone number.

Oh, well.

I watched as they left for the first hole. Robert and Ally were riding in a cart. Both beaming. I instantly knew there was nothing to worry about.

I left. I would retrurn 4 hours later to pick them up.

I had a haircut appopintment at 10. It was only 8. So I headed for the Coffee House.

Glad I did. In walked Jane. Lovely Jane. My contemporary age wise. She is about 3-4 years older. Short. Beautiful. White hair. Always a smile. Wears long white dresses. Like gauze. She floats. Does not walk.

We had an interesting catch up conversation. The last time we were togethr she had told me she was reading War and Peace. Why, I asked. It’s a task! Self abuse. Over 1,100 pages. Because I never did, she replied.

She was proud to tell me she had finished War and Peace. And was now reading Anna Karenia. This woman loves to beat herself up!

She was still looking for the War and Peace DVD I had told her about. The one starring Audrey Hepburn, Henry Fonda and Mel Ferrer. I told he I had recently watched Anna Karenia on Turner’s Classic Channel. It was a talkie starring Greta Garbo.

A great conversation which lasted till I had to leave for my haircut.

I was Lori’s first customer. She thought my bringing the grandkids for their haircuts last Saturday was cute. Her observation was that I had a good time with them and they with me. She was correct.

I was back at the golf course. Precisely at noon the door to the restaurant opened and the kids came trampling in. All appeared a bit tired. They received a pep talk and their season passes as new members of the golf course. A big deal!

Then Robert and Ally came to me. They were beat but uplifted. They each explained how the club was to be held. They had the science down. Interlock grip, thumb placement and all that.

Hot dogs, potato chips and diet Pepsi for lunch. All the bad things their Mother does not permit them to eat.

After lunch, I took them to my home and pool. I figured their hot bodies needed an immediate cooling off. Had them strip down. No nudity laws here. And jump in. Just for 5 minutes.

Then it was off to bed for them. I figured they needed a nap. I was correct. Within 5 minutes, they were out cold. And slept for 2 hours!

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge started from Key West this past weekend.

The Marriott was loaded with motorcyles and motorcyclists. Around 500.

The Hoka Hey Challenge is sponsored by Harley Davidson. It is a 14 day race from Key West to Homer, Alaska. Just like riding a horse. The participants sleep outside by their steel horses. The cyclists are considered the most elite riders ever to saddle up on a motorcycle. Like Top Guns.

There is only one prize. To the #1 finisher. $500,000 in Alaskan gold. The theory is there is no reward in a warrior society for second place.

Tough guys!

Hoka hey means a good day to die. Comes to us from Crazy Horse. The Indian chief who defeated Custer. Crazy Horse used to shout it as he was racing into battle. History records that he shouted hoka hey at Little Big Horn the day he slaughtered Custer and his troops.

Dinner was at La Trattoria last night. At the bar. Many locals. Good conversation.

I had an urge. Spagheti with oil and garlic. It was good!

On the way home, I had a second urge. Ice cream. Stopped at Publix and bought a half gallon of ice cream. And devoured half of it when I got home! Good, but not good.

Today is Wednesday. Golf day. I cannot play. Bad. I have something more important to do.

Enjoy your day!

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