Yesterday was a good day.

I started with a late morning walk at Smathers Beach. I am back into good health. The humidity was a killer. I was soaking wet at the end of the walk.

Then home to shower.

I was in need of a pedicure. So it was off to see Tammy. I enjoyed the manicure. Very restful.

Then with sparkling toes (ho, ho), I was off to Don’s Place. For Jim’s retirement party.

The place was packed. Everyone there to do honor to Jim. A likable guy. And to his wife Jules, also. A special woman. They make a great couple.

Respect is important. And respect was what was being shown yesterday to Jim and Jules.

Participating in the frolic were Don, Nancy, Karen, David, Michael, Cathy, Boomer, Karey, Maria, Jean, Rob, Beebe, Michelle, Michelle’s son, Joanie, Bill, Angus, Jules’ parents and many more.

The U.S. v. Ghana socccer game was playing. Every one was engrossed in the match. Many were dressed in red, white and blue for the event. I thought Joanie was the best dressed female and Angus the best dressed man. Loved Angus’ flag styled/colored top hat!

I thought about the King of Ghana. Actually the King of La. You will recaall he visited Key West about a month ago for the commeration of the 150th anniversary of the slaves being brought to Key West for safety. Some of those slaves now lie below Higgs Beach. Corey met him and spent the day with him. I wrote about him in a blog and spoke at length about him in a radio show. I thought he must be there in Africa watching the game.

As a side, my friend Rita from South Africa e mailed me after the match commenting on it and offering her condolences on America’s loss.

The food was terrific! Great ribs. The best pulled pork I have ever tasted. Cole slaw, baked beans, salads and much more. I went back for seconds on the pulled pork.

The food came from tht rib place on the Boulevard behind Checkers. It is relatively new. I do not even know its name. I have to stop there. It was that good! Lisa and Corey take the kids there. That speaks well for the place also.

After the party, I headed over to Lisa’s. I was just in time to watch Robert’s graduation video. Fun! Brought tears to my eyes! And to Lisa and Corey’s, also. Robert watched the video proudly. Ally was intent. Kept reminding us that next year it was her turn to graduate from kindergarten.

I was home before 7. Tired. Went straight to bed. Slept till midnight. Woke. And never fell back to sleep again! I suspect I am going to feel lousy as the day progresses.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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