A weather man I apparently am not!

I predicted rain yesterday. It did not rain.

Defensively, I might add that my rain prediction was based on the wind blowing from the south. Yesterday morning as I wrote the blog, it was. Then turned around. Noon it switched and came in from the east.

Oh, well.

Syracuse Universtity’s basketball team this past year was the best ever. We may have had more talent on certain teams in the past. And cetain teams did make it to the Final Four. However, this past year’s team had talent, played together and had it all going for them. Most of the time.

A star of this year’s team was Wesley Johnson. He only stayed 2 years at Syracuse. On the bench one year as a transfer. Then played last year. What a player! The star! High scorer!

No more will he be at Syracuse.

He was drafted by Minnesota. # 4 pick overall. Big time! Millions of dollars to sign.

I am happy for him. He is economically sound at a young age. Don’t blame him for going pro for the money.

But…..I think it is wrong for college students to be drafted before they finish school. True, some can’t finish academically. Whatever, there should be some rule that forces them to stay in school 4 years. Life is long. Money gets dissipated. Especially without knowledge or experience as to how to handle it.

Key West has a flagship. The Schooner Western Union. 130 feet long.

The vessel was first launched 71 years ago in Key West. Near where the Pier House sits today.

The boat has history. Laid the first telegraph cable from Key West to Cuba. And later did similar work between Florida and Latin American countries.

Now you can understand where the name Schooner Western Union came from.

The vessel fell into disarray. Needed restoration badly. About $1 million worth.

A group of locals got together to do the restoration. A non profit group was formed. Monies came in from several sources. Ed Swift and Historic Tours of America helped. First State Bank also. Plus grants from other sources.

The restoration is complete. The Schooner Western Union will be relaunched in Key West once again. Tomorrow, in fact. At the Truman Waterfront at 9 am. Attend, if you can. It should be an interesting event.

Guy deBoer is the owner of KONK 1500 AM radio station. My station. Guy sits on the board of the non profit group that directed the restoration. He and his fellow board members are to be congratulated.

Guy is to be complimented for another reason, also. KONK radio just celebrated its first birthday. It is a community radio station heard world wide over the internet. A terrific accomplishment! Just think. My Key West Lou Legal Hour is heard in Canada, Cuba, Mexico, England, South Africa, Greece, Italy and Indonesia, as an example.

A major accomplishment, Guy!

Key West was quiet yesterday. Things will pick up as the weekend approaches. It will be July 4th weekend!

I did the Chart Room last night. Very quiet. I was the only one there when I stopped in for a drink. That is quiet!

Dinner was at the bar at Outback. I am watching my weight. Outback has a 6 ounce sirloin steak with a baked sweet potato and steamed vegetables. Just right for me at this time!

Golf tomorrow morning. I am excited. I could not play last week. I am playing and riding with Kurt. A big deal! A top notch golfer. The best and the worst will be playing together. He will have to give me a ton of strokes!

Enjoy your day!

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