Father’s Day started off terrific!

Breakfast at Camillle’s with Lisa and the grandkids. All of Key West was there.

In the afternoon, I was to attend a bowling party followed by a pool party. I never made it. I got sick. Tired sick. Dizzy.

I called host Don Manaher with my apologies and went to bed. And stayed there the rest of the day.

Feel ok this morning.

I am already up and at Lisa’s. She has left for work. I am to drive Robert and Ally to summer camp in a little while.

Key West is at the cutting edge in many things. At the forefront at this moment is the right of women to go topless. Yes, topless. That means breasts exposed. Hanging out in all their natural glory.


Key West has an anti nudity law. It is being challenged. The claim is it is unconstitutional in that it is unequal in its treatment of men and women. Men can go topless any time. Women cannot.

What is described as a gender equality rally is planned for July 4. Independence Day. An appropriate time. A topless parade is scheduled.

Key West has a local law that basically prohibits bare breasted women in public. The local law speaks in terms of sexual organs. The operative terminology. Whoever drafted the local law went to extremes in drafting it. Exposure of the female breast “…below the top of the nipple” is prohibited.

Those opposing the Key West law, most of whom are women, claim female breasts are not sexual organs. They may be legally correct. Florida has a state law defining nudity which does not include female breasts. Said simply, the state law does not recognize the female breast as a sexual organ.

The claim is state law supersedes local law. Makes sense to me. Good legal sense.

The local State Attorney has indicated he will not enforce the local law via arrests during the parade. There is still a question as to what the Key West police will do.

Whatever…..Key West is at the forefront of this civil rights issue.

I plan on watching the parade. Without the grandkids, of course.

By the way, I discussed this issue on my radio show The Key West Lou Legal Hour last friday. And got a lot of feed back on it.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. It is just a shame that those who really should not be going au naturale, are almost always the ones who do. I mean have you seen the naked homeless fest otherwise known as the Garden of Eden? If can be really quite foul to see and require gallons of eye bleach to remove.

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