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Today we are going to talk politics, strange dumb laws, the 1800 Atlantic beach problem, the lobster trap case, No Name Key, taxes, marijauna, the Prop 8 trial and terrorist trials. Quite a mix!

Golf yesterday was terrific! And fun!

It was the first day of Don’s new golf league. Match play. A different opponent each week.

My partner is bocci buddy Rob. We played against Nate and Dean. I specifically played against Dean.

It was fun! It was action!

Nate is a former professional golfer. He played in the big time on tour. He now is the celebrity bartender at Bagatelle’s. Dean is chef at Pepe’s. Rob is a bartender at Don’s Place. Me, I do nothing. I am retired.

Nate, Dean and Rob all hit the ball long. Especially off the tee. I cannot get off the tee. Where they were in 1, I was in 2 or 3.

My close game kept me in the match, however.

Dean beat me by one hole on the front side. I considered it a moral victory.

On the back side, I beat Dean by one hole. The match was not decided till the 18th hole. I had to work! Such drama!

Overall, Dean and I tied. We each won the same number of holes.

A great match! I was thrilled he did not destroy me as I had anticipated.

I received strokes, of course. 14. 7 a side. I needed them.

Dean shot a 99. I a 114. A 15 point spread. The strokes were appropriate and the handicap system worked as far as we were concerned.

Rob had a hard time with Nate. Remember, Nate is a former pro. He shot a 77. Rob shot 100. Rob got 14 shots, also.

Nate destroyed Rob on the front side. However Rob came back on the back 9. Rob won the back 9. Nate won the match overall however as he won more holes totally. The front 9 did Rob in.

I thought Rob played terrifically! Especially on the back side! And against a former pro!

Afterwards, I had to hurry over to Lisa’s to babysit again. The grandkids still sick.

Yesterday was Wednesday and Wednesday is Bobby Nesbitt time at Aqua. I stopped at Aqua at cocktail time to hear Bobby. All I can say is that I enjoy his singing. Anytime you get a chance to hear Bobby, do it. He is a treat!

Later I stopped at Pepe’s for dinner. I knew it was Dean’s night off. But I had not been to Pepe’s in a while.

Pepe’s claims it is the oldest restaurant in Key West. It further claims the pirates used to meet there back in the 1700s to plan their raids on the Spanish galleons traveling the Caribbean.

Interesting folklore!

Pepe’s serves mother’s food. Overloaded dishes of good wholesome food. I had a half a broiled chicken with mashed potatoes. Great gravy covering the mashed potatoes. Yes, Mom’s cooking!

I ate all of the chicken. Picked at the potatoes. I was trying to edge back into my diet.

That was my day. Not a bad one. Actually a very good one. I played golf, saw my grandchildren, heard Bobby sing and ate a wholesome dinner. Sort of a God’s in His Heaven, all’s right with the world day!

Remember to join me on the radio show at 1.

Enjoy your day!

It happened!

Massachusetts elected a Republican to the U. S. Senate!

First time in 40 years!

A revolution is underway. An American one. Via the ballot box.

Obama’a election in retrospect was the beginning of that revolution. People were sick and tired of government as it was. Obama said he would change things.

We elected him.

Then came the governor races in Virginia and New Jersey. Democrats should have won. Especially in New Jersey. Instead, Republicans did.

Now the Senate race in Massachusetts. To fill Ted Kennedy’s seat. In a State that is solid Democratic.

The Deomocratic candidate lost. The Republican won.

The message: It cannot be business as usual any longer. A new day is upon us. The people will not silently sit by and be abused further.

Mr. President, wake up! Do that you were elected to do. Fix government!

Forget partisanship. It does not exist. Bull your way through. Do what must be done. Get the job done.

Take on the big guys. The banks and insurance companies. Take on political opponents, regardless of party. Fight! Straighten this country out!

Before it is too late!

I am back on the radio tomorrow with the Key West Lou Legal Hour. It is going to be one inteteresting show! From politics to the terrorist trials to No Name Key to the lobster trap case and more. Listen in! Watch! Call in! KONK 1680 AM radio. www.konkam on the internet. 305-294-2769 for call ins. 1 pm!

The day yesterday was pleasant. I babysat. Robert and Ally. Both sick. Fevers. Ally a bit higher than Robert. By the time Lisa returned from work in the afternoon, their fevers were gone. Not because of my expert sitting. Its just the way it was.

We had a good time. They were both up and around. We talked, played games and watched kids TV. I hate those shows! But when in Rome…..

A terrific dinner last night! I was invited to dinner by a friend. We decided on the Strip House!

I love the Strip House. The best steak in Key West. No comparison!

So what did I do? I ordered the Maine lobster!

I was not to be cheated, however. We shared. He had a strip steak.

And creamed spinach and fried onions.

What a meal!

My diet went out the window. That made two days in a row. I am in trouble. But last night at the Strip House, it was worth it! My mental justification was look at all the protein I consumed!

This morning golf. Early. Tee off is 8 am.

I am playing my first match in Don’s new golf league. Match play.

My opponent is a Don Pepe. I do not know him. He is an 18 handicap. I am a 32. That means I get 14 strokes. 7 a side.

I will still lose. Confidence is not mine on the golf course.

Don’s partner is Nate Jones. Jones played for a while on the pro circuit. He was my #1 in Don’s golf tournamant last year. Our team at the time constisted of Nate, David, Angus and me.

Jones can hit the ball longer and straighter that any person I have ever played golf with. I am glad I do not have to play him. Rob from bocci is my partner. He’s Rob’s headache.

Enjoy your day!

Good morning world!

Rise and shine!

Wow is the only way I can describe the response to yesterday’s blog. I commented on the state of our society. More precisely, the state of our minds. We are pissed off! With government, the banks and everything else!

I heard back big time! As a people, we are outraged. And I suspect the attitude sinking in is that we won’t take it anymore.

Good! About time! Shout your unhappiness from the roof tops! Till we are heard!

The special Massachusetts’ election today to seat Senator Kennedy’s replacement is evidence of the building undercurrent. Regardless of who wins the election!

Yesterday was Poppa’s day! I got to baby sit!

I took Robert and Ally to Boondocks to play miniature golf and have lunch. They were all excited! I was all excited! This was the third time we have made this excursion. So they knew what to expect.

Normally the miniature golf course is empty. Not yesterday. It was packed. We had company. Grandparents and children. Must have been the holiday.

Play was slow. We had a good time, however. Ally got a hole in one on the second hole. After taking a 12 on the first hole. She plays like her grandfather.

We had a good time. Robert and Ally were tied at the end of the match.

Then lunch. The grandkids ordered the usual. Macaroni and cheese. With a side of french fries. I was trying to stay on my diet. Could not. Ended up ordering fried calamari.

Ally did not eat much. So I ate her macaroni and cheese. Robert wanted desert. He ordered an ice cream sandwich covered with whip cream and chocolate sauce. I helped him devour the ice cream. At one point Robert got upset. He said I was eating too much. I was!

Ally started looking poorly during lunch. I could tell she was coming down with somethig. She ended up lying in my lap like a wet blanket. Her forehead was warm.

I was right. When we arrived home, Lisa was there. Poor Ally had a temperature of 103.

It’s amazing! Kids are sick all the time. Seems like every other week. The cause is school and its many sick kids. Lisa says that is how it is. However it helps the young ones develop immunities. Eventually it will all stop. She pointed out that last year, Robert and Ally were sick every week. This year, every other week.

Lisa is a mother. She knows.

It was La Trattoria last night. At the bar. Kathy bartending. No Beecha. How sad!

My friend Gary from Oswego, N.Y. showed up. He said he was in the back with his good wife Tecia and friends. I went back to say hello.

There were about 5 couples sitting in Virgilio’s. Virgilio’s monday night specialty is $5 martinis. Their table was doing well in supporting the monday night special.

I knew no one in the group, except Gary’s wife Tecia. I kissed her hello. The gal next to her was celebrating her birthday. I kissed her also. Big time! Then it became my responsibility to kiss all the women at the table. Their desire! My pleasure!

They were all volunteers at the Fort Zachrey Taylor Park, except one couple where the husband was a ranger. All enjoying their monday night martinis at Virgilio’s. A routine with them.

One of the ladies was from Canadagua. Canadagua is between Utica and Syracuse up north. It has a claim to fame. It is the onion capital of the world.

Joe and Beth Pizzo and Maurizio and Maria were seated at a table. I went over to say hello.

I have known Joe and Beth for about 10 years. Good people. Originally from the Chicago area. Joe has a doctorate in biology. He lived most of his life as a college professor. Along the way, he and Beth started a landscapping supply business. They sold plants and gardening items. One location turned into another. Eventually they had several locations going. Finally retired to Key West. They are a well liked couple.

Maurizio and Maria are new to me.

I met them first about 10 years ago at a Symphony fund raiser at their home on Flagler. My recollection of the event was their library. What a lovely room! Huge. Well appointed. Comfortable.

I never saw either of them again till October 29th of last year when I was sitting at the University of Miami Hospital waiting to be admitted. Maurizio was seated next to me. I was in no mood to chat. Nor was he. We said nothing to each other nor did we acknowledge each other.

The next time I saw Maurizio and Maria was the other night when I was leaving Michael’s Restauant. I stopped and introduced myself. Reminded them of our October 29 hospital visit. We became instantaneous friends! Even more happy that we both were now physically ok!

I was happy to see Maurizio and Maria again last night. They appear to be good people. I am sure we will get to know each other better as time passes.

A fellow by the name of Michael sat next to me at the bar. We started talking.

Michael defends us. He is a U.S. Marine pilot. Flys a FA-18 jet. He recently returned from foreign deployment.

A real nice guy! 32. A captain. Married. His wife is in the service also. A pilot likewise. She flys helicopters off carriers. They recently bought a home in San Diego. For when they are there and together.

The first and only advice I gave Michael was to get down to the Chart Room after dinner. I told him the bartender was named Michael also and was a proud Marine veteran. I hope they got together last night.

We chatted a bit about what he was doing here. Michael said his squadron was training at Boca Chica. Boca Chica is the local naval base. Jet training is not uncommon. Generally there is a carrier some 50 miles out and these pilots fly back and forth doing landings. Whatever.

Jets flying over the lower keys is not uncommon. They can be seen and heard. Noise is a problem. Over the years the communities and Navy have worked things out so landings and low flights do not take place over residential areas. These planes make a lot of noise, cause walls to vibrate and windows rattle.

We are at war. These guys are training to protect us. I have no problem with noise, etc. However many do and did. Anyhow it is no longer a problem. Landing and pass over routes have been worked out.

Except for last friday.

I was wakened by overhead planes. I thought we were being invaded. Boca Chica is all of 2 miles from Key Haven where I live.

The jets were zooming overhead!

My walls shook. My windows rattled like hell. And a large painting by Jack Baron hanging in the dining room fell. The painting had hung without problem for 10 years.

No question. It was the planes.

Michael explained why. Normally the planes land on runway 7. 7 avoids any community problems. Friday however the wind was strong. It was not safe for the planes to land on 7. The planes had to use runway 1. That brought them closer to residential areas such as Key Haven.

I told him to fly over any time he wanted or was necessary. Train as you must. You are out there preparing to protect me. The least I can do is put up with a little noise and vibration.

Michael is here another 9 days. I hope I run into him again. We are fortunate to have people such as Michael and his wife committed to safeguarding us.

Syracuse won again last night! Beat Notre Dame at Notre Dame! What a year!

Lisa just telephoned. Ally is still sick. Robert has a temperature also now. Could I baby sit? Of course! I am on my way over!

Enjoy your day!

Haiti has brought earthquakes to mind again.

I have experienced three in my lifetime. I would assume most have experienced one or more. None that I experienced were comparable to what has occurred in Haiti.

My first earthquake was in the early 1940s. World War II time. I was about 7 years old.

My Aunt Anna and Uncle Al from New York city were visiting us in Utica. I was asleep. All of a sudden I was wakened by screaming and the house shaking. I specifically remember the walls and windows vibrating.

My Aunt Anna was screaming. She wanted to be back in New York with her children. She was shouting something to the effect that she wanted to die with them.

Even at the young age of 7, I thought she was being a bit dramatic.

As for me, I guess I was too young to be afraid. The shaking house had no effect on me. My screaming Aunt did.

My next earthquake happened about 35 years ago. I was in San Diego. At La Costa. I used to go yearly in those days to the spa to lose weight.

It was 4 in the morning. Everything was shaking. Woke me. I knew it was an earthquake. I went back to sleep as soon as it stopped.

The best, or perhaps worst, earthquake experience I had was in Acapulco about 30 years ago.

My wife and I were staying at the Acapulco Princess. The Princess has a series of pools running down hill. The whole thing is set in a mountain/jungle scenerio. So you can visualize it properly, the early black and white Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies were filmed in the area.

My wife and I were sitting on a rock which was below water level. Our butts were on the rock. The water was high chest level.

There was a rope bridge nearby swinging in the breeze over the water. People used it to cross from one side to the other.

Behind us was the high pyramid shaped hotel building.

All of a sudden the rock moved! Sideways! Felt like a couple of feet. Probably was only inches. I looked at the rope bridge. It had stopped swaying. It was still.

I said to my wife the rock moved. Calmly. She said yes. We starred at each other. Everything was still. I looked up. I was concerned the building was going to fall on us.

Then everything returned to normal.

People kept scurrying around. No one seemed concerned.

It was only later that evening that we found out that a 6.4 earthquake had occurred. In fact, a street opened in downtown Acapulco and 2 cars drove into the huge pit.

So much for personal earthquake experiences. May we never experience that which has devistated Haiti. Give to the cause. A few dollars to help. We are all our brothers’ keepers.

I wanted to walk yesterday. My goal is to walk every day now. The weight is moving well. I have lost 24 pounds. Only 6 to go.

Just as I put up the garage door to drive into Key West to walk, it started to rain. Actually pour! Big time! Straight down. No wind. Just a torrential storm.

It never rains long in Key West. So I hopped in the car and started the 5 mile drive into town.

It did not stop raining. It came down harder!

I still wanted to walk. So I pulled into Home Depot. I have a green/blue tartan Brooks Brothers umbrella. I used it to get into Home Depot basically dry. And then I walked. For a half hour. Fast, up and down the aisles. With the Brooks Brothers umbrella in hand. What a sight!

It continued raining for about 3-4 hours.

After the walk, I went over to the Coffee House to read the Sunday papers. Spent 3 hours there sipping coffee and leafing through the Key West Citizen, New York Daily News and the New York Times.

Nothing better!

I stayed in last night to watch the Golden Globes. Jeff Bridges win for best actor in a dramatic movie role for Crazy Heart was surprising. He received a standing ovation. An old timer finally receiving deserved recognition.

I could remember his father. Lloyd Bridges. He starred in an early black and white TV series as a frogman. Then turned comedian in his later years in movies. The father had to be proud looking down on his son last night. The son also remembered to mention his father.

This Massachusetts election to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat is both interesting and troublesome. The political pundits this morning are predicting the Republican will win. If so, the Democratic majority of 60 will be gone. And probably also the new healthcare bill.

What does this all reflect?

There is an undercurrent of dissatisfaction in this country. Properly so. The economy is down. Unemployment is rampant. Foreclosures continue. The banks and insurance companies say screw you to the government and people.

The situation is much like that which causes earthquakes. Things have to move and move properly. If not, there is a glitch big time. An earthquake in one instance. A political upheaval in the other.

Something has to be done. And soon. We cannot much longer tolerate the abuse which is being heaped upon us as a people.

Obama, wake up! You can do it!

Enjoy your day! I am mine. The grandkids are off from school today because of the holiday. I plan on taking them up to Boondocks to play miniature golf and then have lunch.

I am in the mood to pontificate. So, bear with me.

If the banks and insurance companies are too big to fail, then they should not be permitted to continue as they are. If they are too big to fail, they have become too big to exist. They have become in effect monopolies. Break them up! Much as Teddy Roosevelt did. Walk quietly, but carry a big stick.

Such will not happen, however. Congress would have to act. Congress lacks the balls.

Yesterday was one wild day!

I was driving down U.S. 1 when I realized I had a flat. Turned back home. I could not make it all the way. Pulled into the parking lot of the Community College on Stock Island.

I drive an Audi. The car came with emergency service. I telephoned the number. Help was on the way!

Took an hour for the help to arrive. The delay did not bother me. I walked around the campus. There was a flea market on campus. I visited the flea market.

The Audi sevice only changes the tire. Since yesterday was the beginning of a holiday weekend, I wanted to be sure to get the tire fixed as soon as possible. So it was over to Sears. I have done business with Sears before and have found them prompt and responsible.

Turns out the flat tire was flat because of a 2 inch cut on the face of the tire. Where the tire meets the road. It was not a slash. I was told I must have run over something and the tire was cut. I needed a new tire.

The new tire thing bothered me as my lease on the car is up in 2 months. But I did not believe I should drive around with out a spare. So it cost me $145 for a new tire.

I was told it would take a couple of hours to get and balance the new tire. I said I would be back.

I went for a manicure. That was my game plan as I drove down U.S. 1 before the flat.

Tammy was busy. Come back in an hour I was told. Ok.

I went to Lisa’s. No one home. However I had my own key

Turned on TV. Did I luck out! The Syracuse/West Virginia game was on! Syracuse was ranked #5 in the country and West Virginia #9.

It was the start of the second half. Syracuse was ahead by a point. The game was up and down. Syracuse was behind at one time by 5 or 6 points. Then ahead by 10.

There was 1.5 minutes left. Syracuse leading by 10 at that point. I had to leave for my manicure appoinment. I figured Syracuse had it in the bag. I was surprisd to learn later when I returned home that Syracuse only won by 1 point! Wow!

Lisa and family came home while I watching the game. The grandkids were all juiced up. They had been to a birthday party at Montessori.

I never got out last night. I started watching TV and the mood fell over me to stay in and watch TV from my bed.

One of the movies I got to view was an oldie. I love the oldies! It was the 1946 classic Easy to Wed. The movie starred Esther Williams and Van Johnson.

Today is Sunday. Love Sundays!

The weather report is good for the day. It will be warm. I will probably walk. Then stop at the Coffee House to read the Sunday papers. Visit Lisa and the grandkids. Stop at Don’s Place for a while. Tonight Kate Miano’s Gardens. Maybe Larry Smith at the Pier House afterwards.

A lovely day in the making!

Enjoy your day!

I made a mistake in yesterday’s blog. I reported on a 1973 Dick Cavett show starring Audrey Heburn. It was not Audrey. It was Katharine. Katharine Hepburn.

I was speaking of good health and good living. Katharine did not drink and said she was high on healthy living. Good health appeared to work for her. She lived to the ripe old age of 96!

As the commentator who brought the error to my attention pointed out, Audrey died of colon cancer at 63. Audrey was a vegetarian. So in her case it could be said that healthy living did not work.

It may all be in the genes.

In any event, my apologies for the lapis lingua. Latin for slip of the tongue. And thank you to the person who pointed out my mistake.

Started my day yesterday with an early morning visit with my internest. She is happy with me also! Why not! No drinking, no smoking and a 20 pound weight loss! She wants me to drop another 20. No way. Too difficult and I do not think I would look healthy. Plus I do not think I could do it. I am hungry all the time lately. 1,000 calories a day is getting to me.

Then it was to Lori for a haircut. Always good to see Lori!

By now it was close to noon. The weather had changed. I could feel the warmth in the morning when I rose. In anticipation of the returning heat, I had worn shorts. I was not disappointed. By mid afternoon, the temperature had reached 77 degrees!

Today the high is projected at 74.

The cold wave is finally over!

I stopped to visit Lisa. She was home sick. The bug. It seems to be going round Key West.

I spent the balance of the afternoon doing paper work.

On the way into town last night, I stopped to see Lisa again. And the grandkids.

Lisa was still propped up on the couch under a blanket where I had left her.

The grandkids were all excited. I would like to say because they were seeing me. Rather it was that some one had sent them gifts from India. Ally was all dressed in Indian attire. Some kind of bushy pants, a lovely dress over the pants, a scarf around the neck and some piece of small jewelry implanted on her forehead. She looked the divine! She was prancing around. Robert received some lovely sport shirts. Real nice! And several magic games.

It was Michael’s for dinner! Sat at the bar. Emmett bartending.

The place was packed! It was like every one broke out with the turn of the weather. Free again!

Monday is Martin Luther King Day. I am sure the holiday weekend also contributed to the large number of people. Key West fills up on a 3 day holiday weekend.

Don’s new golf league has reached into Michael’s. Emmett the bartender is playing. I will be playing against him. A good guy. It will be fun. He’ll whip my ass however! I have played with him before.

Enjoy your day!

Busy day yesterday.

I started with a doctor visit. My specialist.

I am doing well! I should be! I would have been grossly disappointed if the report had been otherwise.

I stopped drinking and smoking on October 29. I have dieted off 23 pounds.

All good living. It works!

I have another doctor visit this morning. My internest. She should be delighted with my progress also.

I woke early. Was watching an old Dick Cavett talk show. From 1973. Audry Hepburn was guesting. Cavett asked her if she ever drank. She said no. She said being healthy made her high.

She had a point!

A great radio show yesterday. KONK 1680 AM is providing a great service to the community and I am pleased to be a small part of it.

The two items that seem to have generated the most interest were the porcupine tale and the Proposition 8 trial which started this week in San Francisco.

I did a bit on the radio show about weird Florida laws. One was that sex with a porcupine is prohibited. I received interesting feed back on that one. Even on Facebook.

California is presently the seat of the most explosive gay rights case in America. The issue to be decided is whether gays have a constitutionally protected right to marry. Initially the California Supreme Court said gays had the right to marry. Then the people voted on Proposition 8 which said marrige was only between a man and woman. Proposition 8 passed. Now the big test has moved to Federal court.

Time will tell whether the court case will prove successful for the gay movement. The case will ultimately reach the United States Supreme Court. The problem is that all legal treatises and writings suggest that no sitting Supreme Court Justice presently favors gay marriage.

I had dinner at the bar at Outback again last night. The reason was two fold. Outback has a 6 ounce sirloin meal that fits right into my diet. And I intended to go to the movies after dinner. The theatre was nearby.

I saw It’s Complicated with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. A funny and touching film. I recommend it.

Meryl Streep has ceased amazing me. She can play any role! She is the ultimate actress!

Haiti is the talk of Key West, as it is of all communities across the country. Sad.

Key West already has several personal contacts with the crisis.

Many Haitians live and work in Key West. Most have relatives still living in Haiti. One is Father Lesly Jean of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church by the Sea. Father Jean was in Haiti last week visiting his 93 year old father. He left Monday to return to Key West. The earthquake was Tuesday. He heard of the earthquake while driving down U.S. 1 from Miami to Key West.

Father Jean has been unable to make contact with his father or family as yet.

The U.S. Coast Guard has a base here in Key West. One of first first vessels to reach Haiti with assistance was the cutter Mohawk. The Mohawk is stationed here in Key West and was immediately dispatched to Haiti to help.

The Mohawk has an additional person touch. I am originally from Utica, New York. Utica is situated in the Mohawk Valley. The home of many signiificant revolutionary battles. It also was home to the Algonquin Indians who were part of the Iroquois Nation. The Mohawk was named after my Mohawk Valley and its Indian heritage.

This is a significant day weather wise. The weather is supposed to change after 3 weeks of bitter cold. It is pressntly 61 degrees. However the high is projected at 73. May it so be!

Enjoy your day!

Today is the day!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Radio station KONK 1680 AM. At 1 pm. On the internet for world wide watching and viewing at Call ins can be made to 305-294-2769. Pick up the phone and share a thought with me.

Golf yesterday morning.

It was 60 degrees when we started. It stayed that way for the whole round. Never got any warmer. There was a strong wind from the northwest that affected ball flight and our bodies. The wind cut to the bone.

But play we did! The game was more important.

I was in a foursome with Don, Yankee Jack and Larry.

Whether it was the weather or what, I had a good day. I was the big winner! All of $5.

We have a custom. The big dollar winner buys drinks afterwards. The drinks cost $7. Ergo I was $2 in the hole after winning. I did not care! I rarely win! So I was happy to buy.

The cold was a chill that permeated my body. Afterwards I spent the balance of the afternoon in bed trying to warm up.

I stopped at the Yacht club on the way into town last night. My first stop of the evening was my last stop. I never left.

Dan the Club Manager told me he had just received a fresh loin of shark fish. Looked good, he said. So I stayed. Glad I did. The shark was absolutely delicious!

This Haiti situation is terrible. The world seems to be rapidly responding. Things are arriving and sitting on the ground at the airport. Hope they get the system set up to start moving the aid into the island.

Haiti cannot become another New Orleans. Obama and the United States is responding well. So is the rest of the world. We are all our brothers’ keepers.

Key West weather will continue on the cold side today. Presently 56 degrees. The high is projected at 67. The weather is scheduled to break tomorrow. High anticipated at 72. The weather will then continue for several days in the low 70s.

About time!

Lisa’s internet department store is having a post Christmas sale. Books about Key West continue to be a big seller. As well as key lime bunt cake and Key West Lou tee shirts. The CDs and jewelry are also starting to sell. The prices are good. Take a peek at Via Key West.

I have another doctor visit this morning. To get the results of the test I took Monday. I wish these things could all be done in one visit.

Enjoy your day! Listen to me babble on the Key West Lou Legal Hour at 1 pm!

The weather report is that the cold wave will move out Friday when the high will be 71 degrees. I can’t wait!

It is 52 this morning. The high today will be 61.

Today is Wednesday. Golf day. Will I play? Yes. I am a die hard. The question really is who else will play. We shall see.

I spent the day in yesterday. Did not go out till last night.

The morning was spent doing necessary paper work. The afternoon getting ready for Thursday’s radio show.

A great radio show in the making! I am going to comment on the Florida man recently released from jail after 37 years based on DNA evidence, the first legal marijuana dispensary which opened in California, the Prop 8 gay marriage Federal Court trial, the Harris School restoration, weird Florida laws such as it is illegal to have sex with a porcupine, the growing cry for appointed judges, Lincoln the lawyer and Murphy’s law.

Good stuff! Interesting!

Listen in to the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Thursday at 1 pm. KONK 1680 AM. You can also see and hear on the internet at

It is a talk show in the making. So join me with a call in. The telephone number is 305-294-2769.

Last night began with a visit to Lisa’s. Corey telephoned and said Ally needed a golf ball for a school project. Golf balls I have!

Then I headed for the Yacht Club. Bobby Nesbitt is singing at the Club on Tuesday evenings.

Glad I went!

The place was packed! Nesbitt is a magnet. The only time there were more people was at the Christmas party for the kids.

I had a good time. Chatted with friends. Had a light snack at the bar. Looks like the Yacht Club and Bobby may become my regular Tuesday night stop.

Again, this morning golf. I will dress warm. Very warm. Hope some others show up to play. I feel like I have been staying in too much lately by day. I need the sun shinning on me, no matter how cold it might be. That assumes, of course, that the sun is out. We have had many a gray day recently.

Have fun today!

It is a heat wave! 52 degrees this morning! Up from 43 at this same time yesterday.

How lucky we are!

This endless cold spell is going to break Thursday or Friday. Then we will be back to the low 70s.

It was only 3 weeks ago when Key West locals were talking about how warm it was. Temperatures were in the low 80s. It was even humid! Some were comparing it to summer weather.

It has been a strange cycle weatherwise.

All kinds of statistics are coming out. Some run into each other. The latest was on the Weather Channel last night. We were told that the last time Key West had 40s temperatures was in 1978 when it was 48 degrees. Yesterday the temp dropped to 42.

What has to be understood is that Key West locals do not expect weather this cold and for this long. Homes are constructed with air conditioning. Not heat! So the cold has a greater impact. Locals stay in bed all day under multiple covers on a cold day! Hard to do however when it is this cold for such a prolonged period of time. Life goes on.

I had to visit two doctors yesterday. First, a specialist. Then my internest. Both offices were cold. Freezing cold. No heat. Their offices were not constructed to provide heat or for a prolonged cold spell.

I had to strip to the waist in the specialist’s office for a while. Cold!!! The doctor was dressed warm. Sweater and all. I mentioned the cold. He said it was not bothering him. No wonder! He was not half naked!

I needed a pedicure. Mentally and physically. Hoped it would be warm at the salon.

It was. Even without heat, there were enough people to provide body heat.

Joan Cornell was there getting her nails attended to. A very nice person. Married to Woody. Have not seen either of them in quite a while.

Joan is a World War II war bride. From England. Met Woody while he was stationed there.

As I was finishing up, Joan asked if I had my toe nails painted red. No, I said. And added that Woody would have. She agreed.

Woody is a man’s man. No question about it. A rugged tough guy. Talented in every respect. A gentleman. A successful restauranteur, hotel and guest house proprietor. Both are now retired here in Key West. Their home is spectacular. The rear portion is completely open to a pool and gardens.

Woody is his own person. He dresses a bit way out. Holland type wood shoes. Earrings. Generally a 1 1/2 to 2 inch sword hanging from one ear. Strange colored vests.

At the time of 9/11, Woody and Joan had a summer place in France. Woody decided to take a quick plane trip to England to visit his brother. The time was just after 9/11.

Cutoms did a complete strip and body search when Woody arrived in England. We discussed it afterwards. We agreed. The way he looked drove the situation.

Stopped to see Lisa and the grandkids on the way to dinner last night. Corey was in Key Largo and was not expected home till midnight.

I found Lisa and the grandkifds in bed. In Lisa’s bed. All three tucked under the covers and watching TV. The cold had finally invaded Lisa’s home. Lisa could not understand how I could go out last night.

I was dressed for it. Jeans, sweater and leather jacket. Even gloves! That cold!

Dinner was at the bar at La Trattoria. A lot of people, but less than last week.

Beecha was dressed for the weather. A black pants suit. Some sort of scarf around the neck. Black shoes. Bare feet, however. She complained her feet were cold.

I received my usual hug and kiss. Always wonderful!

Kathy had time to occasionally chat with me. She is good company as well as a good person.

Then it was home to watch the Villanova/Louisville basketball game on TV.

Villanova won. I was pulling for Louisville. A Villanova loss would have moved Syracuse up in the standings. Louisville had a 17 point lead in the first half. And blew it! Both teams were good. Villanova a bit better.

I know Louisville Coach Patino. Many years ago he was an assistant to Boeheim at Syracuse. I got to know him a bit when he was with the Celtics and later at Kentucky and Louisville.

August in Saratoga is horse time! Big time! Patino is into horses. Owns and trains them. Runs them. I used to visit Saratoga on occasion. Less than a 2 hour drive from Utica.

My son John knew Patino well. From Patino’s Boston Celtic days. It was through John I got to know Patino.

Patino also sponsored a charity golf tournament every August in Saratoga. A huge fund raising event. My recollection is that the fee to play was $5,000 per person. John and I each played. Needless to say, everything was first class.

I used to smile each time I played in the tournament. Here I was, the world’s worst player playing with some of the best athletes and top business people in the world!

And the course! It was one of those new difficult courses. I forget the technical name for it. You had to be precise with each shot. Or you ended up in 2-3 foot rough. The first time I played in the tournament and on the course, I lost 36 balls. For real! I remember the situation well. They had to bring a box of balls out to me on the course so I could complete play.

Enjoy your day!