Busy day yesterday.

I started with a doctor visit. My specialist.

I am doing well! I should be! I would have been grossly disappointed if the report had been otherwise.

I stopped drinking and smoking on October 29. I have dieted off 23 pounds.

All good living. It works!

I have another doctor visit this morning. My internest. She should be delighted with my progress also.

I woke early. Was watching an old Dick Cavett talk show. From 1973. Audry Hepburn was guesting. Cavett asked her if she ever drank. She said no. She said being healthy made her high.

She had a point!

A great radio show yesterday. KONK 1680 AM is providing a great service to the community and I am pleased to be a small part of it.

The two items that seem to have generated the most interest were the porcupine tale and the Proposition 8 trial which started this week in San Francisco.

I did a bit on the radio show about weird Florida laws. One was that sex with a porcupine is prohibited. I received interesting feed back on that one. Even on Facebook.

California is presently the seat of the most explosive gay rights case in America. The issue to be decided is whether gays have a constitutionally protected right to marry. Initially the California Supreme Court said gays had the right to marry. Then the people voted on Proposition 8 which said marrige was only between a man and woman. Proposition 8 passed. Now the big test has moved to Federal court.

Time will tell whether the court case will prove successful for the gay movement. The case will ultimately reach the United States Supreme Court. The problem is that all legal treatises and writings suggest that no sitting Supreme Court Justice presently favors gay marriage.

I had dinner at the bar at Outback again last night. The reason was two fold. Outback has a 6 ounce sirloin meal that fits right into my diet. And I intended to go to the movies after dinner. The theatre was nearby.

I saw It’s Complicated with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. A funny and touching film. I recommend it.

Meryl Streep has ceased amazing me. She can play any role! She is the ultimate actress!

Haiti is the talk of Key West, as it is of all communities across the country. Sad.

Key West already has several personal contacts with the crisis.

Many Haitians live and work in Key West. Most have relatives still living in Haiti. One is Father Lesly Jean of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church by the Sea. Father Jean was in Haiti last week visiting his 93 year old father. He left Monday to return to Key West. The earthquake was Tuesday. He heard of the earthquake while driving down U.S. 1 from Miami to Key West.

Father Jean has been unable to make contact with his father or family as yet.

The U.S. Coast Guard has a base here in Key West. One of first first vessels to reach Haiti with assistance was the cutter Mohawk. The Mohawk is stationed here in Key West and was immediately dispatched to Haiti to help.

The Mohawk has an additional person touch. I am originally from Utica, New York. Utica is situated in the Mohawk Valley. The home of many signiificant revolutionary battles. It also was home to the Algonquin Indians who were part of the Iroquois Nation. The Mohawk was named after my Mohawk Valley and its Indian heritage.

This is a significant day weather wise. The weather is supposed to change after 3 weeks of bitter cold. It is pressntly 61 degrees. However the high is projected at 73. May it so be!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou,

    There is a bit of irony in using Hepburn as a model for living a healthy life, as she died too young, at the age of 63.
    Another bit of irony is that she died from colorectal cancer, which is usually touted as being caused mostly by eating meat. Hepburn was a vegetarian.

    So, the point is, that living a MODERATE lifestyle and enjoying every day, is really the secret to a happy life, no matter how long you live.

    Drinking in moderation is fine. Smoking is not fine at any time.

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