I made a mistake in yesterday’s blog. I reported on a 1973 Dick Cavett show starring Audrey Heburn. It was not Audrey. It was Katharine. Katharine Hepburn.

I was speaking of good health and good living. Katharine did not drink and said she was high on healthy living. Good health appeared to work for her. She lived to the ripe old age of 96!

As the commentator who brought the error to my attention pointed out, Audrey died of colon cancer at 63. Audrey was a vegetarian. So in her case it could be said that healthy living did not work.

It may all be in the genes.

In any event, my apologies for the lapis lingua. Latin for slip of the tongue. And thank you to the person who pointed out my mistake.

Started my day yesterday with an early morning visit with my internest. She is happy with me also! Why not! No drinking, no smoking and a 20 pound weight loss! She wants me to drop another 20. No way. Too difficult and I do not think I would look healthy. Plus I do not think I could do it. I am hungry all the time lately. 1,000 calories a day is getting to me.

Then it was to Lori for a haircut. Always good to see Lori!

By now it was close to noon. The weather had changed. I could feel the warmth in the morning when I rose. In anticipation of the returning heat, I had worn shorts. I was not disappointed. By mid afternoon, the temperature had reached 77 degrees!

Today the high is projected at 74.

The cold wave is finally over!

I stopped to visit Lisa. She was home sick. The bug. It seems to be going round Key West.

I spent the balance of the afternoon doing paper work.

On the way into town last night, I stopped to see Lisa again. And the grandkids.

Lisa was still propped up on the couch under a blanket where I had left her.

The grandkids were all excited. I would like to say because they were seeing me. Rather it was that some one had sent them gifts from India. Ally was all dressed in Indian attire. Some kind of bushy pants, a lovely dress over the pants, a scarf around the neck and some piece of small jewelry implanted on her forehead. She looked the divine! She was prancing around. Robert received some lovely sport shirts. Real nice! And several magic games.

It was Michael’s for dinner! Sat at the bar. Emmett bartending.

The place was packed! It was like every one broke out with the turn of the weather. Free again!

Monday is Martin Luther King Day. I am sure the holiday weekend also contributed to the large number of people. Key West fills up on a 3 day holiday weekend.

Don’s new golf league has reached into Michael’s. Emmett the bartender is playing. I will be playing against him. A good guy. It will be fun. He’ll whip my ass however! I have played with him before.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. This is a quote from "Kate Remembered, a biography of Katherine Hepburn: I used to smoke, gave it up, a disgusting habit!

  2. Apparently a lot of nasty thingys are carried around in ones genes,,thats why I stopped wearing them years ago.. Gary and Tecia said they haven't seen 'that much of you' since you've decided to 'become healthier'..I would think that is a hard thing to do, especially in KW..It'll be another month before we hit the keys..Patrick and JoAnn

  3. I love both Audrey and Katharine Hepburn – great women in so many ways! One of my favorite Katharine Hepburn stories from her book "The Making of the African Queen" involved her healthy life style and how she drank lots of bottled water and insisted that others do the same. Most all of the cast complied, except for Humphrey Bogart and John Huston, who continued their whiskey drinking habit. As it turned out, nearly everyone became deathly ill from the tainted bottle water while Bogart and Huston remained healthy as horses.
    As for the diet, you've done a great job but maybe now you'll consider switching to something a little more practical for a long term lifestyle change – like Weight Watchers. I started last Monday and I've been eating much less and very healthy foods without being hungry.
    Take care and don't let yourself be tempted by a promiscuous porcupines!

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